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Best BetConstruct Betting sites

The internet age has led to dramatic changes in the betting world, with more and more bookies emerging constantly. One of the primary sports betting platforms is BetConstruct. A next-generation sportsbook provider with Armenian background that offers both White Label and TurnKey solutions.

Founded in 2003, the platform comes with various features such as 75,000+ pre-match events per month, Cash Out option and special tools like Bet Builder and Edit Bet. In 2021, Bet Construct signed an agreement for the integration of Pinnacle Solution's sports betting in the sportsbooks. Some of the best bookies that operate with the BetConstruct platform are LVBet, VBet and Wallacebet.

Best BetConstruct Bookies


Right below, you can find the top-rated bookmakers that operate under a BetConstruct platform. We chose these bookies by comparing the odds, payout, available markets and reliability. You can also check each bookmaker's license, active mirror and welcome bonus.

What Are the Top BetConstruct Bookmakers Features

BMB_Handicap_LineThe BetConstruct SpringBuilder platform provides more than 120 sports to bet on with a wide range of events. There are over 75,000 pre-match and 45,000 live events. Most bookmakers, though, will only have around 60-70 available sports at any point throughout the year.

The betting markets will be considerably fewer, as well. Mostly during months with not a lot of games in major sports like football or basketball. There are also multiple types of bets available besides the traditional ones. You can bet on markets like alternative handicaps in basketball and tennis, Asians, cards and corners.

Keep in mind that the max win from a single bet is €250,000. That is higher than most of their competition. The platform takes pride in the array of accurate statistics in 15+ sports. This includes 2,300 competitions, 700 of which are football, in more than 130 countries. Τhe software is compatible with multiple channels such as WebTV, mobile, iOS and Android.

You can access it from any device and location. Some of the best features the platform offers are Edit my Acca, Super Bet, Counter-Offer, Bet Builder, Quick Bet and Book a Bet. Most of these options, though, only apply to pre-match events. You can't use the Edit Bet or Super Bet in-play.

The Bet Builder is available for live betting but mainly on the top football leagues. The Cash-Out feature might be versatile, with full, partial and auto cash-out options, but can cause some trouble. The feature is not always available and can suddenly disappear. There is also a distinctive SMS function that allows you to place a bet by sending a single SMS. 

Where do BetConstruct Mirrors Struggle

BMB_Handicap_LineLike everything in life, the Bet Construct platform does not only have positive features. The software generates numerous betting alerts. This means that cut limits and restrictions are typical in sites that use this bookmaker platform. It is also bulky and time-consuming, which can decrease the overall user experience.

One general problem worth mentioning is that the main focus of the company is not the sportsbook but the casino. This means that more gravity is given to optimizing the casino platform compared to the sportsbook. The results of this mindset can affect a player's bets.

It's not unheard of for bookies with a BetConstruct platform to cancel winning bets due to a mistake in the odds update. The software is burdensome and time-consuming compared to the competition. VBet needs around 7.3 MB to load the main page. On average bookmaker, you would need about 500 KB.

This causes problems for the match tracker. For example, if you're following a game live, the ball might be on a different side of the pitch than it appears on your screen. The bet acceptance time, especially for a live bet, is also slow compared to other providers, around 10". All these considerably decrease the user experience.

Betconstruct Bookmaker

BetConstruct Innovations: Where Do they Differ

BMB_Best IconThe competitive nature of online gambling automatically signifies the necessity to stand out within the market. For companies like Bet Construct, the question is how to discover new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors continuously. Let's see what they have to offer:


BMB_Number_OneThe BetConstruct Spring Platform contains this cutting-edge artificial intelligence tracking tool. Essentially, AJNA is a video streaming service that recognizes the occurrences of a live match and supplies the players with an advanced player tracking mode.

It is built to acknowledge possession of the ball, dangerous attacks, passes and individual player characteristics like speed. This tool conveys the information to the operators, and they decide how to act on them.


BMB_Number_TwoAs the name suggests, it's a tool to predict the outcomes of sporting events. A bookmaker can use this service to create competitions, where punters have to guess the results of a game. As a prize, the winning players receive free bets. The number of predictions you have to make, the value of the awards and how often these competitions are run all depend on the bookmakers.


BMB_Number_ThreeIt is a tool that can detect potential risky players for a bookmaker. In essence, a risk management tool. It has the power to alter the limits and delay the values of a bettor. The way it does it is through multiple filters and by analyzing the player's lifecycle.

If it detects that a punter is winning too much or using strategies like matched betting that can harm a bookie, it creates an alert. Then the operators handle the situation manually. This usually implies very low betting limits or even the closing down of an account.

Is Bet Construct Licensed and Regulated

BMB_Power IconThe igaming provider aims to establish themselves in the competitive betting market. One way they can achieve that is by obtaining multiple licenses. That way, their partners can expand in as many countries as possible.

So far, the BetConstruct Sportsbook has managed to secure two international licenses: the UKGC and the MGA (type 2 about fixed odds and live betting). They also hold various local licenses in Sweden, Romania, South Africa and France and are close to retaining licenses in Denmark and Italy.

The problem here lies with BetConstruct's policy, which is too soft. Curacao betting sites might turn to BetConstruct and use their software as a White Label. The rules that a bookie needs to follow to become a White Label are not strict. Still, BetConstruct allows too many bookmakers with a Curacao license to use the platform.

Besides, they have been regulated by multiple testing labs in many different countries. From the International Technical Alliance (worldwide), the BMM Test Labs (South Africa and Latvia), the Quinnell Lab (Malta), the GLI Lab (Spain) and the NMi Metrology & Gaming Ltd (Colombia/UK).

Bet Construct is continuously attempting to obtain more local licenses and get certified from more labs to increase the prestige of their Sportsbook.

BetConstruct Sportsbook Review

BMB_InfoTheoretically, the main dashboard of a sportsbook is easy to understand. It has three sections: dashboard, blocks and elements. The Bet Construct design is not too rich, but it has various templates so the bookies can come up with an outline that best suits their design objectives.

The range of these templates is from traditional landing pages to gaming, web stores and promo pages. In addition, there is the option to add the Pinnacle sports betting platform, as is the case with Vbet. This flexibility sounds exciting, but in reality, it can generate problems for the users.

This ability to add multiple pages can become very confusing. Bookmakers may end up having too many pages on their site. Then the navigation in the Sportsbook is at best challenging. Expert punters may think that they have a lot of options. But, to the untrained eye of a new user, it becomes chaotic.

The existence of many pages also suggests more time for the whole site to load, which can become frustrating to the user. Because of tools such as Umbrella, bookies with a BetConstruct platform can limit and close down accounts quickly. This plays a massive role in the user's experience.

Wouldn't you hate it if they shut down your account, especially only after a few winning bets? In summary, the software, even though it is sleek, it can throw off some of the traditional or inexperienced punters for various reasons.

Interested in Becoming a Bookmaker with BetConstruct

BMB_StatsBet Construct is one of the handful of sportsbook providers with an easily located price list on their website. And it's not half bad. They are incredibly diverse and flexible. Their solution is relatively simple to manage and accommodates features like Cash-Out, 24/7 support and multiple pre-games and live events.

Most bettors would easily associate them with huge brands. The BetConstruct SpringBuilder platform, as a White Label under an MGA or UKGC license, costs €54,900, with an additional €19,900 setup fee.

The revenue share for the White Label solution comes at 60% for BetConstruct and 40% for the partner. If the partner decides on a TurnKey solution, then the revenue share is 10-16% for BetConstruct and 84-90% for the partner, depending on the agreement.

All solutions include a robust API solution for gaming operators that wish to integrate the betting solutions on their website, alongside the odds feed. There is also a custom API, the Swarm API, through which it is possible to connect and get sports and game data to the frontend.

Final Thoughts About the Platform: by Book Spy

BMB_Book SpyBetConstruct is not the most renowned igaming solution, but it is a commonly used betting software platform. What I like is that some top-rated UK licensed bookmakers operate under it, and it has several exciting innovations that make it stand out.

The service, at first glance, looks compelling and sufficient to satisfy the players' needs, with many markets and betting features available. However, I believe the platform can cause some problems for the players. The loose policy means you need to be extremely careful when betting on a bookmaker with a BetConstruct platform.

Especially the ones that don't operate under their own license. The fact that it is not easy to navigate as a new player and betting limits come fast decreases the overall experience. All in all, it's a trustworthy platform but in need of improvements. To be completely honest, BetConstruct is a little overused; I would prefer a unique betting site. That's why I give them 6.5/10.

Full List of BetConstruct Mirrors

Q: Is the BetConstruct software safe and legit?

Yes. The company has acquired two international licenses, from the UKGC and the MGA. It also has multiple local licences, in South Africa, Sweden, France and Romania. Moreover, the software has been approved by several testing labs, like the International Technical Alliance, which grants worldwide certifications.

Q: How many markets does BetConstruct offer pre-game?

The platform can provide more than 75,000 pre-game markets per month. Some of the most exciting types of bets available are alternative handicaps in basketball and tennis, card bets and corner betting.

Q: On how many live events can I bet on a bookmaker with BetConstruct?

There are more than 45,000 live events you can follow and bet on in bookies with the Spring platform. There are options to live-bet on individuals to score next or alternative handicaps in various sports.

Q: What are the best tools in a Bet Construct platform?

The platform provides some convenient tools to optimize the betting experience. Some of them include: Edit Bet, Super Bet, Counter-Offer, Bet Builder, Quick Bet and Request a Bet. This gives users a lot of betting flexibility and freedom.

Q: What are some of the BetConstruct platform cons?

The software creates a lot of alerts, and then the operators handle them in-house. These alerts often result in betting limits and restrictions. In addition, the platform has the options for the bookies to create as many pages they want. If there are too many pages and drop-down menus, a new user would find it challenging to navigate.

Q: How expensive is it to buy the SpringBuilder platform?

That will depend if you want the White Label or the TurnKey solution. The White Label price tag is at €54,900 with a €19,900 set up fee. You can either choose an MGA or UKGC license. The revenue share varies depending on whether you select the White Label or the TurnKey solution.

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