Brickington Trading Limited saled their Playtech stocks

    Brickington TradingThe changes in Playtech are constant and just a few days ago, Brickington Trading Limited, which is the largest shareholder in Playtech, saled a 12% of the stakes that hold of the company. The major shareholder offloaded 38.7 million ordinary shares at a price of 850 pence (999 €cents/1060 $cents) each. Everything seems that the deal will come to a conclusion the upcoming Friday, but will not receive any proceeds from the transaction.

    After the sale of the shares, Brickington Trading Limited will now have a stake of approximately 21.6% in the company, while they have also agreed to keep those shares for at least 6 more months before they proceed to the next sale of their stakes. Meanwhile, Playtech has completed the acquisition of a 70% stake in technology company Consolidated Financial Holdings and until 2019 they will have acquired the remain 30% of the stakes. Until then the further arrangements will have been determined by the two sides, with Playtech seeming to try to extend their business.