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Best Dogecoin Betting Sites

Dogecoin is one of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies, mostly thanks to its name, inspired by the popular 2013 Doge meme. Dogecoin betting sites have historically been a part of the iGaming industry, and despite the controversies behind the project, DOGE is still considered a gambling-friendly cryptocurrency.

While not as respected as other coins in the crypto space, it is still based on proven blockchain technology guaranteeing its safety. You can exchange it with traditional currencies (Fiat) in all crypto exchanges, and is accepted by the majority of crypto-friendly bookies. Its anonymous nature and lightning-fast transaction speed are also important factors to consider.

Top Rated Dogecoin Sports Betting Sites for 2024

BMB_Best IconThere are plenty of Dogecoin Betting Sites to choose from, but be aware that different scams are popping up, taking advantage of the coin's popularity. We have selected the best brands that allow you to gamble Dogecoin safely. Apart from reliability, our selections offer outstanding payout speed, low transaction fees and limited KYC requirements.

Why Opt for a Dogecoin Gambling Site

BMB_Power IconA common question is why to choose Dogecoin for your betting transactions. The main argument is that you can find a variety of more ‘serious’ cryptocurrencies around, as well as established traditional currency methods.

To answer that, as far as transaction speed and safety are concerned, Dogecoin not only keeps up with all the other competitors, but offers extremely low fees too. There are also two kinds of Dogecoin sportsbooks.

Most bookies convert your Doge deposit into a traditional currency, but there are some that allow you to retain your account’s currency in Doge. This offers flexibility that can be taken advantage of. Of course, apart from its perks, Doge comes with some drawbacks that may disrupt your activity if you decide to try Dogecoin gambling.

Benefits of Dogecoin Betting

BMB_Approve_HandDespite its design as a meme cryptocurrency, betting with Dogecoin brings to the table a few strong points that a bettor needs to take into consideration. Speed of transaction and safety are welcomed perks for sure, but the strongest point Doge relies on is its fees. Last but not least, as in most cryptocurrencies, you will enjoy increased privacy in your transactions.

✔ Fast Deposits & Withdrawals

Dogecoin boasts transactions with an average completion time of 1 minute, while still maintaining its decentralized nature. This blows out of the water many competitors and gives an advantage to Dogecoin sports betting.

✔ No Failed Deposits

There is no possible way to decline Doge funds transfers. Your deposit is guaranteed to appear in the Dogecoin sportsbook within a minute, without the dreadful fear of having to contact support amidst your betting activity.

✔ Anonymous Betting

Most bettors despise their transactions for gambling purposes being tracked and heavily regulated. Dogecoin betting eliminates this, as Doge transactions are anonymous and hard to get linked to your name. This is enhanced by the fact that many Doge Bookmakers do not require a KYC process.

✔ Low transaction fees

The standard fee is exactly 1 Doge. The coin’s value used to be at a very low level, making transactions almost free. The recent price surge eliminated the almost free characteristic, but the fee level is still lower than most competitors.

✔ No Third Party

When you proceed to a deposit or a withdrawal to a Dogecoin betting site, the transaction is strictly between you and the operator, processed securely by the decentralized Doge blockchain. You do not have to worry about any blocked funds due to technical issues or security audits.

✔ Participation in the current trend

While not important for efficient betting per se, using Doge for your gambling helps the spread of cryptocurrency institutional adoption. This may possibly lead to a rise of crypto-friendly bookies, bringing forth more available selections, offers and transaction flexibility.

Downsides of Dogecoin Gambling

BMB_Thumbs DownIt's not all fun and games. Despite its benefits, Dogecoin ownership and usage brings with it quite a few shortcomings that increase the risk of your betting bankroll. You should be mainly aware of the coin's extreme price movements in comparison to most other cryptocurrencies. Check the facts below so you do not get caught with your pants down while Doge betting.

❌ High level of volatility

Dogecoin's major price surges were in April and May 2021. Currently, it's back to more earthly levels. However, be aware that this coin is prone to both positive and negative market movements, therefore, take all necessary precautions if you keep a large DOGE bankroll.

❌ Inflationary coin

Contrary to most other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin has an inflationary supply, meaning that the number of coins in existence will continue to increase. While this is good for its usage as a currency, it will also depreciate the value of your Doge capital in the long term. This makes amounts held in Doge an exceptionally risky liability if you factor in cryptocurrency’s already high volatility.

❌ Limited number of Dogecoin Sportsbooks

Yes, it might be a popular crypto choice for online gambling but it is nowhere near Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you choose to gamble with Dogecoin you will have a limited number of betting markets available compared to other transaction methods.

❌ Offshore Licencing of Doge Bookmakers

A constant thorn in the side of players that prefer crypto-friendly bookies is their reliability due to offshore licensing. That is not different for Dogecoin Bookmakers. There have been many shady events, so we recommend using the crypto bookmakers that we have reviewed.

Other ways to bet Doge with

If you are intrigued by Doge, it is good to know that Dogecoin gambling is not limited to sports betting. This coin offers a wide choice of alternatives to please your gambling needs. ‘Much Gambling, Such enjoyment’.

  • Casinos. Most crypto-friendly casinos allow you to gamble with your favorite meme coin.
  • Blackjack. If you prefer card games over slots, there are plenty of Doge blackjack tables at your disposal.
  • Poker. For the more tactical players, Doge offers the live poker experience too.
  • Dice. The simplest, yet one of the most exciting forms of gambling. It surely can not be missing from Dogecoin’s gambling options.
  • Skill Games. Classic games such as minesweeper and rock-paper-scissors are available too for Dogecoin owners.

Dogecoin Betting - What to Keep in Mind

BMB_Question MarkDogecoin’s story is quite unique in the crypto world. Due to its special characteristics, it is imperative to learn a bit more about its origins and latest developments before commencing your Dogecoin betting.

In any case, be aware that each article is already old in the crypto space the moment it gets published. This industry is constantly evolving and every day brings forth something new. Keep yourself informed.

Doge’s creation and current situation

BMB_InfoIt is early 2013 and the internet meme scene is thriving. One of the most popular memes of that specific time period was Doge, a funny photo of a cute Shiba Inu dog. As the name ‘Doge’ is a distortion of the word dog, the memes mainly consist of Doge’s comedically altered monologues in different situations.

Some months later, Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus developed Dogecoin as a joke cryptocurrency, mocking the wild crypto speculation that had spiked then. Despite being a meme coin, the technology behind it is sound, as the creators based it on Litecoin.

No one could believe then that a joke cryptocurrency, used mainly for online donations and pranks would be now a top 10 coin in market capitalization. It towers over crypto projects that have a huge technological advantage and a variety of use-cases.

Apart from the 2021 cryptocurrency bull market, the individual mainly responsible for this price surge is Elon Musk, one of the top entrepreneurs of the 21st century to this day. He fully endorsed Dogecoin publicly, firing up one of the most controversial developments of the crypto world.

Buyers scrambled to acquire Doge, boosting the coin’s price from 0,05$ to 0,72$ at its peak. While Dogecoin is currently not actively developed, it holds a huge enthusiastic community that supports it for fun, memes and speculation.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin, King and Jester

BMB_CryptoOne can only compare these two cryptocurrencies for a potential short-term investment, as they are held to completely different standards. Bitcoin is considered digital gold due to its popularity and scarcity, while Doge is still a meme-coin. You can argue that Dogecoin is better suited for transactions, but there are far better cryptos out there for this function.

Kickstart your Dogecoin Gambling

BMB_FeesThirsty to bet with Doge? As with all cryptocurrencies, you first have to set up a wallet and buy them from an exchange but don’t fret, we are here to guide you through. Once completed the first time, it will be as easy as handling your bank accounts.

How to Acquire and Deposit Doge in a Sportsbook

BMB_Deposit MethodLet's start with the basics. Open an account in a crypto exchange. There are many available candidates, but we suggest FTX, Kraken and Binance as they are the most reputable ones. You can then buy Dogecoin via debit card, bank transfer, or other e-wallet services.

Transfer your newly acquired Doge in a personal wallet. This step is important, as there have been instances where exchanges banned accounts that dealt directly with gambling sites. As for the choice of your personal wallet, there are online ones, desktop and mobile options, as well as offline wallets too.

We recommend researching carefully the matter as it is a personal choice to make and there are no optimal solutions. Now for the final step. You will have to click on the bookie’s deposit button and select Dogecoin as a payment method. A complex combination of characters will appear.

That’s the bookie’s Doge wallet address. Send the desired amount from your wallet to that address. It will be easy as crypto wallets nowadays have user-friendly interfaces. Of course, double-check if the address is correct because the transactions are non-reversible.

Of course, if you make your initial deposit using Dogecoin, you will be eligible for the Welcome Offer that bookies provide to new players. Underneath, you can find details for two of the most lucrative crypto sportsbook Sign-up Bonuses:

Stake Deposit Bonus

Jackbit Promo Codes

How to Withdraw your Funds from a Doge Betting Site

BMB_Withdrawal MethodYou had your big win. That’s fantastic. To withdraw the precious winnings, you will have to select Dogecoin as the method in the withdrawal tab of your bookie. Remember to send the funds to your personal wallet address and not directly to your exchange. You will avoid possible future unpleasant surprises this way.

To complete the circle, you will need to transfer your Doge winnings from your wallet to an exchange to cash them out or to buy another cryptocurrency. Log in to your wallet and send the amount to your exchange’s account address. Voilà, you can now enjoy all the possibilities of the crypto world.

Can Dogecoin gambling be trusted

BMB_SecurityAs far as doge transactions are concerned, yes, they are completely safe. Dogecoin uses a proof-of-work algorithm to validate transactions in its network, meaning that the process is decentralized, anonymous and fair.

The technology is based on Litecoin’s Scrypt algorithm. All data is available in Doge’s blockchain providing transparency. Its price, however, is at the moment highly volatile and no one can really predict the future value.

Having a part of your betting bankroll in Dogecoin leaves open the possibility to find it at a third of its value from the last time you checked your crypto wallet. Of course, the opposite can also happen, so you may look at it as double gambling if you are willing to take the risk.

☝ The legality of Dogecoin gambling

Cryptocurrencies in general are not restricted as means of exchange anywhere. If you are legally able to gamble online with your FIAT money you will be able to do the same with Doge. The difference lies in possible winnings taxation, as transactions processed via cryptocurrencies are not regulated.

Consider your winnings from a Dogecoin gambling site invisible to the fiscal authorities, unless your wallet address gets linked with your name. We do not endorse proceeding to illegal actions as there is always the risk of KYC documents getting asked from bookies or crypto exchanges.

☝ New Doge Gambling Sites to look for

‘Wow, Such new, much betting’. Dogecoin still maintains its status as a popular gambling currency and emerging Doge-friendly bookies offer amazing products in order to attract new players. Check out the bookies below if you are a fan of fast transactions, top welcome bonuses and limited geographical restrictions.

So, should I bet with Dogecoin or Doge it

BMB_Book SpyCryptocurrencies are undoubtedly a useful tool for bettors that seek to overcome the increasing regulations in the online gambling industry, as well as staying under the radar.  They allow for fast transactions and anonymity, two key advantages.

However, the high volatility of the crypto world is a double-edged sword, that makes effective bankroll management difficult to handle and may take away a part of the fun in betting. I believe that there is no reason to amplify any turbulent variables while betting, and Dogecoin is exactly this at the moment, an unpredictable variable.

It also provides no significant advantage compared to most other cryptocurrencies. Despite this, it remains a legitimate option. Dogecoin betting offers several benefits compared to traditional banking methods, allowing for fast transactions and increased privacy.

As with everything in crypto, do your research and evaluate the risks. If you play your cards correctly, this joke coin can bring you serious profits from crypto gambling.

Q: What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was developed in late 2013 as a joke. It was inspired by ‘Doge’, a popular 2013 internet meme. It is powered by an open-source, peer-to-peer blockchain technology, based on the popular alt-coin Litecoin.

Q: Is Dogecoin anonymous?

Yes, transactions between wallet addresses in the Dogecoin blockchain are anonymous. However, the data in the network is transparent and visible to anybody. If your wallet address gets linked with your ID all your transactions can be traced.

Q: What is the difference between Dogecoin & Bitcoin?

While both Dogecoin and Bitcoin were designed as online currencies, they are quite different. First of all, Dogecoin is inflationary while Bitcoin is deflationary, meaning that there will be an unlimited amount of Doges compared to limited Bitcoins. Also, they use different technologies behind their proof-of-work algorithms used to validate transactions. Most importantly Bitcoin is regarded as digital gold and a store of value, while Doge is just a fun meme coin.

Q: Is Dogecoin legit or a scam?

Dogecoin is a completely legitimate cryptocurrency. While not being actively developed now, the technology behind it is sound. Currently, its value is experiencing heavy price swings due to market manipulation, the huge community behind it and its lord and savior Elon Musk who has fully endorsed it as a currency. Be very careful and do your research before getting involved.

Q: Is Dogecoin a joke?

Yes and no. What started as a joke digital currency reflecting the alt-coin surge of the early 2010s became one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies. It still maintains its meme status though.

Q: Is Dogecoin gambling legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal. You can use it as any other currency if you are allowed to gamble online in your country. In any case, keep yourself up to date with the latest developments as regulations may always show up.

Q: Can I trust a Dogecoin Gambling Site?

There are many reliable bookies that accept Dogecoin for transactions, as well as many shady ones. Check our selections above to get informed about approved betting sites in which you can safely bet with Doge.

Q: How do I buy Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is available in all reputable exchanges. You can exchange it with almost all traditional currencies, as well as a variety of other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, most crypto-friendly bookies accept it, so it is very easy to bet with Doge.

Q: Can I buy Dogecoin with my mobile phone?

Of course. You may access almost all exchanges via the browser of your mobile phone. Also, most of them offer a dedicated app, which we suggest if you are going to trade via your phone.

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