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Jeton or Jeton Wallet is a new online payment method found in 2016 in London and is currently available in over 200 countries. The historical fact is that the name Jeton comes from a European word for tokens that were used as currency in the 13th Century. Under-the-radar activity, fast transactions and an easy-to-handle mobile app are some of the main assets that make Jeton bookmakers a considerable choice for any bettor.

From September 2020, Jeton is the official wallet partner of West Ham United. With over 548.000 active users, it’s growing rapidly and it has become popular in India, Japan and New Zealand. The fact that it has a virtual prepaid card allows players to use their funds more quickly. Betting with Jeton offers safety, low fees and eligibility to claim a welcome bonus. The possibility of depositing with over 50 currencies and multiple cryptocurrencies is another crucial fact when using the method. In the following Jeton Wallet review, you will be able to take a deeper look into every aspect of gambling with it, such as:

ᐉ An up-to-date (2023) list of Jeton bookmakers

ᐉ A detailed guide about how to use Jeton

ᐉ All the pros and cons

Best Jeton Betting Sites (2023)

Despite the fact that there are not many Jeton betting sites, we have listed the top-rated ones. These bookies have been tested for reliability, low fees and high odds offered. Go ahead and pick your preferred one.

Why should you bet on a Jeton bookmaker

Betting with Jeton provides numerous benefits that any player would consider notable. The most significant perks are the following:

✔ Safe and Secure: Gambling with Jeton is safe since it is operated by Urus London Limited, authorized by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Also, the two-step verification procedure increases the level of security for every transaction.

✔ Multiple payment options to fund your account: Gamblers have many ways to deposit to their account. Deposit options are Bank transfer, Debit or Credit card, cryptocurrencies and other local payment methods depending on bettor's region.

✔ Under-the-radar activity: Players betting activity remains hidden from the local authorities when you deposit or withdraw money to Jeton bookmakers.

✔ Operates in over 200 countries & 50 currencies: Even though we are talking about a new payment method, it already operates in many countries. Another fact is that it accepts over 50 currencies (EUR, USD, INR etc.), allowing players to use local currency and avoid any transaction fees.

✔ Accepts deposits with cryptocurrencies: In the new era of online payment, it is essential that Jeton accepts deposits through many cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ripple (XRP) are among them.

✔ 24/7 customer support available: It is a key fact for a gambler to know that it is easy to find answers to any query. The customer support operates through live chat or email and at the same time is available in many languages like English, Russian and German.

✔ Player to player transfers: When two players have an account, they can send an amount from one to another. The procedure is easy and a user needs to provide the other users’ UserID number, select the amount and proceed with the transaction.

✔ Jeton virtual card: A virtual prepaid card allows account holders to use their funds efficiently. There are many cards with fixed amounts from €10 up to €250 (or currency equivalent).

✔ Jeton Wallet App: A free and user-friendly mobile app, allows you to use your account on the go. You have the eligibility to bet on your Jeton gambling sites when you are on the road and proceed with speedy transactions. You can download it from Android or iOS devices.

Drawbacks of betting with Jeton

Gambling with Jeton also comes with some disadvantages like any other payment method. For example, withdrawal limitations and low acceptances by betting sites can make it unattractive to many players.

❌ Not widely accepted by bookmakers: Jeton is a fast-growing payment method, but it is hard to find Jeton bookmakers for now. However, in India, it is already a trend and most bookies accept it.

❌ Limits on cryptocurrency transactions: You can deposit or exchange multiple cryptocurrencies. However, it is a significant downside that you can only withdraw with Bitcoin.

❌ A slow verification process: To use all wallet services, you need to have completed the full KYC procedure. Most of the time, the process is really slow and can take up to a week to complete.

❌ Maximum balance in card at €250: Any account holder can possess and use a virtual prepaid card. However, the maximum amount of the card is €250. This limit is very low and restricts the use of the card.

❌ No plastic Jeton card: Even though a virtual card is an option, the lack of a plastic card is an issue. A bettor can not proceed with any withdrawal from an ATM or make a payment with a physical presence.

❌ Transactions fees: A noteworthy downside of Jeton is that after the 5th transaction to another account in the same month, there are 2,50% fees. As of the 6th transaction, these fees apply to every transaction independently of the amount a user sends.

Is gambling with Jeton legal and safe?

Jeton is a secure banking method and belongs to Urus London Limited. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. Regarding the question of whether the Jeton wallet is safe or not, the answer is clear. The company is PCI-DSS level 1 certified and the two-step verification ensures the safety of your account. To process a transaction, an SMS needs to be sent to your registered phone number. A user can also set a Touch ID verification as necessary to enter the account.

How to Create your Jeton Account

You may be wondering about how to create a Jeton account. The procedure of creating your account is pretty simple when you follow the next steps:

  • Visit the Jeton website and click on the ‘sign up’
  • Fill in the registration form and enter your personal details such as name, address, email address
  • Create your username and your unique password
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click on the Sign-Up button
  • You will have to verify your email address & phone number. This will be done by entering the special codes sent to both these methods
  • When you confirm your account, you will log in using your new password and username

You will need to upload an ID, a passport or your driver’s license, and then an address proof regarding the verification process. When your documents are approved, you can make a personal account per user.

How to deposit with Jeton

Funding your favorite Jeton bookmakers is once again really quick and easy. It will not take a lot of time since the procedure is straightforward and effortless:

  1. Log into your betting site account
  2. Click on the deposit option
  3. Choose Jeton as your payment method
  4. You will be redirected to your Jeton account
  5. Enter your account information and select the amount you want to deposit
  6. As the last step, a verification pop-up screen will appear and you have to confirm your Deposit

You have to complete the code you will receive through SMS on your phone number. The amount will be available to your account almost immediately.

Can I withdraw from Jeton gambling sites

When talking about withdrawals, the procedure is easy and may take from 12 up to 24 hours, depending on your bookie. Betting with Jeton allows you easy withdrawals in a few steps.

  • Visit your preferable bookmaker
  • Go to withdraw option and choose Jeton
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw
  • You will receive an SMS with a code; fill in the code to confirm the transaction

Fees and limits

payoneer feesWhen you deposit or withdraw an amount from Jeton bookmakers, there are no fees. However, depositing to your account with local payment methods has up to 2.50% fees depending on your region. All the other deposit methods have no charges. As for withdrawals, you can send money to your bank account with a 2% fee and for free to another account holder until the limit of 5 transactions. After that, 2.5% fees apply per transaction. The minimum amount that you can deposit is €10 and the maximum is €10.000. For withdrawals, the minimum amount is €10 and the maximum is €2.000 or currency equivalent. You need to keep in mind that the exact fees for any currency may change depending on the available option in your region.

Supported and restricted Countries

At the moment, Jeton operates in more than 200 countries. Despite that, like any other payment method, it offers limited or no services to the following countries and territories:

In the Czech Republic and South Africa users can deposit funds, but they can not proceed with a withdrawal.

In Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran (the Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of), Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan (the), The Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen, the service is not available at all.

Betting with Jeton in India

Jeton is considered a new online payment method. Although it becomes popular among the Indian bettors and most Indian bookmakers accept it and provide the eligibility to claim a welcome bonus when you deposit through it. The gambling legislation remains complicated in India and it is still a mix of federal and local laws. Betting with Jeton in India is legal and safe and the fact that Indian Rupees are accepted as currency is a significant advantage for local players. It is possible to fund your account through local payments and cryptocurrencies, and at the same time, keep your betting activity hidden by the government.

Jeton compared to other methods

Even though we are talking about an upcoming payment method and a good choice for players, it is not yet widely accepted by bookmakers. For this reason, it is always good to have a look at other payment options.

Jeton vs Skrill

skrillSkrill is one of the most famous wallets among gamblers. Founded in 2001 in London and a member of the Paysafe Group since 2015 and partnered with AC Milan from May 2020, Skrill is a top choice for players. Widely accepted by bookies, almost instant transactions, low fees, top security levels and a free mobile app are among the advantages Skrill has. On the other hand, most Skrill bookies don’t offer eligibility for a welcome bonus when Jeton betting sites do.

Jeton vs Neteller

netellerNeteller is another member of Paysafe Group and also a popular wallet. It is hard to find a bookie that doesn’t accept it. As a payment method that offers fast transactions, multiple currencies acceptance, many ways to fund your account are some of the benefits when using it. However, a major drawback is that it comes with high fees from 1.90% up to 7% when depositing your account, depending on your payment method and at the same time Neteller bookies don't offer the possibility to claim a welcome bonus or any other offer. Funding your Jeton Wallet account is mainly for free except the local payment method, which depends on the region and it could be up to 2.50%.

Jeton vs Paysafe

paysafePaysafe is probably the most popular way to bet online. Founded in 2000 in Austria and with universal acceptance, Paysafe betting sites are considered a substantial choice for any bettor. Offering multiple currencies, welcome bonus eligibility and an easy-to-use free mobile app are the most significant advantages. On the other hand, daily transaction limits and fees on your balance after the 7th month to keep your account active could be considered downsides.

Final word on Jeton by Book Spy

How to find the best value in Euro 2020 betting offersJeton is a new entry into the betting world. Some of its most significant advantages are that it allows players speedy transactions, an under-the-radar betting activity and player-to-player transfers. However, it is still hard to find many Jeton bookmakers even though it operates in over 200 countries. A slow process to verify your account is also a noteworthy drawback. Moreover, the fact that it doesn’t provide plastic cards and that the virtual one has a low limit of €250.

To sum up, Jeton is a payment method that doesn’t cover the needs of demanding players. Fast and safe transactions, the possibility to fund your account in numerous ways and low fees make Jeton a considerable choice. However, limited availability to bookmakers and the fact that you can deposit with many cryptocurrencies but only withdraw in Bitcoin are significant drawbacks. Such. Jeton may improve in the future, but for the time being, I would recommend other payment methods, such as Paysafe or Skrill, to make the most of your betting activity.

Complete list of Jeton bookmakers

Choose your favorite Jeton bookmakers from the list below and make the most of your Jeton deposit.

Q: What is Jeton Go?

Jeton Go is a service provided by Jeton. It offers instant international banking details to receive or send money worldwide, with no extra costs. Any account holder can use it for free.

Q: How do I get a Jeton card?

Jeton card is a virtual prepaid card that you can buy through your account. You need the first register for Card membership. There are many cards with multiple fixed amounts from €10 to €10,000.

Q: Is Jeton safe?

Jeton is regulated by FCA and could be considered really safe. Two-step verification and, at the same time, the PCI DSS level 1 compliance security ensures that the funds of players are secure.

Q: Can I deposit with cryptocurrency in Jeton?

Jeton accepts deposits in multiple ways. Despite this fact, at the time being, Jeton doesn’t accept deposits with any cryptocurrency.

Q: Does Jeton have customer service?

Yes, Jeton has 24/7 customer support. There are two channels where a player can contact the support team. There is live chat and also players can send email to for any question that may have.

Q: Can I have several Jeton accounts?

You are not allowed to create more than one account. However, any user can link to his Jeton account multiple bank accounts, credit or debit cards and choose a different currency for any other payment method.

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