Online gambling… rules in the UK

    ukgambThe online gambling is extra huge across the world and it couldn’t be much more different in the United Kingdom. The British people are very good at using the internet services and of course their main betting activity is coming that way. Let’s just see which are the amounts that were generated in online gambling in the UK.  Just think that between April 2015 and March 2016, online operators generated a gross gambling yield of £4.5bn. That is something more that a million pounds of gross gambling yield that was generated by the National Lottery, again something more than a billion pounds of G.G.Y that was generated by the retail betting sector (meaning the betting shops) and over 2 billion pounds of Gross Gambling Yield more than the amount that was generated by traditional casinos.

    Concerning the apportionment of the gambling yield, from the £4.5 billions that were generated by the online gambling activities, £2.6 billions came from casino games, £1.6 billions came from the betting section, £152 million from the betting exchange, £152 million from bingo and £26 million from pool betting, while the slot machines generated a huge amount of 1.8 billion pounds at the same time.

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