Best Lithuania Betting Sites

Population: 2.794.329lithuania-flag
Active players: 849.000
Currency: Euro
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games, horse and dog racing, lotteries
Operator types: Licensed & unlicensed online betting sites and casinos, bet shops and brick and mortar casinos, horse and dog racing tracks
Designated authority: Gaming Control Authority
Status: Regulated

Lithuania was the first republic of the former Soviet block to declare sovereignty of its territory (May 1989) and gain independence (March 1990). This quest for freedom has helped towards opening the road for what is now a thriving betting market.

The regulation of all gambling activities in 2001, along with the adoption of Euro as the country’s official currency in 2015; has helped towards a significant market growth over the past years.

With only a few licensed betting sites, Lithuania is still far from being considered capable of offering players the diversity they seek. As a result, many of them choose popular international non-licensed bookmakers, such as 888sport, due to their higher odds and the wider betting markets they offer.

Best Betting Sites in Lithuania

BMB_ListBefore going further into how online and offline betting is organized in Lithuania, let’s take a look at the best betting sites this country offers. We’ve handpicked these bookmakers, as they offer a great variety of extra bets per event, as well as high odds and rewarding bonuses.

Betting in Lithuania - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal minimum gambling age is 18
  • 2
    The first half of 2019 registered a record-breaking 42% growth in betting revenue compared to 2018
  • 3
    Out of €17.5 million total online gambling revenue, €10.4 million comes from online betting
  • 4
    Betting licenses are issued as permanent ones
  • 5
    There are no taxes for punters’ winnings deriving from online or offline betting

Online Betting in Lithuania: The Law Framework

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When talking about the legislation on online gambling, Lithuania made the first move towards regulation in the early 2000s. Law IX-325 (the Republic of Lithuania Gaming Law) came into effect on May 17, 2001, and it introduced the legal framework for all gambling activities.

Since the initial law was passed, several amendments were adopted, with the most recent coming into effect on the 31st of October 2019. Out of all the aforementioned amendments, the most important one came in 2016 when online betting was addressed, and a blacklist containing unlicensed operators was introduced.

The Gaming Control Authority (established in 2001) keeps updating it, and the bookies that are added to it are blocked by local ISPs and targeted with payment restrictions from the country’s financial institutions. As a result of the blacklist, most international sportsbooks do not hold a local license.

The Gaming Control Authority is also responsible for the issuance of licenses to all betting operators. A license does not have an expiration date. However, it may be revoked if any irregularities are observed. In Lithuania, sports betting is currently allowed at 4 licensed bookmakers - Optibet, Betsafe lt, Topsport and Olybet lt. All licensees are subject to 15% tax on their gross gaming revenue.

Essential Information for Lithuanian Bettors

BMB_Best IconPunters in the country should know that they must be at least 18 years old to be able to access the Lithuania bookmakers. Another key information is that winnings from betting activities are not taxed by the authorities.

Furthermore, despite the presence of a blacklist for unlicensed operators; players are neither targeted by legal action nor restricted by any specific set of regulations for betting on them. All these set a rather relaxed Lithuania bet online landscape for bettors, compared to other Baltic countries.

Despite having a well-established law framework, for those who want to bet, Lithuania provides plenty of options.

How to Deposit at Online Bookies

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With the presence of only four licensed bookmakers in the entire country, Lithuanian punters are big fans of depositing via e-wallets on unlicensed bookies. More specifically, Skrill, Epay and Qiwi rank the highest in their preferences.

This happens due to the fact that they deliver instant deposits without fees and the withdrawal processing times are also shorter compared to other payment options. Furthermore, by using e-wallets they keep all their personal information concealed.

The Future of Online Betting in Lithuania

BMB_Book SpyA debate between the country and the EU should be expected, since the EU has generally indicated its preference towards open markets. Lithuanian legislators on the other hand appear to be more conservative, claiming that they protect the citizens’ interests.

However, even though the online betting landscape might seem a bit tight at first glance, the situation is far from being dramatic. The blacklisting of non-licensed bookmakers maybe is a factor that induces the feeling of having limited betting options.

Nevertheless, with no strict measures taken against bettors and no fines imposed, everyone is practically free to choose any online bookmaker he wants. Thus, it remains uncertain what changes the future will bring.

The Complete List of Lithuania Bookmakers

Q: Which bookmakers provide Lithuanian language on their site?

There are quite a few international bookmakers that offer websites optimized in Lithuanian. The most prominent one is Betwinner.

Q: Does Olybet accept Lithuanian players?

Yes, it does. Olybet Lietuva is actually one of the few licensed online bookmakers in the country that welcomes bettors with a generous first deposit bonus and 25+ sports to bet on.

Q: Is Bet365 accessible from Lithuania?

Bet365 Lietuva is among the popular international bookies that accept Lithuanian bettors, however it is included on the blacklist. This means that its website is not easily accessible in the country.

Q: Do players pay tax on their winnings in Lithuania?

No, there are no taxes targeting bettors in Lithuania. You get to keep your winnings in total. On the other hand, all licensed bookmakers are subject to a 15% tax on their GGR.

Q: Is 888sport a bookie that accepts Lithuanian bettors?

Indeed, 888sport is an international sportsbook that accepts local bettors. So, if you opt for 888sport Lietuva, remember that you will have the chance to choose among 40+ sports to bet on and enjoy very competitive odds.

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