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Serbia, a landlocked country in the Balkans, has played a pivotal role in some of the most important events in European history. Nowadays, it is building toward an advanced economy and has vowed military neutrality as a way to focus on domestic development. Serbians are known for being passionate about sports, and as a result, gambling traces back to the 1970s and the first casinos that sprung up in the former Yugoslavia.

In the fully regulated market, betting sites in Serbia have to gain a license from the government to operate. However, the lax nature of restrictions allows several international bookies to be open for Serbian players. The better overall product they run and the absence of fines or penalties have made Serbians overwhelmingly prefer to bet overseas.

Best Betting Sites in Serbia

Most offshore sportsbooks accept Serbian players, but how can you tell which is the best? We did all the leg work and ranked the best Serbia betting sites in odds, markets, promotions and in-play betting. Moreover, we considered the feedback from players who have been there long-term and included it in our rating.

Gambling in Serbia - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The legal gambling age for Serbs is 18
  • 2
    Players are not required to pay taxes on their gambling winnings
  • 3
    Both betting shops and online betting sites are legal in Serbia
  • 4
    New legislation was enacted in late 2021
  • 5
    Bettors do not face any sanctions for betting on non-licensed bookies

General info

Population: 6.982.604

Active players: 1.000.000

Currency: Serbian Dinar

Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, casino games (i.e. card games & slots), national lottery, bingo, keno

Designated authority: Games of Chance Administration under the Ministry of Finance

Operator types: Licensed land-based and online bookmakers

Status: Regulated

Online Betting in Serbia: The Law Framework

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The foundation stone for legalising betting and all games of chance in Serbia was laid in 2005 by creating a regulatory body, namely, the Games of Chance Administration, established under the Games of Chance Act. Back then, there was no provision for online Serbian bookmakers, so an amendment was necessary for 2011, ending the monopoly of Državna Lutrija Srbije.

Private companies could apply for betting licenses, and the ISPs started blocking websites from unauthorised bookies. In November 2021, the Ministry of Finance passed a new Act. The main aim is to tackle the money laundering issues in the industry and prohibit the operation of non-regulated betting sites in Serbia.

In applying those actions, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Tax Department are also about to jump in. The powers of the Serbian Gaming Board are also strengthened, allowing for the central monitoring of operators to promote responsible gambling and regulate more productively.

What You Should Know About Serbian Bookmakers

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It’s been a while since the central authorities have tried to reduce illegal online betting in Serbia by following EU directives or amending current laws. The latest legislation follows the same footpath, as it wants to make it more difficult for locals to play offshore.

Up until now, you only need a VPN service as most international bookmakers Serbia, will accept registrations from the country. A caveat is that they will likely not offer the local dinars as a currency. A standard practice that is unlikely to change is that you do not have to pay a tax on gambling winnings.

There is no distinction between regulated or not Serbia betting sites; however, the new Gambling Act wants to use the Tax department to limit those who play abroad. In terms of operating costs, each sportsbook has to pay €300.000 for a license, while the minimum share capital requirement is €250.000.

Top Online Betting Sites Serbia: How to Deposit

BMB_Markets GenericThe first thing to notice in payments is that many international bookies might operate in Serbia, but they do not offer the Serbian Dinar as a currency. Your best guess is to use Euro but keep an eye out for any conversion fees. In terms of payment methods, luckily, you can choose from many, which we will explore.

All betting sites in Serbia accept the most popular banking options for players, starting with credit/debit cards from Visa & MasterCard. Wallets like Skrill, Neteller & Paysafecard are also available, likewise cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. To avoid price volatility, some bettors resort to the top usdt sports betting sites. If you prefer some local methods, iPay, Dinacard and mCash are good alternatives, but the availability could be minimal.

Should you Wager on Serbia Betting Sites 

BMB_Book SpyWith the latest Gambling Law in November 2021, the authorities seem to take a hard stance on illegal betting. Combining the forces of several departments, the aim is to allow only licensed Serbian bookmakers in the market and exclude the rest.

Still, most offshore bookies normally accept Serbian players for the time being. So, does the law apply after all, or is it just to discourage players? It seems unlikely that the government will take any punitive measures against international Serbia betting companies.

Even if it decides to crack down on foreign operators seriously, it will simply order ISPs to block all access rather than punish bettors. As a result, your best guess is to stick with your preferred foreign bookie, as local ones are no match. 

Gambling Regulations in Nearby Countries

Kosovo: has had an unregulated gambling scene since the ten-year ban came into force. This didn't stop Kosovo betting sites from offering their services to locals without restrictions, as the government doesn't pursue those who opt to play on them. 

Hungary: is another of the few European examples where gambling is illegal. There are no licenses granted for operators to provide their services. However, betting sites in Hungary are very popular, and international bookies are free to offer their services to Hungarians.

Croatia: has legal gambling for land-based and online casinos and sports bookies. There are a few licensed Croatia betting sites, but players are free to gamble on international bookmakers without fear of prosecution. 

Bulgaria: requires operators to have a local license and unlicensed bookies are blacklisted. Though many betting sites in Bulgaria are legal and available in local content and currency, the other websites are open for Bulgarians who use VPNs to bypass the block. 

Q: Is online gambling legal in Serbia?

It sure is, as the 2011 Gambling Act included the provisions regulating online gambling. Since then, in 2014 and later, in 2021, there have been new laws trying to restrict unregulated bookmakers. Nevertheless, most locals opt to bet offshore.

Q: Which are the best betting sites Serbia?

While we can vouch for all of our listed bookmakers, we know that you might want the top-3, so here it is. Betwinner, 22bet & 20bet will allow you to bet on Serbian Dinar, plus they have a Serbian language interface. Odds, selections and bonuses are also on top.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Serbia?

If you choose to go for a licensed sportsbook, you have the official regulatory body backing it. But you can also feel safe going for one of our foreign bookmakers Serbia, as we also evaluate credibility among others.

Q: Which online deposit method should I choose?

You can pick from a classic method for betting, like a credit/debit card or a wallet. Cryptocurrencies can also be a great option if you want rapid withdrawals and under-the-radar payments.

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