Betfred promotion was banned

    asabetfredBetfred begun a promotion some days ago via email, but it was not a long time before the promo was banned by the Advertising Standards Agency due to the complaints that were made by two different customers. According to their report, the email was misleading and not clear enough about the terms. The first Betfred member claimed that he took the offer but he never was granted the free bet, while the second customer claimed that he was unable to get the free bet, because the offer only applied to a player’s first bet, something that was not clear enough. Betfred proceeded to an immediate answer to this claims.

    For the first situation stated that if punters wanted to place a cumulative bet, they had to select multiple different outcomes that were unrelated. As for the second situation, the customer could not qualify for the free bet, because his first bet was of £5, and he did not met the minimum qualifying bet requirement of £10. Also, even the minimum odds criteria was not met. However the Advertising Standards Agency decided that the email was indeed misleading, since it was not clear that the offer was only applicable for their first bet and for this, ASA banned the promotion and advised the operator to include “relevant applicable significant conditions” in its future promotions.

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