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Best CSGO Betting Sites

Due to its long history, CS:GO is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular FPS game ever. It is the last game in the long-lasting franchise that started with Counter-Strike. Today, nearly two decades after the first game in the franchise was released, there are millions of CS:GO fans out there.

Since it is the best-known FPS game, many tournaments are organized around the globe every year. Moreover, professional players regularly participate in various leagues, so there’s always some event to bet on.

Most CS:GO events are global and sponsored by multiple brands, so prize pools can often reach hundreds and sometimes even millions of dollars. CSGO betting works the same as betting on conventional sports. More specifically, there are two ways to bet: either by using real money or by betting your CS:GO skins.

Since every skin has its market value when wagering with skins, you’re betting with the cumulative value of all the skins you decide to include when placing your bet. However, in order to bet skins, you need to use third-party software that is not as safe as gambling with real money. So many bookies don’t even offer an option for CSGO skin gambling.

In this article, we are going to present you with the following:

  1. Best CSGO betting sites offering the juiciest odds.
  2. Top CS:GO offers and the main betting markets.
  3. Biggest CS tournaments and tips about the teams & players worth betting on.
  4. Winning strategies you can use to your advantage, regardless of how experienced you are in CS:GO betting.

How to Select a Good CSGO Betting Site

BMB_Question MarkWe don’t take CS:GO betting lightly - there are numerous criteria that CSGO gambling sites have to fulfil in order to qualify as the absolute best. Good websites should provide competitive odds with an average payout of at least 93%.

We would advise you to stay clear from the bookies that have an extremely low payout of 90% or even less and rather focus on the best CSGO gambling sites out there. 1xBet, Bet365 and Pinnacle, for example, regularly provide the best odds and have a payout of 95%+. Another criterion for selecting the best CSGO betting sites is the number of different betting markets that they provide.

In order to successfully compete with others, bookies should strive to include 25 or even more CS betting markets in their platform. They should also include several markets exclusive only to Counter-Strike fans. Such as the opportunity to bet on the knife kills, on the pistol round winners or on who’s going to have the most kills in a match.

Another crucial thing we keep a close eye on is whether the bookmakers provide extensive coverage of the biggest events, like the IEM Katowice and other IEMs, DreamHacks and ESL Pro Leagues. The more tournaments a bookie covers, the higher it will rank on our list.

Of course, before deciding where to play, it is important to check that the bookie you prefer has a solid license, provides quick withdrawals and offers excellent customer support in your language. For more information, check our bookmaker guides.

Top 3 CSGO Betting Sites

BMB_Best IconSo, do you be on the lookout for how to bet on eSports and make money?  Initially, you need a bookie with the broadest range of markets, valuable offers, and the highest odds. Let's make a focus on Counter-Strike betting; in the underneath shortlist, you can check the top CSGO betting sites. Explore our recommendations and choose among the best.

The Different Types Of CSGO Betting Offers

BMB_AlternativesIn order to stay competitive, CS:GO betting sites often include various promotions that cater to the needs of eSports fans. In this section, we will talk about some of the different types of CS:GO offers provided by various bookmakers.

  • 1
    Odds Boost: CS betting becomes much better when the bookmakers decide to increase the odds further. Bookies will often handpick two or three matches about to be played and increase their odds significantly.
  • 2
    Cashback Offers: Sportsbooks will sometimes include cashback options in their offer. These types of bets are perhaps best suited for those who enjoy betting on the underdogs or betting big since they allow you to get a sum of your money back.
  • 3
    Full Refund: These types of bets are excellent for anyone looking to start with CS betting since sportsbooks will refund your first bet completely up to a certain amount.
  • 4
    Free First Bet: Instead of having to deposit cash and then wait on a refund, you can take advantage of the free first bet option. Everything that you win with the first bet is yours to keep.

Main CSGO Betting Markets

BMB_Markets GenericBefore you place your very first CS GO wager, you should learn about the different Counter-Strike betting markets. The elite eSports bookmakers offer main and secondary ones, so you have plenty of options to back.

The main & the special betting options. Main CS:GO match betting markets include standard bets such as the Match Winner, Round Winner and Tournament Finalist or the Tournament Winner. CS:GO matches are often played in a series of best of three or best of five; so you can bet per round instead of per match.

When placing a standard CS wager and trying to predict how far the team will go, you’re placing the one we call the ‘outright bet’. These types of bets allow you to predict whether a team is going to reach the quarterfinals, semifinals, or go all the way. However, keep in mind that the earlier in the tournament you place your bet, the better the odds will be.

Finally, you can wager on handicaps or choose in-play betting, where the odds change with every kill and every round. When it comes to special markets, bookmakers will allow you to bet on a lot of unique things. For example, you can choose who’s going to win a pistol round or try to predict which team is going to land the first blood in a match.

Moreover, you can predict the total number of headshots or kills and whether a player will get a knife kill. You can also gamble on players’ personal skills. For example, you can predict if they’re going to perform well during a round, during the whole match, or single-handedly eliminate the enemy team and get an ace.

Furthermore, you will also be able to bet if the match is going to overtime, which player will score the most kills, or even if the team is going to plant a bomb during the pistol round.

How To Place a CSGO Bet

BMB_TrophyAs we’ve previously mentioned, there are numerous CS:GO tournaments organized each year. Based on the prize pool, attendance and prestige, you can split them into 3 categories: Premier, Major and Minor.

CS:GO team betting is most enjoyable during Premier events as they have the biggest prize pools, that range from hundreds of thousands to more than a million dollars in rewards. Naturally, such prize pools attract teams and players that are considered the best. Those events are played all over the world and are almost always set offline in front of the audience.

Some of the most prestigious Premier events are various ESL Pro Leagues, DreamHack events and Intel Extreme Masters series. Major events include smaller prize pools but are still attended by some of the strongest CSGO teams out there.

The most well-known Major events are various DreamHack tournaments, as well as the ESEA Global Challenge which is held annually. Minor tournaments are the least prestigious and feature the smallest prize pools. You will rarely, if ever, see the best teams attending them, but you can always enjoy some good games or find future stars in the making.

If you’re wondering which teams to bet on CS:GO, there are a lot of great ones that compete on the highest level. Some of the strongest ones right now include names like Astralis, FaZe, Liquid, Na’Vi, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Fnatic and MIBR. 

The same can be said for the CSGO players, as teams’ rosters are filled with skilled users who have been on the pro scene for more than a decade. Some of the names that are continuously performing on the top level are dev1ce, NiKo, FalleN, s1mple, coldzera, GuardiaN and a fan-favourite for many, Olofmeister.

CSGO Strategies: How to Win Big at Counter-Strike Betting

BMB_Money_ProfitWhen it comes to eSports betting, the most important thing is to have some CSGO strategy in place and carefully plan your bets. There are numerous strategies out there that you can use so as to maximize the frequency of your wins. Depending on your approach, you can divide them into pre-match and live betting CS strategies, using promos and bonuses, as you can check on our Cyber Bet bonus code.

Pre-Match CS:GO Betting Strategies

  • The D’Alembert: This is one of the best-known staking strategies out there and it can be used on virtually anything, even on CSGO gambling. The strategy itself is very simple. For instance, you bet $10 on a game. If you lose, bet $11 the following time. If you lose again, bet $12. If you win, go back to betting $11. Simply rinse and repeat and increase or decrease your bet in predetermined increments.

  • Team Rankings: Various websites have the so-called ELO Rankings that tell a lot about the teams and how they are ranked in the global leaderboard. However, even though it may sound very simple at first glance, the goal of this strategy isn’t to bet on the favorites. Quite the contrary, actually. Find the underdogs that are on a roll and have been increasing their ELO Rankings recently, and bet on them. You might not win every single time; but by using this strategy and continuously betting on the underdogs, you’re guaranteed a bigger payout once you win.

  • Staking Methods: Staking strategies have been around for a long time and they can also be used in eSports betting. The goal of these strategies is to eliminate emotion betting and focus on always being in control of your balance. For example, this can happen by risking fixed amounts each time or by backing a percentage of your monthly bankroll.

Live CS:GO Betting Strategies

  • In-Game Economy: To use this strategy to the fullest, pay close attention to the teams’ in-game economy and only play on the full buy rounds where the team you are betting on has the most chances to win. By keeping an eye on information like that, as well as the scoreboard data and what round it is; you can plan ahead and bet on the rounds in which the team you are backing has better odds to win.

  • Live streaming: Perhaps the best CS strategy that can help you with in-play betting is actually to watch the games live. The easiest way to do that is to visit Twitch, where tournaments are often broadcasted. Not only you will be able to react quickly to changes, but you will also be able to take advantage of the commentators’ and analysts’ forecasts, which can provide you additional insight into teams’ strategies. Also, you can usually get advice on how likely they are considered to win the following round or match.

  • Cash Out: Let’s be honest, you’re not going to win every bet. Therefore, if you see that things are taking a turn for the worse, take advantage of the cash-out option offered by the bookies. It might not help you earn a fortune, but still, this Counter-Strike strategy will ensure that you minimize your losses or guarantee some extra profit.

CSGO Betting Advice That Will Give You an Edge

BMB_FavouriteBetting on Counter-Strike is extremely easy and the process is relatively similar to gambling on any other game out there. If you are a newbie, make sure to remember the few CS GO betting tips we’ve prepared for you to help you improve your betting skills.

  • 1
    Don’t forget to do your homework. Every little bit of information helps you gain a better insight into the teams & players and their mindsets. For example, you can follow the players and teams on Twitter and find out little bits of information that can gain you a significant advantage over the bookies; like if the key player is ill or not able to attend the tournament.
  • 2
    Find the best odds. Betting online is convenient, and you don’t have to bother going halfway across town to visit another bookie. When it comes to eSports, and especially CS GO betting, the competition is fierce and bookmakers always strive to provide better odds than their competitors. You can take advantage of that and find the best odds that will net you the most cash.
  • 3
    Patience is a virtue. Don’t be afraid to wait for good opportunities. Sometimes, teams and players are not giving their 100% unless there’s a lot of money and prestige on the line. So make sure that you’re backing a team and players who are giving their best and playing in order to dominate the competition.
  • 4
    Always bet cash. CSGO skin betting might be nice and tempting if you’re a CS player, but the value of the skins often changes. Moreover, third-party software that bookmakers use for skins betting is not always very safe. Rather than risking it, visit reputable bookmakers, place cash bets and win cash.

Full List of CSGO Bookmakers

Analyzing the specific factors to help you choose among the best online bookies and locate the appropriate one for your betting needs, has outlined the best CSGO betting sites, as you can discover in the list below.

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