Best Altenar bookmakers and Mirror sites

Before launching a sportsbook, new online bookmakers have to choose between building it in-house or using a 3rd party software provider. One of the most up-and-coming igaming providers is Altenar. Founded in 2015, and based in Malta, they offer a wide range of products from ‘software-only’ to a fully-managed sports betting platform. The Altenar sportsbooks contain many features like Quick Bet and Fast Markets and an excellent variety of betting options. You can gamble from the English Premier League to Division 1 in Saudi Arabia, and from football to niche sports such as pesapallo and futsal. The live-betting section is exciting, with more than 150 football markets to bet at any given time. Some of the best Altenar bookmakers you might have encountered are Campobet, Casiniabet, and B-bets.

Best Altenar Bookmakers 

The following shortlist contains the Altenar betting sites we have reviewed on by rating. You can also check each bookmaker's license, active mirror and welcome bonus.

What are the best features in an Altenar Sportsbook

The Altenar platform can accommodate a big selection of pre-game betting markets, especially in major sports like football and basketball. There are up to 180 betting options available. You have the possibility for alternative handicaps and player points in basketball or cards and corners in football. Sadly, even though the software provides Asian markets, in most bookies that operate under the platform, they are unavailable.

The platform has an extensive live-betting offering. You have 150+ options in many sports and leagues, including the U21/U19/U17 leagues in football. It is worth mentioning that there are no limits on how much you can win from a single bet. Nonetheless, it is not unheard of for Altenar mirror sites to put obstacles on player’s withdrawals or set the daily limit very low.

Some of the best features the platform offers are Cash-Out, Quick Bet, Super Bet, and Fast Markets. The Quick Bet is beneficial during live-betting in sports that change fast, like basketball and tennis. The Fast Markets feature can also considerably enhance the live-betting experience. You can bet on a goal, card, throw-in, free kick, or corner to occur in the next one or five minutes of a football match. One major problem here, though, is that the bet acceptance is too slow, around 9”. This means that you could easily lose a winner.

The Cash Out feature is versatile, with full and partial options available. You can use the Cash Out until late in events, notably in the injury time of football games, but not for features like the Quick Bet. Despite that, you will not find an auto Cash Out option in an Altenar sportsbook. This is a service that is offered by many of Altenar’s competitors and is a significant omission.

Where do Altenar clones fall short

The platform has a comprehensive bonus engine. It includes all the betting bonuses such as free bets and welcome offers, but the terms to make your bonus funds cashable are very strict. For example, all Cashed-Out bets do not count towards the wagering requirements, or maybe you need to roll over the amount up to ten times. Some essential tools, like Bet Builder, Edit Bet and Request a Bet are missing.

Altenar Bookmakers offer, on average, around 30,000 pre-match and 20,000 live events per month, in about 30 different sports. These numbers are not at the top of the industry standard. What is troublesome is the absence of alternative handicap bets in tennis and the overall payout. The payout is only high in football, around 96%. In other sports, like tennis, the VIG can be as high as 6-7%.

Another problem worth noting is that there is no Asian view. Altenar mostly collaborates with betting sites in Europe and South America. This means they have yet to expand in the Asian market. That is why you will not find the odds in Malay, Hong Kong, or Indo format. The software is compatible with desktop and mobile, but there are no native apps. This makes it more challenging if you wish to enter a betting site via your smartphone.

Altenar Bookmaker

What are Altenar’s innovations and visions

Altenar recently upgraded its software, introducing the more flexible Altenar 2.0. It possesses a more adaptive interface and an improved back office. This is why there are no player limits. Altenar betting sites can give players a powerful promotional engine and a more modern, and easy to understand, interface. There is an improved much tracker, which is excellent for bookies without live-streaming, and premium data feeds.

These data feeds are incredibly accurate and alert a bookie if a player uses potential harmful betting techniques. Of course, this creates problems for the average punter. Because of these alerts, your account can be limited fast, even immediately after rolling over the first deposit bonus. Unfortunately, this happens frequently in Altenar mirrors, where bettors have their account restricted to a max bet of €1 or even closed down altogether.

Is Altenar safe and legit

The software offers secure infrastructure. To take care of all payments and licensing needs of its customers, Altenar has secured two Tier 1 international licenses. One from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the other from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). They have also managed to acquire one local license from the Romanian Gambling Authority (ONJN), and are aiming to obtain more soon.

The fact that Altenar is a relatively new company and does not hold many local licenses can prove time-wasting to expand in regulated markets. The software has been audited and approved by several testing labs. More notably, in Spain and Sweden, two countries with rigorous sports betting regulations.

How is the betting experience in an Altenar Sportsbook

The platform comes with modern design both for desktop and mobile devices, but no native apps. The dark themes of the site, plus the lack of sizable promotional banners, make it easy on the eyes. The navigation is user-friendly and straight-forward. Even a new user can locate his favorite sports in one of the vertical menus. The filters can be found quickly, and there is no clutter of information like it occurs in most of the competition.

The main sportsbook pages in Altenar bookies are not time-consuming. You need around 2,5 MB to load the page on average. The problem is that all betting sites have casinos too. Before you enter the sportsbook, their main page can be a lot heavier to load, since it contains information about the casino as well.

Players can have an excellent wagering experience with betting markets, where there are multiple options, but not when it comes to sport selection since there is not a wide range available. The live-betting section is solid and easy to navigate, but the slow bet acceptance can prove frustrating. Bettors also can’t use tools like Ask Trader and Edit Bet and could have their accounts restricted fast. These can decrease the overall betting experience.

How to become a bookmaker with Altenar

Unfortunately, Altenar does not have a clear price tag on their website for the igaming solutions they provide. The reason for that is that the package will be customizable depending on their partner’s needs. The prices for just the software and the fully managed sports platform will differ. At this point, we need to mention that Altenar is flexible. They give the option for the platform to be operated as a White Label in the beginning, and then slowly relinquish control to the betting site.

A final thought about the platform by Book Spy

Book SpyAltenar is a relatively new company and does not have "giants" bookmakers as clients. Nonetheless, I like the cleanliness and innovative interface. I also enjoy the variety of markets available both pre-game and live. The platform is modern, and they have done well obtaining Tier 1 licenses.

However, the bet acceptance time is really slow, which is frustrating, and there are tools like the auto Cash-Out and the Edit Bet that I expect to have at my disposal. As a bettor, I would like to have Asian markets at hand, but that’s not the case in most Altenar bookmakers. In addition, the payout in sports other than football is smaller than the competition, and there are no available markets for alternative handicaps in tennis; all in all, I give them 6/10.

Full list of Altenar Mirrors

Q: Is Altenar licensed and regulated?

Altenar has acquired two international licenses, from the UKGC and the MGA, and a local one, the ONJN from Romania. They have also been approved by several testing labs, more importantly in Spain and Sweden and are working on obtaining more licenses and certifications.

Q: How many markets does the platform offer pre-game?

The platform contains an extensive variety of markets that can reach the 150 mark, but only around 30 sports on average. Altenar bookmakers give you the option to combine bets like ‘a team’s clean sheet’ and ‘both halves over-under’ from the same game. You don’t have that possibility in most online bookies.

Q: How many live events are available in an Altenar sportsbook?

On average, the Altenar bookmakers will have approximately 20,000 live events per month for you to bet. This number is considerably lower than the competition. However, you will have more than 150 markets available to live bet, like ‘alternative handicaps’ in basketball and ‘a team to win the rest of the game’ in football.

Q: What are the best features in an Altenar mirror site?

To maximise the betting experience, the platform offers a variety of features. Players can use tools like Cash-Out, Quick Bet, Super Bet and Fast Markets. What you need to be careful of, though, is that the bet acceptance is slow, so you need to make decisions fast, especially during live-betting.

Q: What are some areas the Altenar software could improve?

Some of the features available could use some improvement. For example, even though there is a partial and full Cash-Out option, there is no auto Cash-Out in Altenar bookmakers. Besides, there are some tools like Ask Trader and Edit Bet that are missing.

Q: How expensive is it to buy the Altenar platform?

There is no clear price on the main Altenar website. The reason is that any deal with Altenar will be customised on the partner’s needs. Altenar offers solutions from software-only to a fully managed sportsbook platform. You also have the option to operate as a White Label at first, and then take over when everything is set.

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