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Online Betting Companies in Uganda

Uganda, landlocked in the eastern part of Africa, is the third most powerful country in the East African Community (EAC). Since gaining independence in 1962. Locals have developed a keen interest in sports, with football reigning in preferences. Eventually, betting became very popular among local punters, with about 70% of youngsters below 30 placing their bets daily.

The Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB) has been responsible for regulating the local betting market since establishing the Lotteries and Gaming Act No. 7 in 2016. The LGRB is also tasked with issuing licenses for betting sites in Uganda.  Both regulated and not online bookmakers are open for Ugandans, while the latter has extra benefits like avoiding the 15% tax and higher odds.

Best Betting Sites in Uganda

uganda-flagRight from the start, we lay out the best Uganda betting sites available. We selected them due to competitive football odds, lite mobile apps, appealing free bets and a high number of markets. In addition, we include both licensed and unlicensed bookies to give you the best from both worlds.

Gambling in Uganda - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal gambling age is 25
  • 2
    The Lotteries and Gaming Act, 2016 regulates the gambling market
  • 3
    All licensees are subject to 20% tax on their GGR
  • 4
    A 15% tax applies on the players’ winnings
  • 5
    Punters aren’t prosecuted for betting on non-licensed international bookies

General info

Population: 45.245.205

Active players: 25.990.000

Currency: Ugandan shilling (UGX)

Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, pool betting, casino games, lottery, bingo

Operator types: Licensed online & land-based bookies and casinos / international bookmakers operating without license

Designated authority: Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB)

Status: Regulated

Online Betting in Uganda: The Law Framework 

BMB_Power Icon

Online betting has been legal and fully regulated in Uganda since the 8th of April 2016, when the current legislation, the Lotteries and Gaming Act No. 7, came into force. Before that, the country’s gaming industry was regulated by the National Lotteries Board (NLB), established under the 1967 National Lotteries Act.

A year later, the Gaming and Pool Betting (Control and Taxation) Act came into effect. Finally, a few years ago, more specifically in December 2013, the Lotteries and Gaming Bill was introduced.

It is worth noting that along with enacting the current gambling legislation in April 2016 came the establishment of the National Gaming Board Uganda (NGBU), which later transformed into the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB).  The LGRB is the official regulatory body responsible for issuing licenses to online and land-based betting companies in Uganda.

Moreover, it is tasked with the collection of betting taxes. Currently, most licensed bookmakers are domestic. A 20% GGR tax applies to all licensees. On the other hand, most popular international bookies do not hold a local permit. Thus, they aren’t subject to tax. 

Licensed Sports Betting Companies in Uganda

If you’re wondering which licensed bookmakers are in the country, we brought them all together for you. So, here’s the complete list of online betting sites in Uganda that operate legally under the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB).

Bookmaker License Serial Number GB-66-017 GB-049-005 GB-49-008 GB-66-035 GB-70-034  GB-70-034 GB-67-048 GB-66-020 GB-66-050 GB-66-044  GB-66-030 GB-66-026 GB-66-025 GB-66-031 GB-66-036 

What You Should Know about Ugandan Betting Companies

BMB_Best IconFirst, you can choose from two types of Ugandan betting sites: those with an LGRB and those that don’t. In most cases, local bookies will have the .ug ending. It is also worth noting that players who opt for licensed sports betting sites in Uganda must pay a 15% withholding tax on winnings.

In contrast, those who choose to bet on non-licensed international sportsbooks are not taxed. The difference occurs because these bookies do not fall under the Ugandan state jurisdiction.

Therefore, they are not obliged to impose a tax on players’ winnings. Consequently, the only way to avoid getting taxed on your betting winnings is by placing your bets on a foreign operator that doesn’t hold a local license.

Online Betting Uganda: How to Deposit

BMB_Markets GenericThe most common payment methods for licensed Ugandan bookies are, without a doubt, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Africell Money and M-Sente. All 4 of them are local mobile money transfer platforms that Airtel, MTN, Africell and Uganda Telecom launched. International bookmakers with a local license will likely have these options available.

Nevertheless, all the other betting sites Uganda that operate countrywide don't take deposits via any of the payments, which led punters to begin using other alternatives. More specifically, like Skill/Neteller, wallets have become increasingly popular in the Uganda betting market in recent years. On the same note, many sportsbooks accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Tether.

Gambling Framework in Other Countries

Kenya: Gambling has been widely accepted for a significant period, with the Betting Control and Licensing Board responsible for monitoring activities. However, the tax imposed on both players and local operators is exceedingly high. This has led many individuals to opt for international betting sites in Kenya.

Tanzania: The Gaming Board in the nation regulates gambling, while the online sector has been legalized via the Gaming Act Cap. 41 in 2003. Players who sign up at local betting sites in Tanzania must pay a 15 tax on their winnings. On the other hand, no notable action has been taken against those who register at independent sportsbooks. 

Rwanda: There are dozens of legal brick-and-mortar, as well as online brands, that operate legally within the country. This means that locals can have their pick over an increasing list of betting companies in Rwanda without much supervision. 

Should You Engage in Sports Betting in Uganda

BMB_Book Spy

The Ugandan betting market is a newly regulated market dominated mostly by domestic brands. For the time being, only a small number of international Uganda betting sites have successfully managed to localise their websites.

Despite President Museveni’s intention to ban all gambling activities throughout the country back in January 2019, nowadays, online betting is developing domestically at a steady pace. Reducing taxation for operators from 35% to 20% has played a crucial role in the development mentioned above.

It has also proven that the government is determined to make the market appealing to many major international brands and convince them to apply for a local license. Thus, the future of sports betting in Uganda looks relatively bright.

Full List of Betting Sites in Uganda

The safest way to pick your next betting company in Uganda is by choosing one from our list. We layout every sportsbook with a license or not, with ratings, highlights, bonuses and players’ feedback.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Uganda?

Since 2016, online and land-based gambling has been legal in Uganda, with the passing of the Lotteries and Gaming Act No. 7. The government handed local licenses to regulated bookies, but offshore ones still accept Ugandans.

Q: Which are the best betting sites in Uganda?

We see a few well-known names in licensed bookmakers, including 1XBet, 22bet & Betwinner. These brands have been in the market for multiple years and have a devoted base of players and a localised betting product.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Uganda?

The formation of the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB) was the main point of making gambling safe for Ugandans. Playing on a betting company in Uganda with an LGRB license is a sign of trust. Still, picking an offshore bookie from our list is also a good choice as we thoroughly vet them.

Q: Which online deposit method should I choose?

The big-4 payment methods in Uganda bookies include Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Africell Money and M-Sente. If you want some extra privacy and speed, you could go for a wallet or a cryptocurrency.

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