Best Slovakia Betting Sites

Population: 5.450.000slovak icon
Active players: 800.000
Currency: Euro
Regulated gambling products: Fixed odds sports betting & betting exchanges, horse racing, casino games, lottery, poker, bingo
Designated authority: Office for the Regulation of Gambling
Operator types: Licensed land-based and online casinos & bookmakers, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Status: Regulated

The Slovak Republic is a Central European country, bordering Hungary and Poland among others. Being an independent country since 1993, it has a rich history of horse racing. Football is the most popular sport among locals. Yet, another sport attracting thousands of fans is, traditionally, ice hockey. As regards sport betting, despite efforts from local bookies like Tipsport or Fortuna to establish a monopoly, local bettors still prefer to wager on international betting sites in Slovakia. That’s because of the higher odds, richer betting markets and more generous promotions they offer.

Slovakia betting - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age for Slovaks is 18
  • The latest piece of gambling legislation came into force in March 2019
  • National Council’s decisions may override the existing gambling law
  • Despite some domain blocks, most non-licensed betting sites are accessible
  • Winnings deriving from online betting are not taxed

Best betting sites Slovakia

Right from the start, we’re offering you a list of the best sports betting sites Slovakia has to offer. After applying strict criteria in terms of odds, betting markets and fast payouts; we give you the best bookies with a Slovak interface.

Online gambling Slovakia: The law framework

Gambling became legal in Slovakia for the first time in 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Then came the Gambling Act of 2005; the first piece of legislation that addressed all aspects of online and offline gambling. It did so until March 1, 2019, when Act No. 30/2019 on Gambling Games was officially enacted.

The Ministry of Finance gave its place to the new Office for the Regulation of Gambling; now responsible for supervising the local gambling market. It still answers to the Ministry; yet it's an independent office. Previously, a company with no physical presence in Slovakia was unable to apply for an online betting license. However, the new Act also allows EU operators to obtain one, for an initial 5 year period.

Concerning a license for an online casino, Slovakia law is very similar too. These are called 'individual licenses' and applicants must abide with a specific set of rules in order to get one. A registered capital of €1.7 million must be in place to begin with. In addition, an online license combining betting and casino games costs €5 million. A tax of 22% applies on betting revenues. A figure that has dropped from a previous 27%; yet is still relatively high.

That was initially a key factor for the monopoly of eTIPOS. For a long time, it was the only authorized Slovakia bet operator to offer online sports wagers to local players. In the following years, other local brands applied for a license, like Tipsport, Fortuna, Doxxbet, Synot Tip, Beta Maxx and Niké. Moreover, a 2017 state-issued blacklist blocked access to all sports betting sites without a license. As early as July 2017, it already encompassed big names like Bwin Slovakia; which eventually stopped accepting local bettors.

As it stands, still no popular international bookie holds a license in Slovakia. However, lots of them are offering their services to Slovaks without problems. Lastly, local authorities have obtained powers beyond the national Act on gambling. Since January 2021, they are able to ban any type of gambling they want throughout their territory. Bratislava has voted for it; meaning that for the second time since 2017 it will apply a ban on its brick and mortar gambling sector. Casino licenses, for example, will not be renewed according to city council members. However, it remains to be seen what will eventually happen; since the 2017 similar attempt was withdrawn at national courts.

Essential info for Slovak bettors

It’s important to note that in terms of gambling, Slovakia can take decisions locally, beyond the national law. Nitra could join Bratislava in the local ban they apply; although that’s mainly for the brick and mortar gambling establishments. Online gambling in Slovakia is not affected and players may join the bookmaker of their choice.

Popular international online bookmakers may not have a local license yet; however, the authorities only care about blocking some of them from time to time. Those bookies still hold valid respectable licenses from high profile licensing authorities; so they guarantee a legal betting experience. There are no reports of prosecuting players; so, you may opt for any bookie you’ll find in our analysis.

How to deposit at online bookies

open account and deposit

Sporopay is probably the most popular payment among Slovaks. Still, there are mainly local Sporopay bookmakers that facilitate it. Moreover, the vast majority of international bookies offer a plethora of payments; beyond bank wire and credit cards.

Neteller, Skrill and PayPal are all servicing Slovakia and are famous for their fast and reliable transactions. They also have a user-friendly interface; while players don’t have to worry about transaction fees, with the Euro being available everywhere. So, either using traditional methods like wire transfer or bank cards, or opting for e-wallets; Slovakia covers it all. Finally, there is no scrutiny from the authorities and no payment-related restrictions apply. This means that you don’t have to worry about the nature of your online payments at all.

Gambling Slovakia: What the future holds

The recent Act of 2019 has formed a new reality around gambling in the country. International bookmakers are still weighing their options around entering the local market. The thing is, with the authorities being lax, players can still freely access them. Only time will show if the heavy taxation and strict guidelines will eventually keep them away or not. Apart from that, a well-regulated gambling scene is always in favor of bettors. Slovakia has proved once again that it’s focusing on this direction. So, it will eventually shape a fair and welcoming environment for both operators and players.

The complete list of Slovakia bookmakers

After analyzing all the recent changes in the Slovak gambling landscape; we now list all the international sport betting sites Slovakia has to offer. Check them out and pick the one that suits you best.

Q: Is online betting legal in Slovakia?

The legal framework addresses the online sector, making it perfectly legal to access licensed online bookies. Moreover, there are no penalties on players who wish to place their bets on unlicensed international bookmakers either.

Q: Does Bwin accept bettors from Slovakia?

Unfortunately, Bwin is among the international bookmakers that chose to seize its operations in the country back in 2017. It still is off limits for local bettors, despite the 2019 new Act on gambling.

Q: Is there taxation applied on my sports betting winnings?

The new legal framework does not refer to the taxation of players' winnings, rather only to the operators' taxation. Especially when betting online, bettors in Slovakia get to keep what they win.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Slovakia?

It is definitely safe, especially when betting on any of the international bookmakers we list in our analysis. So, stick to any of them and you shall enjoy a safe betting experience.

Q: Which is the best betting site in Slovakia?

With many betting sites accepting locals, 22bet stands out. It is ideal for football lovers, as it offers loads of special bets and it has a localized interface too. Don’t miss out on their daily promotions either.

Q: Will I face restrictions when betting on international bookies?

The Office for the Regulation of Gambling has set clear guidelines for online betting. However, if any restrictions apply, they do so on operators, rather than on players. So, the answer here is no.

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