The number of minors gambling increased in the UK

    minors gamblingIt seems like the situation the United Kingdom has gone out of control, when it comes to minors gambling. After a research that was made by the United Kingdom Gambling Commision, the number of minors that are involved in gambling has been dangerously increased. Note that this reasearch showed that 450,000 children are gambling in England and Wales each week, while a huge number of 9 thousand children are already problem gamblers. The UKGC issued a warning as the situation seems to go off limits.

    As it was stated by the Gambling Commision “ The overall rate of gambling among 11 to 15-year-olds is around 16%, compared to 5% of youngsters in the same age range who have smoked. Moreover, 8% that drank alcohol in the last week and 6% who have taken drugs in the last month.”. In fact, while the rates at drinking alcohol, doing drugs and smoking has been declined, the percentage of children and teenagers who gamble remains at the same rates. Another important element is that most of the children use their parents’ to gamble, with or without their permission, while a 3 per cent of them uses their own money.