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Best Kahnawake Gaming Commission Sites 2024

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in 1996 and is a regulatory authority overseeing a plethora of online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks, as well as three land-based poker rooms in the Mohawk Territory. Lately, it has been a trend for new online bookmakers to apply and operate under a Kahnawake gambling license.

The license is recognised internationally and shows transparency and clarity in all its processes. However, it is not considered a Tier 1 license like the MGA or the UKGC and has a slow dispute resolution. On this page, we will examine all the best Kahnawake Gaming Commission sites and show you step-by-step instructions on how to acquire a license. Are betting sites safe and legal? How much does a license cost?

List of the Top Kahnawake Gaming Commission Sites

BMB_ListWithout further ado, we will present you with the best betting sites that have acquired a Kahnawake gambling license. We have ranked them based on their levels of safety and legality, their overall betting offering, and the number of payment options available to the cashier.

Advantages of Sites With a Kahnawake Gaming License

Electing to place your wagers with bookmakers who operate under a Kahnawake gambling license certainly has its advantages. Here are the most notable ones:

✔ Recognised internationally: Many online bookmakers with a global reach have acquired a KGC license. This gives them the ability to attract players from all over the world and all kinds of jurisdictions.

✔ Self-exclusion scheme: Players can easily block their accounts with online bookmakers. Not only that, but the licensing authority has a constantly updated list of players who have elected to self-exclude. You can find the

✔ Payment options: The cashiers in Kahnawake Gaming Commission sites contain all the necessary transaction methods for bettors, from debit and credit cards to e-wallets and multiple cryptocurrencies.

✔ Loose restrictions: Signing up and completing the KYC process is simple and straightforward. Rarely you will be asked to provide additional documents. In addition, you can place your bets immediately after registering.

Downsides of Kahnawake Gambling Sites

Of course, as with any aspect of iGaming, Kahnawake online gambling comes with some notable downsides as well. For instance:

⏩ Reputation: While all the processes and steps that aspiring operators need to follow are clear and legal, KGC has shown some signs that it is lenient in granting a license. This means that there have been incidents in the past where scam bookmakers managed to obtain a license and defraud players of their money.

⏩ Dispute resolution: Between players and operators, Kahnawake seems to prioritise the latter. If you have a complaint against a bookie holding a KGC license, chances are that you will not be able to win it. The complaint process is slow, and players usually can’t get their way.

⏩ Slow withdrawals: Even though the cashiers include all the popular transaction options, Kahnawake bookmakers have shown signs of delaying payments to winning accounts. Obviously, it is not always their fault, but, in some cases, they ask for additional documents even after the KYC has been completed.

⏩ Obtaining a license: This applies to iGaming operators that want to acquire a permit. The whole process takes over 6 months and comes with no transparency requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities

BMB_TrophyEven though the name is not too well-known among bettors, Kahnawake is one of the pioneers in regulating online betting sites. Originally, it only oversaw poker rooms in the Kahnawake territory in Canada, but since 1999, it has become the governing body of dozens of online bookmakers with a global approach.

According to the terms and conditions on the official website, iGaming operators who wish to run under a KGC license must be hosted at Mohawk Internet Technologies. This is a data centre in the same territory and is managed by Continent 8 Technologies.

The Gaming Commission’s target is to ensure player protection through transparent processes and encryption softwares that safeguards all types of payments. All betting activities that take place within the Mohawk Territory must abide by basic principles that correspond to the local and international gambling laws and regulations.

Why Do Bookies Prefer a Kahnawake Gaming License

BMB_Markets GenericFirst of all, obtaining a license is faster, so operators can have their websites up and running within a few weeks. They can also take advantage of a multitude of features and services to attract players. The cashier is very versatile, and more importantly, the license is recognised internationally. In addition, the cost of the Kahnawake gaming license is relatively low compared to other jurisdictions.

How Much Does a Kahnawake Gambling License Cost

BMB_Money_ProfitWhen it comes to taxes and fees, the territory looks like an excellent alternative for betting sites and casinos. The corporate tax is 0% and there is no hidden gaming tax. Kahnawake Gaming Commission sites must pay the following fees to the licensing authority:

Application fee (Due diligence + 1st year fee) $40,000
Control System Submission fees Depends
Key Person License application fee $5,000 (each)
Annual licensing fees $20,000
Annual Key Person permit fee $1,000
CPA renewal cost $5,000
Key Person permit renewal cost $2,500

Note that iGaming operators must follow specific rules to obtain a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Authority. Generally, there are three steps to acquiring a license.

Phase 1: The operating wishing to obtain the license starts with the application. The authority reviews it and finalises the Due Diligence for all the assets and liabilities. Then, makes the final decision and informs the application. This takes between 4-8 weeks.

Phase 2: If the initial step is successful, the operator receives a 6-month preliminary permit, which includes a contact information sheet, a KGC logo on the website, an HTML code of certificate, and a self-exclusion player list.

Phase 3: After the 6-month period expires, the authority reviews for a chance of a full certification. If it is successful, then the full CPA is issued.

Types of Licenses

It is common for gambling authorities to cover a wide range of products and services. Below, you can see all the types of licenses and permits issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission:

Interactive Gaming Licence (IGL): You can use it to supply internet services to Authorized Client Providers. However, only Mohawk Internet Technologies has elected to obtain it so far.

Client Provider Authorization (CPA): This is the regular license an aspiring iGaming operator needs. It grants the holder permission to engage in interactive gaming from the co-location facility owned by the IGL holder and other premises situated within the Territory.

Casino Software Provider Authorization (CSPA): The holder can manage gaming equipment in the IGL’s facility. The holder can also supply casino software to third parties.

Live Dealer Studio Authorization (LDSA): The holder can launch a Live Dealer Studio where live casino games are held.

Inter-Jurisdictional Authorizations (IJA): This license is granted to a company possessing an IGL from a different jurisdiction but desires to position some or all of its equipment and staff within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.

Key Person Permits: The permits allow some staff members to perform key managerial or operational functions.

Is Kahnawake Online Gambling Safe

BMB_Book SpyIf you come across a betting site holding a Kahnawake gaming license, you can rest assured that it is safe and legal to create an account and play on the website. After all, Kahnawake seems to be the future of online gambling. The relaxed restrictions, loose regulations, and diverse cashiers make it attractive to most players, especially those who prefer betting under the radar.

On the other hand, the review process is not as strict as those from the MGA and the UKGC. This means some scam sites might fall through the cracks. Finally, the dispute resolution processes must be enhanced. At least, at first sight, it does not appear that KGC values players over operators.

Q: What is the Kahnawake gambling license?

It is an international operational license that regulates online sportsbooks and casinos alongside three poker rooms in the Kahnawake territory in Canada. The authority was first established back in 1996.

Q: How can you apply for a license?

You have to visit the official website and download the forms and PDF files with instructions for the application process. Make sure to complete all the forms and send them to the licensing authority. The decision will take between 4-8 weeks.

Q: Do many bookmakers hold a Kahnawake gaming license?

Yes. Many gambling groups have elected to acquire a KGC license since it allows them to operate internationally. Among the most notable ones are Techsolutions Group N.V., which owns 20bet and 22bet, Famagousta, which owns Supacasi and 21bets, and Electraworks Ltd., which owns Bwin and Ladbrokes.

Q: How much does a Kahnawake gambling license cost?

The application fee is $40,000 and includes the Due Diligence, while the Key Person License application fee costs $5,000 per person. After that, the renewal fees depend on the products and the number of key managerial staff.

Q: How long does the license last?

After receiving a full CPA certification, the Kahnawake gambling license is issued to the iGaming provider and lasts for a total of five years. After that, it can be renewed without the need for an original application.

Q: How can I complain against a Kahnawake bookmaker?

The fastest way to do so is to visit the licensing authority directly. There is a separate section in the drop-down menu for disputes against licensees. You can write down your complaint, and KGC will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Is Kahnawake online gambling safe and legal?

Yes. Kahnawake is one of the most well-known licensing authorities that regulates several online bookmakers. Nevertheless, since the licensing process is not too strict, you should be careful when playing on independent bookies holding this license.

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