Best Kazakhstan betting sites

Population: 18.500.000flag-of-kazakhstan
Active players: 5.000.0000
Currency: Tenge (KZT)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games, lottery
Operator types: Land-based betting shops & casinos, online bookmakers and casinos
Designated authority: Ministry of Culture and Sport
Status: Regulated 

Kazakhstan, an ex-Soviet country until 1991 when it declared its independence, has a vibrant culture and is one of the fastest-growing economies in Central Asia. From a sporting perspective, Kazakhstan is home to many top athletes in boxing, wrestling and weightlifting. Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, also known as 'GGG' in the boxing ring, is probably the most famous Kazakh athlete. Of course, football is also top-rated and is the primary option for online sports betting in the country.

The passion for sports, combined with a thriving economy and vast oil resources, boosted the presence of casinos and betting halls. The first gambling law in Kazakhstan passed in 2007, solely addressing land-based betting and casinos. The online betting market is known for being regulated but loose. Consequently, many players choose to bet on international Kazakhstan betting sites due to the high odds and wide range of betting markets.

Betting in Kazakhstan - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age in Kazakhstan is 21
  • The licenses for land-based betting shops are issued by the Ministry of Culture & Sport
  • Punters don't pay taxes on online betting winnings
  • International bookmakers can be accessed by Kazakh punters with no restrictions
  • Online betting has been regulated with bookies like 1xBet & Parimatch having local licenses

Best betting sites in Kazakhstan

After a thorough look at the best Kazakhstan betting sites, we give you the ones that deliver the Kazakh or Russian language, a wide array of sports & betting markets, and the best odds and promotions.

Online betting Kazakhstan: The gambling law framework

Law no. 219 "On Gambling Industry" from January 2007 regulates betting and gambling in Kazakhstan. Since then, there have been a few amendments, with the last update coming in 2020. The 2007 law focuses only on land-based betting shops and casinos, theoretically deeming online betting and gambling illegal. There are plenty of non-regulated sports betting sites Kazakhstan that local punters can access with no restrictions in practice. 

The Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan issues licenses, which last for ten years and cost approximately €3.800. The applicant needs to locate its hardware within the country to receive one. Meanwhile, if a bookie licensed in any other jurisdiction wants to accept Kazak punters, it can do so without impediments. Operators with a license have a tax ‘by items’; approximately 833.400 KZT/month (€1.850) per cash register and 8.334.000 KZT/month (€18.500) per electronic cash register. In addition, an extra 20% tax will be applied if the maximum monthly income (€12.300) is exceeded.

What you should know about Kazakh betting sites

On paper, every shape or form of unlicensed bookmakers is illegal in Kazakhstan. In reality, though, various international Kazakhstan betting sites operate and accept local players. The law seems harsh, but thanks to certain loopholes and the authorities' tolerance, Kazakhstanis can bet on unlicensed bookies with no penalties or fines from the state.

Another major benefit is that you will not pay any tax on your winnings. Furthermore, since there's no taxation for online bookmakers, you have an excellent chance of coming across improved odds than land-based betting shops. Keep in mind that the reputation of international sportsbooks is a guarantee, while some local licensees have faced legal trouble due to tax fraud allegations.

How to deposit at online bookies

A significant difference between licensed and not Kazakhstan betting sites is that the former offer the KZT currency. You might find it also in some unregulated ones, but it is not that often. Therefore, if you want to save yourself from any conversion fees, going for a KZT bookmaker is a one-way street. And when we dive into payment methods, luckily, we can pick one from a vast pool.

There is practically no prohibited banking option in Kazakh bookies, starting from credit/debit cards, the king of betting payments. If you appreciate under-the-radar transactions, wallets like Skrill, Neteller & Qiwi are excellent alternatives. Bitcoin, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies have also become favourites of punters due to the speed and privacy features they own.

Should you wager on betting sites Kazakhstan

One of the few Islamic countries with a legalised form of gambling, Kazakhstan, still outlaws online betting, albeit less harsh than expected. While there is some talk about the government handing out official licenses soon, international sports betting sites Kazakhstan are open to locals and will likely remain that way. 

So, should you expect further measures on unlicensed bookies? Aside from an ISP block (which you can bypass with a VPN), any other restrictive measure seems a long shot. If the tax remains at zero, your preferred non-regulated betting site Kazakhstan will still be the better choice.

The complete list of bookmakers in Kazakhstan

The lack of a harsh clampdown allows many sportsbooks to take players from Kazakhstan. We shortlist all of them with reviews, ratings, the areas they excel in and where they can use some improvement. 

Q: Is online gambling legal in Kazakhstan?

Online gambling has been illegal in Kazakhstan, as stipulated in the Gambling Act of 2007. Only land-based casinos and betting shops can operate; however, several international online bookmakers accept Kazakhstani players. However, lately, authorities have started handing out local licences to sportsbooks like 1xBet & Parimatch.

Q: Which are the best betting sites in Kazakhstan?

You can scroll up a bit to see our recommended bookies in Kazakhstan, as they have gone under our scrutiny. Sportsbooks like bet365, 20bet & N1Bet are known for their superb betting product and excellent customer service.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Kazakhstan?

Licensed bookmakers in the country are overseen by the government on how they work. For international sportsbooks, you can read our reviews, as safety and reliability are thoroughly checked by our team.

Q: Which online deposit method should I choose?

Credit & debit cards are known for ease of use and availability as almost everyone has such a card. Instead, you can use a wallet or a cryptocurrency for extra privacy and faster payouts.

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