Kambi expand their business

    KambiKambi seems to be in an uplifting course lately and the deal with Playcity has come to confirm what was obvious. Playcity is the online and land-based casino brand of Apuestas Internationals and the deal with Kambi is about a new sports betting service. The two sides came to an agreement and the well known software provider is going to be the exclusive supplier of sports betting services for PlayCity’s online operations and full land-based network of 17 casinos.

    Of course this deal will act as an answer to the rival software development company, Sbtech, which came to an agreement with the Spanish operator Luckia. In his statement, the Kambi CEO, Kristian Nylén, expressed his satisfaction for the deal with the Mexican operator, while this demonstrated Kambi’s ability to “translate its compelling online user experience into its retail offering for PlayCity’s casino customers with its unique over-the-counter and self-service betting terminal offering.”, as he stated exactly. Everything seems that another big sports betting provider is coming, so let’s wait and see what is going to be made…