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Best Armenia Betting Sites

Part of the USSR until 1991, when it declared its independence, Armenia experienced a steady development during the 90s. Even before that, sports betting in the country was pretty much alive, mostly focused on horse racetracks. However, the activity boomed after 2003 when betting became legal. The Ministry of Finance is the official regulator for online betting, overseeing all gambling activities and issuing licenses to operators. Currently, there are only 4 licensed bookmakers in the country.

Nonetheless, Armenia has an unquestionable know-how of the industry, with two of the world’s biggest sports betting providers being based in Yerevan, BetConstruct and Digitain. Bettors, however, often opt for international online bookies like 1xBet and 22Bet, in search of higher odds and wider betting markets.

Top Sports Betting Sites in Armenia

armenia-flagWhen it comes to finding top-quality bookmakers, Armenia has plenty of options. We present to you those that offer the local currency, as well as the most competitive odds & wide betting markets on a great variety of sports.

Betting in Armenia - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal gambling age in Armenia is 21
  • 2
    Licensed operators have to report any deposit or bet over 1.000.000 AMD to the authorities
  • 3
    Betting winnings over 10.000 AMD deriving from licensed operators are taxed at 23%
  • 4
    Armenia is the home of BetConstruct, a renowned sports betting software supplier
  • 5
    A person may impose a ban on himself or on a family member to be protected from excessive gambling

General info

Population: 3.000.000

Active players: 900.000

Currency: Armenian Dram (AMD)

Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games, lottery

Operator types: Licensed online operators, offshore online bookmakers operating without a license, land-based betting shops & casinos

Designated authority: Ministry of Finance

Status: Regulated

Online Gambling in Armenia: The Law Framework

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Even years after the country gained its independence, there were no laws in place regarding betting and other gambling activities. However, as sports betting started to pick up a lot of momentum in the country, the ‘Law on lotteries’ was eventually introduced by the Armenian authorities in 2003.

The Ministry of Finance was named the official regulator, tasked also with the issuance of licenses for both online and land-based operators. In terms of taxation, an initial 70% tax was imposed on operators. In 2016 though, the ‘Law on taxes’ specified that all gambling activities shall be exempt from VAT.

Nowadays, however, there are new plans in place. More specifically, the Ministry intends to introduce a tax model based on each bookmaker’s revenue; or a license fee of around 1.2 million USD per year (instead of taxing them). Currently, the most popular licensed sportsbooks are TotoGaming, Vivarobet, Goodwin Armenia and Adjarabet am.

With such a complicated licensing system though, it’s no wonder that the big international brands choose not to apply for a local license. Furthermore, with no measures taken against unlicensed bookies, players in Armenia continue to opt for non-licensed offshore operators.

Essential Information for Armenian Bettors

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First of all, keep in mind that when betting at the licensed operators, winnings over 10.000 AMD are subject to 23% tax. It is also worth noting that recently, the authorities tried to pass a law that would ban land-based Armenian bookmakers across the country, with the exception of the areas of Meghri, Tsakhkadzor, Sevan and Jermuk.

However, this decision sparked mass protests, and it’s not certain if it will be eventually applied. There are no similar plans for online bookmakers though, so players are free to bet at any online bookie they wish with no restrictions whatsoever.

Which .com Bookmakers Accept players from Armenia?

With so many international bookmakers accepting players from Armenia, we focused on the ones that really stand out. These are 1xBet, 22Bet and Bet365.

1xBet Armenia

1xBet is one of the international bookmakers that are very popular in Armenia. It offers 60+ sports on which you can bet on and every match of the Armenian Premier League comes with at least 150 betting markets. Furthermore, it allows you to use the AMD as your currency and navigate through its website in the Armenian language.

22Bet Armenia

22Bet Denmark22Bet is another international bookmaker that has fully modified its webpage in order to fit the Armenian market. It is actually available in Armenian and AMD is among the standard currencies. It offers a 95%+ payout on sports like football and basketball. Everything is brought together by a smooth user interface making 22Bet a great bookie to bet with.

Bet365 Armenia

Bet365 is yet another popular international brand that accepts Armenians. New players registering an account can expect a welcome bonus that’s on average 30% better than what the licensed bookmakers offer. The 30+ sports to bet on, along with the wide list of betting markets and the competitive odds that are offered, make Bet365 one of the best bookies in the country.

Armenia bet: Deposits and withdrawals

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With no restrictions in place for betting at international online bookies, there’s also nothing preventing Armenian punters from using all the popular payments to top-up their accounts and withdraw their winnings.

Therefore, they can rely on the most used global payment methods like credit/debit cards, as well as e-wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller and Qiwi. Local payment options at Armenian betting sites include Telcell and Idram. However, these are not widely available at international bookmakers.

Gambling Laws in Neighbouring Countries

Exploring neighbouring countries' gambling regulations is crucial. Rules may differ despite the proximity, requiring understanding for informed decisions and compliance. Follow our guides below to get all the latest updates: 

Best Turkish Betting Sites

Top Azerbaijan Betting Sites

Best Georgia Betting Sites

The Future of Online Betting in Armenia

BMB_Book SpyEver since the ‘Law on lotteries’ was passed in 2003, the local authorities go back and forth, between making the market more appealing to international bookmakers and being more strict in terms of licensing. The lack of restrictions for punters who opt for international bookmakers is positive.

However, the expensive licensing fees are still keeping major global brands away from obtaining a license. At the moment, the authorities do not show intention of relaxing the licensing requirements; while at the same time, they are trying to get the gambling taxes up in order to add funds to the state treasury.

To sum things up, the current situation is very convenient for punters. Nevertheless, it is practically impossible to predict how the online betting landscape will evolve, as this depends mainly on how the government will eventually choose to act.

Q: Is Vbet accessible from Armenia?

Indeed, Armenians can enjoy Vbet for an excellent betting experience. Due to its impressive welcome bonus, wide betting markets and high football odds, it is one of the most popular international bookies in Armenia. For more info, check our Vbet review.

Q: Does 22Bet accept Armenian players?

Yes, 22Bet is one of the top offshore sportsbooks accepting bettors from Armenia. If you’re looking for higher odds and wider betting markets than those that the licensed bookies offer, you can find them at 22Bet.

Q: Are there any international bookmakers accepting the AMD currency?

Yes, there are some international sportsbooks that accept the AMD currency and the top three that do so are 1xBet, 22Bet and Betwinner. These specific bookmakers also offer their websites in Armenian.

Q: Do players pay tax on their winnings in Armenia?

Only punters who bet at the licensed online bookmakers have to pay a 23% tax on winnings above 10.000 AMD. On the other hand, those who place their bets on unlicensed international bookies are exempt from taxation.

Q: Is there a state monopoly on betting?

Even though there are only a few local bookmakers licensed in the country, such as Adjarabet Armenia, there’s currently no state monopoly in place. Players are free to bet either on the local licensees, or on international non licensed sportsbooks.

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