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Zimpler is an innovative full-stack payment method that was founded in Sweden in 2012. The company’s former name was Pugglepay, and nowadays, under the new brand name, it operates in 7 European countries. It is mainly used for betting in Sweden and Finland. The payment provides access to instant banking and you can use your card or your banking account to fund it. Zimpler bookmakers allow quick and safe transactions and the possibility to bet in your local currency.

The company has over 400,000 active users. High-security standards and close to zero fees are the main perks. In the following Zimpler review, you will have the opportunity to deeper understand how to bet using Zimpler and learn all its essential aspects, such as:

  • An up-to-date (2023) list of Zimpler betting sites
  • How to use it when betting online
  • All the pros and cons

Best Zimpler Betting Sites (2023)

Instant deposits and low to zero fees are some of their main benefits when using Zimpler for your betting activity. Υou can check the top-rated betting sites that accept Zimpler in our list. So, go ahead and choose your favourite bookie.

Why should you bet on a Zimpler bookmaker

Any bettor has multiple reasons to choose to bet with Zimpler. Instant deposits, secure and fast transactions and low fees are the leading edges of betting on Zimpler bookmakers.

Instant deposits: The most significant advantage of the payment is that deposits take place almost immediately. It is essential for bettors who want to wager on live events to have their funds available in no time.

No need to create an account: The first time you pay with Zimpler, you need to connect your card and fill in your phone number to receive a verification code. After that, the system remembers you and no need to create an account. It could be considered an essential advantage for many bettors that it is not necessary to create an account and memorize new passwords.

Three different ways to deposit: Credit/debit cards, Bank transfer or pay by phone bill are the three ways you can use to deposit to your Zimpler betting sites. You need to add your card to your Zimpler account and fill in all the details. If you use bank transfer, you need to confirm your identity with BankID. Finally, when paying by bill, you need to provide your phone number and the amount will be added to your phone bill at the end of the month.

Connected with Swish and Paylevo: Exclusively for Swedish bettors, apart from credit/debit cards, bank accounts, or pay by bill, they can also connect their Zimpler account with two other local payments; namely, Swish and Paylevo.

Free to use: There is no application to download and there is no cost to use the Zimpler services. Furthermore, there are no fees or charges applied to your Zimpler account to keep it active.

Low to zero fees: Zimpler bookies will not charge any fees on your transactions. Although if you pay by phone bill and do not complete your payment within 14 days, this will cost you some extra fees. Also, your bank may charge you a fee when using your bank account to deposit.

High-security levels: Your transactions are always encrypted, and the FSA (Financial Supervisory Authority) ensures their safety. Moreover, before you proceed, you will receive a verification code through an SMS.

Drawbacks of Zimpler sports betting

Like every other payment option, Zimpler comes with drawbacks. Withdrawal restrictions, limited availability in bookies and not allowing player to player transfers are some of the main ones.

❌ Doesn’t operate in many countries: Zimpler can be considered a new payment method for online gambling. Currently, only bettors from Sweden, Finland and Germany can use it.

❌ Limited bookies accept Zimpler: It is a fast-growing payment method for online gambling. At this time, it is not available on many bookies. While the company expands to other countries, more bookmakers are expected to accept transactions with Zimpler.

❌ Withdrawal restrictions: Typically, you can proceed with a payout when you bet on Zimpler bookmakers. However, some bookies don’t allow withdrawals and bettors need to find an alternative payment method to withdraw their winnings.

❌ Not every card and bank is accepted: Despite the fact that you can use your credit/debit card or your bank account to fund your betting account through Zimpler, not all of them are accepted. Visa and Mastercard can be used as well as SEB, Swedbank, ICA bank, Nordea, Handelsbanken, Skandiabanken and Länsförsökringar which are among the banks that cooperate with the payment.

❌ No P2P transfers: When gambling with Zimpler, you cannot send an amount to a friend. For the time being, you can use the service only to pay to different merchants, including bookmakers.

❌ No cryptocurrency accepted: You can not use your crypto coins to fund your Zimpler sportsbooks. More and more payment methods accept deposits through cryptocurrencies and the fact that Zimpler doesn’t is a drawback.

Since we have spot-up all the pros and cons regarding Zimpler it is essential to see why it is safe and legal to bet with Zimpler and how to proceed with your transactions on bookies. 

Is Zimpler betting legal and safe?

Is Skrill Secure and Safe in IndiaZimpler is a Swedish company and was founded in 2012. Its headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden and the parent company is Zimpler AB. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) has licensed the company, while Zimpler also holds a license (Directive (EU) 2015/2366 on payment services PSD2) to operate in the ESS/EU area. Gambling on Zimpler betting sites is totally safe. The payment doesn’t share any information with a third party and uses the SSL Protocol to protect players’ data. Before proceeding with any transaction, a verification code will be sent to the user through an SMS to his registered phone number.

How to deposit on Zimpler bookmakers

Betting with Zimpler is a straightforward procedure. To deposit quickly, you have to follow the upcoming steps:

  1. Log in to your favorite bookmaker
  2. Go to the deposit option
  3. Choose Zimpler as your payment method
  4. Enter your mobile phone number
  5. You will receive a verification code through an SMS
  6. Choose the way you wish to pay (bank, card, or phone bill)
  7. Confirm the payment

The amount will be available in your Zimpler bookmaker account. You need to remember that fees will apply to your deposit amount if you don’t pay the invoice within 14 days when you choose to pay by phone bill. Moreover, your bank may charge you fees when using your bank account to deposit.

Can I withdraw from Zimpler gambling sites?

betting types on politicsOnce again, it is pretty easy to proceed with a withdrawal. Bettors need to enter their betting account, select the withdrawal option and choose Zimpler. However, the funds will be transferred to your bank account through Zimpler bankID. Fees remain at zero and the procedure will  complete up to 1 business day. Some Zimpler sportsbooks don’t allow withdrawals. In this case, players have to find an alternative to withdraw their winnings. The best options are wallets like Skrill or Neteller.

Does Zimpler come with fees or limits

Zimpler will not charge you any fees on your transactions. Also, Zimpler bookmakers will not charge an amount on your deposits or your withdrawals. However, as we have mentioned, some bookies don’t allow withdrawals; in this case, bettors need to find an alternative payment method and may be charged extra fees. Moreover, when a bettor chooses to pay by phone bill needs to pay the invoice within 14 days to avoid paying additional fees.

Regarding limits, in most cases, the minimum amount you can deposit is €10 and it’s the same as the minimum withdrawal. Max limits vary depending on the bookie you choose, but generally, the limit is between €1,000 and €5,000.

Zimpler Sweden

As a Swedish product, Zimpler is really popular across the country. Along with Klarna and Trustly, Zimpler is one of the top choices for locals and many merchants accept deposits through it. Lately, the payment has become popular for use when betting online. Sweden has the most bookmakers that accept Zimpler and more and more bettors are using it.

Zimpler Finland

Finland TrustlyThe payment has started operating lately in Finland. One of the biggest banks in the country, Nordea, cooperates with Zimpler and allows users to fund their account through their banking account; making Zimpler even more popular. The whole identification procedure to use easily the payment empowered by TUPAS.It is a digital authentication method authorized by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. At the same time, many online merchants accept it.

Zimpler Germany

The payment started operating in Germany too in 2021. For now, it can be hard to find Zimpler bookmakers in the county, but their number is increasing day by day. Moreover, the company estimate that they will succeed 97% bank coverage in the country soon. It is an advantage of the payment that it allows players to use their local currency and avoid any conversion fees.

Other payments compared to Zimpler

Even though Zimpler is a noteworthy option for bettors, it is always essential to have an alternative. So, you can see how it matches up to other payment options below.

Zimpler vs  Boku

bokuWhen we talk about Boku, we discuss a payment method that gives the possibility to players to fund their betting account using only their mobile phone credit. Quick deposits, betting in your local currency and zero fees are its main perks. On the other hand, no withdrawal option, low deposit limits even for regular players and the fact that players may struggle to find Boku bookmakers are some of the most significant shortcomings.

Zimpler vs Neosurf

Neosurf is a pre-paid voucher that appeared in 2004 and currently operates in more than 40 countries. There are almost 150.000 different locations where bettors can obtain a voucher. The payment’s main assets are an easy-to-handle mobile app, instant deposits, and player-to-player transactions. However, betting on Neosurf betting sites also has some drawbacks. Withdrawal restrictions, inactivity fees and low deposit limits are some of them.

Zimpler vs Trustly

trustlyTrustly is a Swedish-branded online open bank payment and was launched in 2008. It allows player-to-player transfers and allows bettors to choose between multiple different currencies. Speedy transactions and low to zero fees are some of its main features. However, not being available in many countries and the fact that players can only fund Trustly bookmakers through a bank account; are notable disadvantages.

Is it worth it betting with  Zimpler

Payoneer spyZimpler is a new entry in online gambling despite operating since 2012. Some of its top advantages are the low fees and the welcome bonus eligibility in most bookies. However, it still operates only in 3 countries for online betting and some Zimpler bookmakers may not allow withdrawals.

To sum up, Zimpler is a suitable payment option for regular bettors. However, it does not allow play to player transactions and not many banks and card providers cooperate with the payment are significant drawbacks. On the other hand, instant and secure deposits, low to zero fees and allowing betting in your local currency make Zimpler a notable choice. Since some bookies don’t allow withdrawal, I would recommend other payment options like Skrill or PayPal for professional and demanding gamblers.

Complete list of Zimpler betting sites

Fast deposits and low fees are the leading edges of Zimpler gambling sites. So, check below the full list and choose the one that suits you best.

Q: Can I use Zimpler in my country?

Currently, Zimpler services are available in Sweden, Finland and Germany for online betting. However, you can also use the service in the Netherlands and Estonia. Moreover, in Latvia and Lithuania, users can only use it for withdrawals.

Q: Does Zimpler charge any fees?

Zimpler will not charge you any fees on your transactions. Nevertheless, if bettors deposit by phone bill and don’t complete the payment within 14 days, they will be charged some fees.

Q: Can I use my crypto wallet to fund Zimpler?

No, you can not use the cryptocurrencies you have on your crypto wallet or on a crypto exchange to fund your betting account through Zimpler.

Q: Does Zimpler have customer support?

When you are unsure how Zimpler works, you can check the FAQ page on its official site. If you have any other questions, you can simply drop an email to customer support.

Q: Does Zimpler allow withdrawals?

Generally speaking, Zimpler betting sites allow players to withdraw their winnings without fees. Nonetheless, some of them may not allow withdrawals; so, bettors have to find an alternative.

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