How To Bet On Golf

If you would like to learn how to bet on golf, then you have come to the right page. The interest around the sport is prevalent among millions of players for numerous reasons. Due to its competitive nature, you can often pick up great value odds on the world’s leading bookmakers. On the other hand, more and more markets have started to appear, which can prove confusing. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the best ways to bet on golf, such as placing a wager, plus instructions to help make a profit. But first, you can take a look at some bookmakers that are worth your while.

What is the best way to bet on golf?

Top bookmakers in terms of reliabilityThe very nature of golf means that you will not find plenty of markets, especially compared to team sports. While there is no such thing as the best way to bet on golf, some betting options have a higher probability of coming through. The first and most obvious is the outright winner, where you need to pick the player with the best chance of topping the leaderboard. If you want to add some insurance to this wager, then the each-way market is worth considering since you will get some returns if your pick finishes in one of the top positions. What’s more, leading golf bookmakers pay extra places on the major events.

In terms of Over/Under, you can bet on the total round scores. Here, bookies will propose a golfer’s final score for a round. You can choose whether or not the golfer in question will post a score that is either above or under the line. For example, you can back Jon Rahm to post a first-round total of Over 65.5. Another enjoyable market is head-to-head, also known as three-ball betting. Two or three players are pitted against each other and you have to predict who will have the highest score among them.

How to make money betting on golf 

Money bagJust like in any sport, golf comes with a considerable element of risk. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help improve your chances of making a positive return on investment. We are on hand to assist by showing you how to make money betting on golf based on some sound fundamental principles.

Choose the right bookmaker

How to bet on the Grammys 2022 When choosing your perfect online betting partner, some critical criteria are worth considering before you commit. The best way to bet on golf is to pick a bookmaker that offers betting promos, such as extra places on each way bets and boosted odds regularly. You will also want a site that provides the highest amount of betting markets and the highest odds available. Keep in mind that the prices will be lower compared to mainstream sports such as football and tennis.

Understand the odds 

payoneer feesYou might already know how to bet on golf, but the best way to make money is to seek out the value in the odds. While you can win consistently by backing the most likely outcome, you may be working with lower odds and not making the most profit. By betting with the best value odds, you are more likely to generate higher profits in your returns. Naturally, you still want to back the most likely outcome, but it is worth weighing it up against that outcome’s worth in odds to maximise your wins.

Learn the markets

Number of main & secondary markets Golf does not offer much room to wiggle, as most bookmakers will only offer a handful of betting options. Obviously, match or competition winner will always be at hand. In addition, you can back an athlete each way, either to win a contest or be in the top 3-4 places. However, several sportsbooks provide special alternatives, such as Top 10 Finish, First Round Leader, Group and Matched Betting.

What to look out for when betting on golf tournaments 

Who are the past Wimbledon WinnersWhen betting on golf tournaments, you should consider many factors to find the right wager. These are relevant to all tournaments, whether match-play based, such as the Ryder Cup and the President’s Cup, or stroke play events on the developmental Korn Ferry Tour, the PGA Tour, or the DP World Tour, which was formerly known as the European Tour. And, of course, there are the season’s four majors: Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, US Open and The Open Championship. Factors worth considering when betting on these events include the following:

⏩ Recent Form and Fitness: As well as making sure you are up to date on a player’s fitness, study up on their form too so that you know how well they might do.

⏩ Player’s Field Specialisation and Familiarity: Prior to parting with your money, look into what golfers are likely to fair better on a particular course or how well they have performed there previously.

⏩ Green In Regulation (GIR) Statistics: This is the percentage of holes a player has achieved and the higher rate demonstrates good performance, with 100% being perfect.

⏩ Field Characteristics: There are several famous holes and hazards, so it is a good idea to understand a golfer’s strong suit for specific course characteristics.

⏩ Weather Forecast: In golf, the weather can play a major role in how a tournament can play out, so make sure you know what the conditions are likely to be.

Can betting on golf online lead to profit?

Enhanced Odds & Profit BoostBetting on golf online can be profitable and there is, a lot of the time, far more value to be found in the odds than in other sports. By its very nature, golf is a sport almost designed to be a bettor’s dream. The size of the field often leads to excellent prices, even on the favourites and the world’s leading players. However, most sites do not offer an extensive range of markets, which you should always keep in mind. As with all sports betting, remember to do your homework in order to give yourself the best chance of backing a winner. Lastly, keep in mind that we thoroughly evaluate every bookmaker so that you can find the greatest value for your bets.

Q: Why is golf betting considered popular?

There are many reasons why golf betting is so popular, including factors such as great value odds, lots of betting market options and the fact that this is an exciting sport where anything can happen, and anything can change at any moment.

Q: How can I find the best way to bet on golf online?

This page has been specifically designed to help you find the best way to bet on golf online, whether you are new to the pastime or a seasoned veteran. By now, you should know all about how to make a bet and who to bet on depending on certain factors, as well as where to place your bets.

Q: Which are the most popular events for betting on golf online?

While all the golf events on both the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour are popular, the four major events - Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, US Open and The Open Championship – attract the most betting interest due to their prestige. Golf’s unofficial fifth ‘major’ the Players Championship and the Ryder Cup are also prominent.

Q: Is there a way to minimise my chances of losing?

The best way to minimise your chances of making a loss is to do some homework before laying down your money. Use as many resources as you have at your disposal to determine who has the best chance of success based on course history, course characteristics, and player form and fitness.

Q: Which are the best golf betting system tips?

There are many golf betting systems that players can employ in order to increase their chance of seeing a return on their betting investment. These can include checking the player rankings and using the strokes gained concept, where players analyse an individual golfer’s performance before comparing it against other golfers.

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