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Best Belarus Bet Sites

Being a part of the USSR up until 1991, Belarus has experienced a steady development as a presidential republic ever since. Football and ice hockey are the most popular sports in the country. Football legend Alexander Hleb and former world no.1 tennis player Victoria Azarenka are two iconic Belarusian athletes.

From a gambling perspective, just like other former Soviet states, Belarus started booming after 1991. Several casinos and betting shops emerged in Minsk as well as in other cities across the country. The online betting environment was addressed in April 2019 when a new decree came into effect. Currently, there are 50+ licensed betting sites in Belarus, including Favbet and Marathonbet.

Best Betting Sites in Belarus

belarus-flagThe following shortlist consists of the best betting sites Belarus has to offer. We selected them since they offer the Russian language and even the local currency. Moreover, they offer a large number of betting markets on popular sports like ice hockey and football.

Belarus Betting - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal gambling age in Belarus is 21
  • 2
    All operators applying for a license must have a .by domain
  • 3
    ISPs are sometimes forced by the government to block international bookmakers
  • 4
    Licensees must provide remote access to their resources for state monitoring
  • 5
    The licensing costs are not high. However, the procedure is complex

General info

Population: 9.408.000

Active players: 2.050.000

Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYN)

Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games, lottery

Operator types: Online & land-based bookmakers, online and land-based casinos

Designated authority: Tax and Duties Ministry

Status: Regulated

Gambling in Belarus: The Law Framework

BMB_Power Icon

While gambling began flourishing in Belarus shortly after its independence, it was not until 2005 that the first Presidential decree on gambling came into effect. However, despite setting up some ground rules, it didn’t address the online sector.

Five years later, key legislation passed, banning all betting sites that didn’t operate on a .by domain; while ISPs and Internet cafe owners were obliged to keep transcripts of their users’ online activity. This general approach towards international bookmakers, which started in 2010, was made more official on the 1st of April 2019.

This was when the act “On the Improvement of the Gambling Business Regulation” was passed, addressing online gambling in Belarus for the first time. The Tax and Duties Ministry is responsible for issuing gambling licenses, which have a 5-year validity and cost 12.000 BYN (around €4.500).

To obtain one, a company needs to maintain a land-based operation and its servers in Belarus. Plus, full remote access must be granted to the Tax and Duties Ministry. Taxation for bookmakers is relatively low, as a 4% tax applies to their GGR. Currently, there are more than 50 licensed online bookies in the country, with the most dominant ones being Maxline, Favbet by, Marathonbet and BetCity.

Essential Information for Belarusian Bettors

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First of all, bear in mind that a 4% tax applies to your winnings when betting on licensed Belarus sports betting sites. Nonetheless, you can avoid the tax simply by opting for an international sportsbook.

It is worth noting, though, that the state bans foreign bookies from time to time. However, there is no official blacklist. Moreover, the use of VPN software is recommended since online monitoring is active by the authorities. So, you need to stay under the radar when betting on international bookies.

Which International Bookies Accept Players from Belarus?

With many international sportsbooks being available to bettors from Belarus, we decided to present you with the ones that really stand out. These are 1xBet and Bet365.

1xBet Belarus

1xBet comes with an impressive 95% payout on football and around 93% on ice hockey. On top of that, add its outstanding welcome bonus and the appealing daily promotions. Furthermore, 1xBet is available in Russian and also offers the BYN currency. When it comes to deposits, it provides you with all the popular methods, such as Qiwi and Skrill.

Bet365 Belarus

Bet365 is one of the top bookmakers in the world when it comes to football betting. It offers a 97%+ payout on football matches and 100+ betting markets on fixtures of the top European leagues. In addition, it offers competitive odds on 30+ sports and welcomes bettors with a great first deposit bonus and with a wide range of payments.

Belarus Bet: Deposits and Withdrawals

BMB_Markets Generic

When playing at international bookmakers, the recommended payment options are e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. You can also find many Qiwi bookmakers since it is a popular method in Belarus. Besides offering fast deposits and withdrawals, they allow you to keep a low profile regarding the source of your online transactions.

For instance, 1xBet is an excellent choice, as it allows you to transact through a wide range of e-wallets; as well as use the BYN currency, without having to worry about currency conversion fees. Last but not least, if you decide to bet locally, Raschet is the best choice you have, being associated with all major local banks and allowing fast and reliable transactions.

The Future of Online Betting in Belarus

BMB_Book SpyWith players practically allowed to bet on any international Belarus sports betting site, the environment could be characterized as welcoming. The cheap licensing process is a factor that could contribute to a stable and thriving online betting landscape. However, the strict supervision of the state on how bookmakers operate makes them cautious.

Moreover, the frequent changes to the legislation over the past few years don’t really provide a feeling of stability. Since online betting was addressed for the first time in April 2019, we can conclude that things are still shaping up; with uncertainty around how the Belarus betting landscape will eventually form.

Gambling Regulations in Nearby Countries

Russia: has a regulated gambling scene both online and on land. The country is home to some international betting sites, and some of them do not hold a license to operate locally. Though the foreign domains are heavily blacklisted, Russian bookies offer a rich choice for sports bettors.

Lithuania: legalised the local gambling market fully. You can find land-based casinos and bet shops, as well as some local online operators. However, most bettors on the Lithuania betting sites prefer unlicensed international bookies.

Latvia: also has a local license that gambling operators need to operate legally. But this doesn't stop bettors from accessing the Latvia betting sites with an international background since there aren't any restrictions coming into force.

Q: Does 1xBet accept BYN as a currency?

1xBet is indeed one of the international bookmakers operating in Belarus that allow punters to use their local currency. Even more than that, the website is available in Russian, for a fully-localized betting experience.

Q: Can I bet on Marathonbet from Belarus?

Yes, you can, as Marathonbet by is among the betting sites that are licensed to operate in Belarus. Read our marathonbet sportsbook review Marathonbet sportsbook review to find about the high odds and the wide variety of betting markets on football, ice hockey, boxing and other contact sports.

Q: Does Megapari accept Belarusian players?

The bookie operates in the county and takes bets from Belarusian players. It comes with more than 30,000 events per month on 45+ sports and with a solid 95%+ average payout. Read our Megapari review to find out more

Q: Do players pay tax on their winnings?

Belarusian players that place their bets on licensed bookmakers will have to pay a 4% tax on their winnings. Bear in mind though, that betting at international bookmakers will come with no taxation at all.

Q: Is online betting legal in Belarus?

Since 2019, online bookies may acquire a local license at a very low cost. However, strong surveillance from the authorities has kept many international bookmakers off the market. If you bet on bookies apart from the licensed ones, do so through a VPN to avoid attracting attention.

Q: Is it safe to bet on foreign betting sites?

There's no need to worry about safety when enjoying the services of the foreign sport betting sites Belarus has to offer. Just pick any of the bookies we list and expect no less than a safe betting experience, since they are all licensed by renowned international authorities. Check out our list of ice hockey bookmakers.

Q: Which are the best Belarus betting apps that I should use?

Most bookmakers nowadays realize the importance of betting on the go; therefore, they design mobile apps for their services. Bet365 allows you to track all your betting activity while offering 200.000+ live streams yearly. Parimatch also offers a great app, with a wide array of live bets.

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