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Ante Post in Horse Racing Explained

If you have been interested in horse racing for any length of time, then you are bound to have heard ante post horse racing mentioned. You need to know how it works if you want to use it when betting in horse racing.

It is also well worth looking at its upsides and drawbacks, putting you in the picture about ante post rules and highlighting how to evaluate the markets when hunting for a good bet.

You can also learn how and where to place ante post bets and what insurance is available on such wagers. That should give you a good idea of how to make money when betting on ante post horse racing.

Which are the main Ante-post Horse Racing Markets

BMB_Question MarkSometimes written ante-post or even antepost, this is a type of long-term bet. With these wagers, you are gambling on a horse to win a race well in advance of the day. Different rules are governing an antepost bet. Back in the day, any wager you placed before the on-course betting market opened was an ante-post.

Now, the situation is different, with significant horse races declaring days or even months ahead of the scheduled off times. For example, in December 2017, Native River was 16/1 (17.00) to win the 2018 Cheltenham Gold Cup. This event was going to take place the following March. You could get 6/1 (7.00) on the morning of the race. The horse's starting price, eventually, was 5/1 (6.00).

On the other hand, you cannot find outright options on pool bets. That's because the odds are adjusted depending on the number of winners. For example, even if you pick the winners of all Scoop 6 races earlier than your competition, you will not receive more money as the prize is divided evenly among victors. 

How to Evaluate Ante-post Racing Betting Markets

BMB_Horse_HeadEvaluating ante-post horse race betting can be tricky as there are so many unknowns, including what exactly will be lining up against your fancied horses in future races. Look at the price on offer concerning past form and the potential for further improvement.

Any racehorse with an exceptional record at the course where a big race is taking place or over optimum distance should be respected. If you do a bit of research both into the horse and the terms of the race it may run in, then you can see whether these are favourable or not.

Has a horse gone up in the handicap with its official rating recently? Can it step up again in class or grade if the race it is quoted for ante-post is at a higher level? Finding answers to these will help you evaluate the market and enhance your horse racing betting systems.

Why use Ante-post Over Regular Markets

BMB_Enhanced_OddsA major advantage of betting ante-post horse racing, as the above example illustrates, is the price on offer. In the majority of cases, you should receive better odds by gambling on a race in advance than waiting for the race to declare its final field or betting on the day.

Higher prices mean more significant profits if the horse wins or you back it each way, and it runs into a place. That brings us to another plus. You can still bet on horses each way and may end up with more favourable terms than waiting until nearer the time if the race entries cut up.

Downsides to Ante-post Betting on Horses

BMB_Enhanced_OddsWhile ante post horse racing betting sounds excellent, the primary drawback is you may not get a run for your money. That is why the odds are bigger. There is a particular element of risk when you are placing ante-post bets. You need the horse to turn up in the race.

There is no guarantee that bookies will ensure a long-term bet if the horse turns out to be a non-runner. Racehorse form can be temporary. You may have been impressed with an antepost fancy in one race. That does not mean it will run-up to the same level again in the event you bet on it.

Antepost Horse Racing Rules

BMB_Best IconThe first thing you need to know about ante-post rules is that Rule 4 deductions do not apply to them. If a horse withdraws, then bets struck on the day will incur a deduction. That would happen after a race is declared, though. This also has the potential to see place betting terms revised downwards.

If eight horses are said but only seven-race, then third place is no longer available. None of that matters to you if you have placed an ante post bet on the race, however. Bookies have to honour longer-term bets at the price and terms they offered at the time it was struck.

Another of the vital ante-post horse racing rules is you do not receive non-runner any bet coverage. That means you don’t get your stake back if your horse doesn’t make it to the course. It’s the chance you take when you bet antepost.

How to Bet on Horses Long-term?

BMB_Money_ProfitIf you find one sportsbook offering better antepost odds for a horse, then it is well worth your while taking that price. Loyalty to just one bookmaker isn’t always the best way to go. It is better to take advantage of betting traders being slow to react. Another solid ante post-betting advice is to seek out track specialists.

The old saying horses for courses has plenty of truth to it. Betting on these types of antepost will ensure you get better odds. Trainer and jockey form cannot help you long-term as they change, but race trends are worth knowing. Can a profile be built up of horses that are typical winners of a race?

If you deduct that a certain age bracket does well in a race, then you can narrow the field considerably. Race trends and past statistics cannot tell you everything, but they make your ante-post gambling better informed. These can give you an edge over the average punter. 

Where can I place Ante-post Bets?

BMB_Markets GenericAll online bookmakers should be offering you the chance to bet ante-post on horse racing. They know there is value in having these markets, which always attract bettors. It is just a question of the breadth and depth of their coverage of future events.

This does differ from one bookie to the next, but most should have horse racing ante post betting available on a good range of global events.

Do BOG apply to Antepost Horse Betting

BMB_Number_One Unfortunately, best odds guarantees don’t cover any antepost bets you put on because such terms are only available on the day of the race. When you bet antepost, you are betting a long time in the future, and so the two just aren’t compatible.

Don’t feel too bad about it, though. The chances are that you have got a better price by betting in the antepost market than waiting for the best odds guaranteed bookies to adjust their prices.

Does Ante-post Betting Insurance exist

BMB_Number_TwoYes, in some limited cases, you can get insurance to cover your ante post bets. Any market which lists non-runner no bet (NRNB) will mean you can get your stake back if the horse withdraws.

The most common example of this is the Grand National, with its maximum field of 40, yet initial entries are often over 100. It means more than half of potential runners entering can’t get into the race, so that is why insurance is in place. 

Should I Get Antepost Insurance on My Wagers

BMB_Number_ThreeIf it is available and you can still get the price you want, then yes. There will come the point in time when major events are on the horizon, and certain bookmakers then offer insurance on their ante-post markets. Each bookie has a different approach.

The most popular form of insurance is to provide NRNB from after early closing entries are announced. This will become more widespread on online sportsbooks closer to the event. Be warned, though; bookies will shorten up the odds on offer the closer it gets to a big race.

Should I Cash Out my Antepost Bets

BMB_Number_FourIt depends on the bookmaker as to whether you can do this or not. Some will offer you the chance to cash out ante post wagers, but others will expect you to see the bet through. You should cash out any ante-post bet you have made that you are no longer confident about if the option is there.

This is another form of insurance against the risk of betting on horse racing non-runners, but that scenario all hinges on you knowing that a participant isn’t going to the race before the traders do.

Is Antepost in Horse Racing Worth it?

BMB_ListThere is plenty of value in horse racing ante post betting. You are highly likely to get better odds than waiting, especially if the horse turns out to be a prominent contender for a big race. While that isn’t certain, different rules are governing an ante post bets, and risks run that aren’t present when betting nearer the time.

Your horse needs to get to the track and line-up in the race on the day. You avoid the pitfalls of rule 4 deductions with betting ante post horse racing. However, it is not likely that all long-term bets struck months in advance will be covered by NRNB.

You may or may not be able to cash an ante post bet out if you change your mind or hear that your horse won’t run in the race before the bookies do. The benefits of a better price and more significant potential win outweigh the potential risks. Just think if you back a favourite long before everyone else, and it wins.

Full List of Ante-post Horse Racing Bookies

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