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How to Profit from Flat Race Betting

Any fan of horse racing betting will have heard of Flat racing. It is the most popular type of horse racing, with many major races and events throughout the world. How do you bet on this particular area of the sport effectively, though?

Discover when you can wager and what the pros and cons of Flat race betting are. Find out how the going, distance, and other factors should affect the decisions you make when gambling on these events. Read on to learn how to identify whether or not there is value in taking a punt on such races. 

How to Bet on the Flat Races

BMB_Money_ProfitThe first thing you should consider is which Flat racing trainers target the event. If one stable has a history of aiming its horses at a particular race and has had past success in it, then that yard knows what it takes to win.

It can also pay to follow certain Flat racing jockeys who have good records teaming up with individual handlers and in races. Knowing trends and statistics can help you to make the right choice when betting.

Why is Distance Critical?

BMB_Horse_HeadAs the Flat racing season progresses, you may see horses running over different distances. This is particularly prevalent with runners aged two and three, as they develop from race to race and get tried over further.

Those thoroughbreds with greater stamina in their lineage are not a good betting proposition for sprint races over five or six furlongs but may be suited for middle-distance events at a mile or even further. That is why considering the distance before doing any Flat race betting is so important.

Some racehorses become specialists at a particular distance, with seven furlongs being a famous example. You should be betting on these types in Flat racing events over their optimum trip because you know they have an excellent winning record.

The softer the ground underfoot, then the more stamina is required to get the trip for Flat racing horses. If such conditions do come up, then it could prove wise to back those who have won over further than the distance. 

Knowing the Racecourse

horseracingcourseKnowing the insides and outs of the racecourse where an event takes place should also be at the top of your list if you want to build horse racing systems that work. Any horse in Flat racing on turf will be allotted a gate that they go into before the event starts.

Where they start running on the course can make or break their chances. A high draw when the better ground is on the other side of the track makes things difficult. If drawn away from the running rail, then Flat racing jockeys have a hard time getting their mounts into ideal positions.

Overcoming a bad draw to land the odds is a real challenge. There are also underfoot conditions to consider. Most Flat thoroughbreds want a sound surface to race on. Overnight rain or wet weather can scupper their chances and any bet you may have placed on the day of the event.

Turf tracks can become yielding and even soft if they don’t drain well. As a bettor, you need to know what the ground is going to be like and always consider which horses appreciate softer conditions if rain is forecast.

When Should I Bet on the Flat Races

BMB_Betting OddsWhen choosing horses for Flat race betting, any racehorse that has won in the conditions at the track and over the trip before has proven they can deliver. However, it can prove a smart move to look at those horses in behind the winner that may have stayed on at the finish for events over a longer distance in the future.

You need to watch more than just the horse in front when looking for racehorses to take out. You may wish to place ante post bets for a future race based on what you have seen. For example, a horse that made late headway over a mile could be worth betting on if it was entered in a mile-and-a-quarter or mile-and-a-half event.

Knowing a bit about racehorse pedigrees can also help you with choosing which horses to bet. Certain sires develop reputations for producing speedy or stamina laden progeny. Flat racing horses develop from race to race but don’t always follow-up on a win. That means you should be wary of betting on favorites.

Thoroughbreds mature at different rates, and two-thirds of market leaders get beaten. This can make betting on the right horse at the right time difficult. When you are looking for value Flat race betting in the market, it could instead pay to find a bigger priced horse and put an each-way wager on.

Best Flat Race Betting Sites

BMB_TrophyWithout delay, we present you with the top-rated international horse racing betting sites. We picked them because they have the best odds, regular horse racing promos and a wide variety of races and horse events or you to bet on. 

What is Flat racing

BMB_Question MarkFlat horse racing is the term that applies to any race where there are no obstacles to jump over. Racehorses compete on the level at a range of different distances. Events are over shorter trips than their National Hunt counterparts.

Some Flat horse races test speed, others test stamina, and most of the high-profile contests concern both. The Flat is all about the future of the thoroughbred, with careers assured for racehorses who win Grade 1 events.

Flat Racing Season

BMB_Markets GenericYou should find Flat race betting is available all year round. It has a much broader global appeal than jump horse racing. There is more often than not a big event to bet on somewhere in the world. If you have ever wondered when does the Flat racing season starts, it runs from year to year. Races take place on turf, dirt, and even artificial surfaces in any weather.

Why Should I Bet on Flat Races

BMB_Approve_HandThere are many upsides to betting on Flat horse racing. Being an all-year-round sport means you aren’t short of opportunities to gamble. There are also different disciplines you can concentrate on. Certain Flat racing horses can be sprinters running over five, six, or seven furlongs. Others run in middle-distance events between a mile to a mile-and-a-half.

There is greater variety in what you can bet on than it first appears. You may find that payouts, especially from Tote betting, are much higher. Another distinct advantage of placing bets on the Flat is the absence of obstacles. A mistimed jump in a National Hunt race can spell disaster for your horse.

Once it falls, it is out of the race. While Flat horses do slip up on rare occasions, the only barriers are other equine athletes. At an elite level, power is concentrated in the sport with particular Flat racing trainers and owners. For that reason, once you get to know who these are, you can make better-informed betting decisions.

Drawbacks to Flat Race Betting

BMB_Enhanced_OddsOne of the downsides to betting on such races is there may be less previous form available. Key Flat racing courses aren’t always suited by developing young horses aged two and three. Trials for big races like the age-restricted Classics take place at other venues. You may be betting on a horse’s potential rather than what it has done on the track.

Longevity is also quite rare on the Flat at the top level. There is less time to get to know the racehorses compared to their jump counterparts. In a sprint race, meanwhile, it only takes around a minute from start to finish. That is very little time to recover from a bad draw or start.

If your horse is slow out of the gates, all chance of winning the bet may have gone. In Flat races with larger fields, gaps may not appear until it’s too late for a horse caught behind a wall of others. There are far more hard luck stories on the level than over jumps. This makes Flat horse racing more challenging to bet on, and events can be very competitive.

Is there value in Flat Race Betting

BMB_Book SpyYes, value can be found in Flat horse racing through careful study of past races and current stable form, ground conditions, distance, and pedigrees. There is a lot to consider, including the potential for progress and whether the race draw is favourable. While draw bias does exist, this only tends to be a factor in big field handicaps.

This is the most popular type of horse racing globally. It is easier for you to find useful stats to help you make better decisions when betting. If you are not sure where to start, check our guide on how to bet on horse racing online. It will help you get started. In addition, to find value, you may need to bet on a racehorse ante-post, perhaps in anticipation of winning another race en route.

That means you need a good working knowledge of the Flat racing season and which events act as trials for the main events. Instead of betting on favourites, look instead for more prominent priced runners with potential improvement in their profiles and each-way value in the odds, so you can still make a decent return if the horse places.

Full list of Flat Racing Betting Sites

Q: Why is the distance key in Flat race betting?

No matter how good a runner is, there are several horses that excel in specific distances, like 6 furlongs, and struggle in the rest. You should always check how long a race is and plan your strategy accordingly.

Q: Does Unibet offer Flat horse races?

Yes. This is one of the biggest horse racing bookies in the world, with hundreds of events from different countries every day. What's more, you can even stream the races via the Unibet mobile app as long as you have placed a wager on it.

Q: Why should I bet Flat races?

First of all, some of the biggest events in the horse calendar year are run in Flat turfs. Secondly, you avoid the risk of your pick falling, as is the case with the National Hunt.

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