Sportsbooks Taking Person to Person Betting Transfers

Person to person transactions started gaining popularity after 2000. More specifically, since 2006 P2P transfers became one of players' top choices for funding their offshore betting accounts. Especially Western Union and MoneyGram are regarded as the most secure and trustworthy P2P transfer methods for bettors. They allow them to bet under the radar, since they can get their funds in person without any banks being involved. Below you will find the most common P2P transfer methods and the top bookmakers that are offering them.

Best Person to Person Betting Sites (2023)

High odds and under the radar activity are some of the main perks of sportsbooks that take person to person betting transfers. Check the shortlist of those that stand out, choose the one that suits your needs and make the most of your betting activity.

Best P2P transfer methods for online betting

The first step of being able to enjoy online sports betting in complete safety, is getting accurate information about the Person 2 Person payment methods you can opt for. Most P2P operators won’t easily disclose information regarding your betting activity. The first piece of valuable information we’re giving you is that Western Union, MoneyGram, and Ria are among the most popular P2P payment options and we’re going to go into details right below.

Western Union

You can use Western Union to add funds to your online bookie account either online and via the Western Union mobile app, or at any of the numerous shops that can be found globally. A Western Union Money Order comes with fees, and you can use the WU fees calculator to get the exact charge for the amount deposited.

Funds are usually available in 30 minutes on your account and the minimum amount you can deposit is $100. Western Union betting sites come with the highest maximum amount that can be deposited in one go. The limits stay the same when using the mobile app. However, if you make repeated transfers towards Panama and Costa Rica, your transfers might get declined or even get banned as a user. With WU you can proceed with withdrawals too; however, not all sportsbooks support this option. It’s recommended to get a WU Netspend card for a smoother process. Otherwise, it can take up to 7 business days for a withdrawal to be completed.


Just like Western Union, MoneyGram is a method of sending funds directly to offshore online bookmakers without involving the bank. There are several MoneyGram sportsbooks and a transfer can be done either online (to also take advantage of the MoneyGram Plus Rewards), or in a land-based MoneyGram shop. There are fees involved that can range from $20 to $100. However, sportsbooks usually cover those fees for deposits over $300. Compared to Western Union, you can expect to see lower fees. However, the time it takes for a payout to be processed is longer.

MoneyGram gambling is fast since the amount reaches your account in as little as 10 minutes, and the limits vary depending on the bookie. However, the minimum limit usually stands at $100, while the maximum amount limit is $600. In the MG vs WU face-off for the best P2P payment option for betting, we recommend MoneyGram; as you can request withdrawals of up to $400 weekly and get your funds in 5 business days.


Even though it’s a lesser-known alternative to WU and MG with fewer agencies across the globe, it has some advantages over these two. First of all, the risks of getting banned for several transfers are lower. Also, the minimum amount deposited through Ria money transfer is usually $50; however, they may vary from one sportsbook to another. And while the limit for money transfers is also lower, sitting at $500 per transaction, it is more than enough for recreational bettors. The fees are comparable with Western Union and MoneyGram, while Ria sportsbooks don’t add any extra charge.

Player to Player

While it’s not exactly a payment method, we couldn’t close the list without person to person. Betting sites often offer the possibility for a player to transfer funds over to another account within the same sportsbook. You won’t need a dedicated person to person betting app for it. The minimum you can transfer is usually $50; however, some bookmakers allow you to transfer from $100 up. The same with fees; there should be none but that can change from one sportsbook to another. Funds are available the same day. Since we have already mentioned the most popular person to person payment options, it is also essential to see how they match up with other more widely used payments.

P2P transfers compared to other payments 

In the modern era of online gambling there are multiple payment methods to use. Depending on the bookie that you choose to deposit your funds on and your region, below you can find some alternatives to Person to Person betting sites.


paypalPayPal is one of the most famous wallets with over 300 million users. PayPal betting sites offer instant payments and eligibility to participate in any new promotion. Also, the payment is available in 25 currencies and comes with an innovative mobile app that makes deposits to your favourite bookie when you are on the road much easier. However, PayPal’s support can be slow since there is no live chat available.

Google Pay

G Pay is an online wallet powered by Google and it comes with many benefits for players.  Under the radar activity, fast and secure transactions combined with player to player transfers make it a great choice for any bettor. However, Google Pay betting sites also have some drawbacks. Withdrawal restrictions and limited availability on bookmakers could make bettors reconsider using it.


American Express is a card provider mostly used in the US, but it  also operates in more than 100 countries. AmEx comes with some significant advantages for bettors such as P2P transfers, ‘Refer a Friend’ program and a dedicated mobile app. American Express betting sites offer eligibility to claim any promotion. On the other hand, not many bookies accept it and high fees are applied to transactions.


ethereumGambling through cryptocurrencies has become a trend lately and many bookies accept them. Ethereum sportsbooks are a great solution for any bettor. Speedy and anonymous transactions, no third party involvement and higher withdrawal limits are its main perks. Like any other payment method, Ethereum has some drawbacks. High fees, Ether’s volatility and technical complexity are the main ones.

Are sportsbooks that accept person to person transfers worth it?

A final word on UnionPay bookmakers Peer to peer betting sites are a fair option for any bettor. There are multiple different methods of person to person transfers to use. Western Union and MoneyGram are the best. Under the radar activity and eligibility to claim any offer are the leading edges of P2P betting sites. Nonetheless, high fees and slow transactions are significant disadvantages. For recreational players or for those who prefer betting on offshore bookies, P2P transfers are a notable choice. However for professional bettors, we would suggest other solutions like PayPal or Skrill.

Complete list of Person to Person betting sites

Safe transactions and under the radar activity are the leading edges of P2P bookmakers. So, check below the full list of online bookies offering player to player transfers and choose the one that suits you best.

Q: Are there many bookies that accept person to person transfers?

It is a disadvantage of P2P transfers that most bookies, especially in Europe, don't accept them. Nevertheless, most offshore bookies allow deposits and withdrawals through them.

Q: Can I use my local currency through P2P transfers?

Most P2P transfer methods accept multiple currencies. Depending on the company that you will opt for, before you proceed with any deposit, you can ask if you can use your local currency to avoid any conversion fees.

Q: Are P2P transfers safe?

All these companies that you can use for person to person transfers have legal licenses from multiple authorities in order to allow you to transfer money internationally or locally. Thus, your transactions are always safe and secure.

Q: Can I withdraw when gambling on person to person betting sites?

Most of these payments allow withdrawals to players. However, sometimes it depends on your bookmaker. Several of them don’t allow withdrawals with P2P transfers and players need to find an alternative method to withdraw their winnings.

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