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Best Czech Betting Sites

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia or formerly Bohemia. The locals are passionate about football and ice hockey, where they have excelled by winning several medals in national-level competitions. Besides that, the country is a haven for gambling enthusiasts. There are hundreds of land-based casinos and betting sites in the Czech Republic.

The government managed to regulate gambling in 2017. The existing Gambling Act sets restrictions on players’ daily winnings to 270,000 CZK. Moreover, there is an immense 23% GGR taxation on lottery games and sports betting sites; on top of a standard 19% corporate tax imposed on all licensees. As a result, they cannot afford promos, like free bets and generous welcome offers; compared to the international bookies that still accept Czech bettors. 

Best Czech Bookmakers

czech republic bettingThe upcoming shortlist comprises the best online betting sites the Czech Republic has to offer. They feature payments in CZK, a wide range of betting markets and appealing bonuses.

Gambling in the Czech Republic - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The Czech Republic ranks #2 among European countries with the most land-based gaming operations per capita
  • 2
    Only five bookmakers have acquired a license to operate in the Czech market
  • 3
    Online bookies are subject to a 35% GGR tax on casino games and 23% on sports betting & lottery games
  • 4
    Online sports betting is allowed for individuals 18 years old and above
  • 5
    Winnings from online sports betting are tax-free for players

General info

Population: 10.701.777

Active players: 4.500.000

Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)

Regulated gambling products: Odds betting (i.e. totalisator games), sports betting, lottery, horse racing betting, bingo, casino, poker

Operator types: Land-based casinos, state-run sports betting shops, online bookies & casinos

Designated authority: Ministry of Finance, Customs Administration, Municipal Authorities

Status: Regulated

Online Betting in Czech Republic: The Law Framework

BMB_Power Icon

Betting in the Czech Republic is legal as the government has successfully regulated the domestic gambling market since 2017 with the amendment of the 2012 Gambling Act. The new law opened the market to online operators headquartered in other EU countries (besides the domestic brands) to acquire a license.

Due to the strict requirements and the quick law implementation, many international bookmakers had almost no time to comply or even apply for licenses. This led many of them to exit the local market. Several others decided to continue operating, and the Ministry of Finance (i.e. the country’s regulatory authority) ordered ISPs to block access to all unlicensed gambling websites.

For the time being, only five Czech bookmakers have acquired the corresponding license, with iFortuna being the biggest one. The other four are: Chance, Tipsport, Synottip and Sazka. All of them accept bettors from 18 and above. They are subject to a 23% GGR tax on lottery games and sports betting and 35% on casino games.

Those rates are set on top of the standard 19% corporate tax rate that all licensed operators must pay. These conditions are certainly considered unprofitable for major foreign brands to apply for a license. Moreover, according to the gambling law, each player who opts for these sites can win up to 270,000 CZK daily.

Every licensed operator that offers casino and sports betting in the Czech Republic is obliged to set hourly expenditure limits on any individual player. Last but not least, they cannot offer attractive bonuses regularly as the high taxation restrains them from doing so.

So, as much as the Czech government seeks to benefit even more from foreign operators’ taxes; the complex regulatory regime is a deterrent factor for them. However, many international bookmakers are still not blacklisted; either due to the fact that they operate under accredited licenses or because they use mirror sites.

Essential Info for Czech Bettors

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Nowadays, the majority of local bettors have practically two choices when it comes to betting in the Czech Republic. They can opt for betting shops scattered across the country or for licensed online bookies. However, others prefer foreign unlicensed bookmakers.

The good thing is that there are no taxes on their winnings; whichever of the above options they choose. It is worth mentioning that the local authorities have never taken any strict measures against players who prefer to bet on international bookies.

Plus, although local internet service providers keep blocking non-licensed bookmakers; they still operate through mirror sites and are considered safe. Due to high player demand, there is an increase in new betting sites Czech Republic can offer.

Nonetheless, many shady bookmakers with no license keep operating within the country, and players should be cautious not to bump into them. In dispute cases between them and scam bookies, they are not protected by any official government body. So, bettors should stick to legitimate betting sites that are supervised by reputable authorities.

How to Deposit at the Top Betting Sites in Czech Republic

BMB_Markets GenericThe best online betting sites Czech Republic offers come with a wide array of payment methods for players to fund their accounts. About 50% of Czechs mainly use card deposits, and the local prepaid card MINT comes at the top of their choices.

Most bookies offer VISA, Mastercard or Maestro and, usually, they absorb bank fees or don’t exceed 0.20-1.00% per transaction. Luckily many operators accept Czech Koruna deposits without currency conversion, and there are no extra fees to burden the players.

Other prominent choices include e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz and Click2Pay. Google Pay betting sites are popular in the Czech Republic, allowing Android users to have many banking services of a digital wallet at their disposal. If you are using iOS, you can find similar services with some Apple Pay bookies as well. Though processing is instant for these methods, several withdrawals may take up to 5 working days. There’s also an extra 10 CZK fixed fee per transaction or 3.40% + fixed fee for all domestic transactions.

Added to that, locals prefer to use vouchers like Paysafecard and mobile payments through apps like Mobiamo, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Unfortunately, several other local payments, such as PaySec and Platba24, are only available to domestic bookmakers.

The Future of Online Betting in Czech Republic

BMB_Book Spy

The recent regulatory changes of the 2017 Gambling Act haven’t affected the online betting sites Czech Republic offers. However, in 2020, government officials decided to harden their stance towards bookmakers and take significant steps for better safety. They recently enabled a self-exclusion feature for players to fight problem gambling.

On the other hand, they enforced additional restrictions on the number of bonuses and games that local operators can offer; crippling their competitiveness against offshore bookies. Despite that, they are not interested in loosening the regulatory framework or lowering the taxation for potential international brands to infiltrate the local market.

Although there is a high demand for betting in Czech Republic, and the government could enormously benefit from licensing and taxes, at least by integrating more European bookmakers; things are unlikely to change any time soon. At least players will keep on being completely free to wager on distinguished betting sites licensed abroad.

Gambling Framework in the Neighbouring Countries

When it comes to betting, it is advisable to explore the gambling regulations of neighbouring countries. Despite their proximity, these governments deal with matters with different laws and practices. Understanding these differences offers invaluable insights to bettors who are visiting or considering relocation. Let's take a look at Slovakia, Austria, and Poland:

Slovakia: has a lot of shared history with the Czech Republic, and the situation in regard to gambling is also similar. Though land-based casinos and sports betting shops require a license, online betting sites are accessible without the need to have one.  The Slovakia betting sites are also gaining popularity over traditional gambling.

Austria: has a federal government, with each region having different requirements for gambling operators. It is expected to become a fully regulated market soon. However, for the time being, the majority of the Austria betting sites dominating the market are unlicensed. 

Poland: regulated its local gambling market in 2009 after decades of adopting a hands-off attitude. Its 18,000,000 active gamblers are turning to the unlicensed international betting sites in Poland to avoid taxes and bet under the radar.


Q: Is online betting legal in the Czech Republic?

Betting in Czech Republic has been legal and regulated since 2017 with the amendment of the 2012 Gambling Act. All legal online bookmakers have acquired a domestic license. However, players can opt for international betting sites that still accept them without any repercussions.

Q: How old do you have to be to bet online in the country?

The legal gambling age is 18 years old for every individual to participate in land-based and online betting activities in the Czech Republic, casinos, and lotteries.

Q: Do betting sites accept Czech koruna (CZK) deposits?

If you are into betting Czech Republic is a country with a high player demand, and luckily, many operators accept transactions in the local currency (CZK). You will find bookies that feature CZK payments in our list and you won’t have to pay conversion fees.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings from online betting in Czech Republic?

Luckily, in all sports betting sites Czech Republic accepts, no taxes are applied to your winnings whether you opt for domestic or international bookmakers.

Q: Are there any new betting sites you can recommend?

Besides the existing list of betting sites available in the Czech Republic; we always try to keep you updated with new bookmakers that offer their services to your country so that you can be sure your options are never limited.

Q: What bonuses can I find at the best betting sites Czech Republic can offer?

The number of bonuses available in the local Czech bet sites is sadly quite limited for two reasons. The Ministry of Finance imposes specific restrictions, and together with the immense taxation, they cannot antagonize international bookmakers; which offer a wide variety of reload bonuses, weekly promos and boosted odds.

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