Unibet is renamed to Kindred Group Plc

    Kindred Group PlcThe ever growing business and the ongoing development and improvements that Unibet has shown at the last few years, brought another big change, at the corporation’s name. The decision was taken at the general meeting in Stockholm by the shareholders who approved the proposed change of the name of the holding company from Unibet Group plc to Kindred Group plc. Unibet’s renaming was a necessary change, since there will be a massive extension to the company’s multi-brand strategy. The company now has ten consumer facing brands in their portfolio.

    After the change in the name, Anders Ström, who is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unibet Group, commented on this change of direction for the company: “Changing our group name from Unibet Group to Kindred Group marks an historic step for our company, founded almost twenty years ago. We are now in a position to move Kindred Group into the future with enhanced clarity and flexibility, creating better conditions for future growth in a dynamic and changing business environment.”.