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Moldova icon flagPopulation: 3.500.000
Active players: 730.000
Currency: Moldovan leu (MDL)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino, lottery
Operator types: Licensed online & land-based bookmakers, international bookies operating without a license, online & land-based casinos
Designated authority: Public Property Agency
Status: Regulated

Moldova is a country in south-east Europe that was a part of Romania until 1940 when it fell under the USSR occupation. Since Moldova gained its independence in 1991, there has been an overall effort to revamp the economy. Better economy meant better infrastructure, with sports having a big part in people’s everyday routine. Tranta (wrestling) is considered the national sport and football is also very popular, followed closely by rugby. Sports’ growth led to a sports betting increase. The first law on gambling came into force in 1999 and a complete legal framework was set in 2016. There is only one licensed bookie, It is operated by the National Lottery, which holds the monopoly since 2011. From 2018 onwards, this monopoly has been shared with the Bulgarian national lottery. Players though have been taking advantage of the lax laws and place their bets on international betting sites in Moldova like Bet365 and Betfair.

Betting in Moldova - 5 things to know

  • The legal minimum gambling age in Moldova is 21
  • The Moldovan & Bulgarian National Lottery public-private partnership monopolizes betting
  • Around 50% of adult Moldovan citizens take part in betting activities at least once a month
  • The capital city, Chisinau, has the most betting shops in the country
  • 90% of sports bets’ revenue is returned to the state

Best betting sites in Moldova

With many bookmakers available online, we give you the top betting sites Moldova has to offer. They come with a wide array of sports and betting markets, available even for matches of the Moldovan National Division, and a payout that reaches a solid 95%.

Online betting in Moldova: The gambling law framework

The first law focused on gambling in Moldova came in 1999. However, it was just a sketchy approach. A complete regulatory framework was passed in December 2016, with the Law 291 ‘On the organization and conduct of gambling’. Just months before this law came into effect, betting shops and casinos were closed countrywide, in an attempt to fight illegal operators. Betting in Moldova is still considered to be a monopoly (a public-private partnership between the Moldovan and the Bulgarian National Lotteries). Even though the authorities may block access to some sites, the law doesn’t ban users from betting at international sportsbooks.

The Public Property Agency oversees procedures and issues licenses. The imposed taxation on licensed bookies is harsh. A 12% tax applies for betting shops and another 28% fee applies on the total amount of bets accepted. On the other hand, the law is beneficial to the state itself, since bookies return a massive 90% of their revenue to the state, in an attempt to improve education and sports in the country. Notably, is the only licensed bookmaker at the moment.

Essential information for Moldovan bettors

Bear in mind that a 12% tax applies on winnings over 240 MDL when gambling on the licensed bookie. You can tackle this tax by merely placing your bets at offshore bookmakers. At the same time, punters need to open an account with a local bank when betting at 7777 (or any other bookie that might get licensed in the future). Online state monitoring is in force in Moldova. So, bank accounts could be frozen if the authorities notice activity at non-licensed bookmakers. However, only a few cases have been reported. Naturally, the use of a VPN and an e-wallet for your transactions is strongly advised when betting online.

How to deposit at online bookies

When betting at the licensed bookie, punters need to keep a local bank account and use their debit/credit card. On the other hand, when playing at international bookies, e-wallets are the method to use. This is due to the fact that there have been reports of bank account blocking of players that opt for offshore sportsbooks. The anonymity provided by Skrill or Neteller is ideal. Also, be reminded that 1xBet offers local currency betting, removing any hassle of currency conversion fees.

The future of online betting in Moldova

Revenue from gambling has been steadily growing according to reports, adding a lot to the state budget. Under the Moldovan and Bulgarian national lotteries' joint partnership, the state has been receiving 90% of the profits made from betting. On the other hand, taxation on both operators and players, along with constant supervision, are making the market quite strict in terms of state involvement. More relaxed supervision could lead international bookies to apply for a license. Nonetheless, this does not seem like the case at the moment. The future is rather uncertain, based on the current situation and the state's interventionist policy through the years.

The complete list of Moldovan bookmakers

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Moldova?

Yes, it is. However, the safety of the online betting environment is always dependant on the local legislation, as well as on the bookmakers you opt for. Therefore, apart from the state’s measures, stick to reputable international sportsbooks and safeguard your betting experience.

Q: Is online betting legal in Moldova?

The local legal framework does not deem online betting to be illegal. Nonetheless, keep in mind that when betting on a foreign bookie, your activity might be tracked and, eventually, blocked in some cases. Thus, the use of a VPN is strongly advised.

Q: Does 1xBet accept MDL as a currency?

Moldovan bettors can enjoy betting in their local currency at 1xBet, since MDL is available as a standard currency when creating an account. Moreover, the website is offered in Moldovan (Romanian) for an even smoother betting experience.

Q: Is there a state monopoly on betting?

Officially the monopoly on betting ended in 2018 when the Moldovan National Lottery joined forces with the Bulgarian National Lottery and Novomatic. However, it’s still practically a monopoly with just one licensed bookmaker in the entire country.

Q: Can I bet on Parimatch from Moldova?

Parimatch MD accepts punters from Moldova and gives them the opportunity to enjoy its top betting services. Therefore, all Moldovan bettors are free to create an account and place their bets on Parimatch.

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