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Perfect Money Betting Sites

Perfect Money is an online payment method founded in Panama in 2007 owned by Perfect Money Finance Corp. and the company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong. Although it’s been around for 14 years, it is not so popular among bettors. Playing at Perfect Money betting sites allows easy & safe transactions in 4 different currencies and offers players the opportunity to fund their accounts in multiple ways. Credit or Debit card, Instant Bank Transfer, Cash Terminals, E-currency and Bitcoin are among them.

Player-to-player transactions and a user-friendly mobile application are also significant advantages. Perfect Money is 100% legal and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom) ensures the safety of the users funds. Read on, and you will have the opportunity to get an insight about:

ᐉ An up-to-date (2024) list of Perfect Money bookmakers

ᐉ A detailed guide about how to use Perfect Money

ᐉ All the pros and cons

Which Are The Best Perfect Money Sports Betting Sites

Below you can check the top-rated sports betting sites that accept Perfect Money. High odds, low fees and welcome bonus eligibility are among its top traits. Go ahead and choose your favorite bookie.

Why should you bet on a Perfect Money bookmaker

Bettors have plenty of reasons for gambling with Perfect Money. Speedy transactions, player-to-player transfers and great customer support service are among them.

Under-the-radar activity: For many players, their betting activity remains hidden. Using Perfect Money ensures that your transactions will remain hidden since when a transfer takes place, the only information displayed is the account number.

Fast and secure transactions: Betting with Perfect money means that your deposits will take place in a few seconds. At the same time, speedy withdrawals without fees, it’s a main advantage.

Player to player transfers: A significant edge of Perfect Money allows the transfer of funds to a friend. You need only to complete the other user’s email address and select the amount you want to transfer.

Multiple payment methods to fund your account: It is crucial for many bettors to have multiple ways to fund their accounts. Perfect Money offers the possibility to deposit through a Credit or Debit card, Bank wire, Instant Bank Transfer, Certified Exchange Partners, Certified Exchange Partners, Cash Terminals (if available), Bitcoin, Perfect Money Prepaid Card / e-Voucher and E-currency.

Mobile application: Available on App Store and Google Store, the Perfect Money app is another advantage. Any bettor can bet when on the road and manage his account with an easy-to-use app.

Zero or low fees when you fund your account: The payment system also comes with low fees. It is totally free when you fund your Perfect Money account through any method except bank wire which applies 0.5% fees.

Great customer support: The service is available 24/7. Any account holder can create a ticket with any issue or a question. Also, all users have a unique PIN code to view the ticket or add an extra message.

Perfect Money Prepaid card or virtual card: Any user can obtain a Perfect Money Prepaid card and connect his balance account to it. At the same time, a virtual card is also available. Perfect Money usually refers to Prepaid cards as E-vouchers.

Drawbacks of betting with Perfect Money

Like any other online payment method, Perfect Money comes with downsides, such as limited currencies and a high minimum deposit limit are among them.

❌ Too high minimum deposit limit: When other wallets have a minimum deposit limit so low as $1 the fact that the minimum amount in Perfect Money is $300 (or € equivalent) is a significant downside.

❌ Available only in 4 currencies: Perfect Money accepts deposits only in USD, EUR, Bitcoin and gold. It is a serious issue from the four acceptable currencies, two of which are gold and a cryptocurrency.

❌ Limited availability at bookmakers: Despite the fact that as a payment method is around for 14 years, it is hard to find many Perfect Money bookmakers. Also, in some countries, the service is not available for gambling. So, you will have to look for alternatives with wider acceptance, like MuchBetter betting sites.

❌ Only Bitcoin accepted as cryptocurrency: Many bookmakers accept deposits through many cryptocurrencies directly. It is a disadvantage that Perfect Money accepts only Bitcoin when also other online payments accept many more like Etherium and Litecoin.

❌ High withdrawal fees to your bank account: If a player wants to transfer money to his bank account, fees are 2.85% plus the account holder’s bank fee.

❌ Unspecified fees when using Perfect Money: There is no information about fees when a player uses the Perfect Money card. However, when creating one, an unverified customer will be charged 1.9% of the amount of the card and a premium member 0.5%.

❌ Minimum balance account: To have an active account to Perfect Money, a player needs always to have $100 as an account balance. When in others wallets there is no limit, it is an issue that a minimum account limit does exist.

Is gambling with Perfect Money legal and safe?

BMB_SecurityPerfect Money is owned by Perfect Money Finance Corp. and registered under Startup Research & Investments Ltd., regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, an independent organization regulating financial services in the UK. That being said, it is clear that Perfect Money is legal to use for online payments.

Is Perfect Money safe, you may be wondering. A user can set an email or SMS verification before any transaction proceeds to Perfect Money bookmakers regarding safety. Also, if a player tries to enter his account for a new IP address or a new browser, an email will be sent to the given email address with a PIN code to ensure that the account holder tries to enter.

How To Start Betting With Perfect Money

You may be wondering about how to use Perfect Money. The procedure to make a Perfect Money account is quite simple if you follow the next steps:

  • 1
    Visit the Perfect Money website
  • 2
    Click on ‘Sign up’ tab
  • 3
    Fill in the required details (name, address, email, phone number)
  • 4
    Your account will be created & you’ll receive a confirmation email or an SMS verification
  • 5
    Enter the code that you received

Depending on your region, you have plenty of payment options to fund your Perfect Money account. Especially across Russia and Ukraine, there are 150 thousand payment terminals. How to deposit on Perfect Money betting sites is really quick and easy. The procedure is straightforward and effortless since you will follow the following steps:

  • 1
    Log in to your bookmaker account
  • 2
    Select the deposit option and choose Perfect Money as your payment method
  • 3
    Fill in the amount you would like to deposit
  • 4
    You will be redirected to Perfect Money page and choose to make a payment
  • 5
    Fill in your login details and proceed
  • 6
    You will receive an email or an SMS with a pin code
  • 7
    Complete the pin that you received to complete the deposit

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Can I withdraw from Perfect Money gambling sites

Regarding withdrawal requests, the procedure is easy to follow and may take up to 24 hours to be completed, depending on the bookmaker. Gambling with Perfect Money allows you easy withdrawals in a few steps. To make a withdrawal on Perfect Money betting sites, you should have made a deposit using the same method. All you have to do is:

  • 1
    Log in to your bookmaker account
  • 2
    Select the withdrawal option
  • 3
    Choose Perfect Money as your method
  • 4
    Fill in the amount you would like to withdraw
  • 5
    Enter your Perfect Money ID
  • 6
    Click confirm

The transaction has been processed. The amount will be available on your account. There are many withdrawal methods, such as the deposit methods and we will provide more information about fees in the following section.

Fees and limits

BMB_FeesWhen you are betting with Perfect Money, there are no fees when you make a transaction on the Perfect Money gambling site. When you are funding your account, you have to pay fees only if you proceed through bank wire and the fees are 0.5% of the amount.

If you would like to make a withdrawal, the fees are 2.85% plus the account holder’s bank fee. Regarding a withdrawal, through Bitcoin, the fees are 0.5%. It is also noticeable that there is a 4% per year applied to all accounts.

Unverified customers are charged 1.9% of the amount to create a Prepaid card, while Premium members pay only 0.5%. If you would like to proceed with an internal transfer, fees are 0,5% for verified and 1.99% for unverified users.

A significant drawback of Perfect Money is that the minimum amount you can deposit is $300, which is unusually high. Also, the minimum balance on your account has to be $100. Regarding Bitcoin withdrawals, the minimum amount is 0.001BTC.

Perfect Money compared to other payment methods

⏩ Perfect Money vs Zimpler

Zimpler is an online payment method focusing on European countries. It offers bettors safety, minimal fees, and multiple ways to deposit. However, in comparison to Perfect Money, Zimpler betting sites don't allow crypto transactions though your account.

⏩ Perfect Money vs Payeer

Payeer is an online payment method that was established in 2012 and rapidly became famous among bettors. It is available in over 200 countries and there is no cost to hold an account when at the same time it is free to fund your account.

Another benefit is that it accepts deposits with cryptocurrencies and withdrawals on Payeer betting sites come with low fees. On the other hand, KYC and withdrawal procedures, as well as the customer support can be really slow.

Final word on Perfect Money by Book Spy

BMB_Book SpyPerfect Money is a fast-growing online wallet to deposit and withdraw money on any betting site. Perfect Money bookmakers allow players easy and quick transactions, an under-the-radar betting activity and eligibility for a welcome bonus.

Still, Perfect Money lacks widespread acceptance in bookies since it is considered a new entry. Moreover, the minimum amount you can deposit is as high as $300, available only in four currencies and accepting only Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is a major disadvantage.

To sum up, Perfect Money betting sites are not a worthwhile option for gamblers. The payment offers a plastic or a virtual card that can be used for multiple purposes. Many ways to fund your account and withdraw your money; player-to-player transfers and a great mobile app give good credits.

However, Perfect Money is a payment designed for trading and not for betting. The limits are too high and seem to be far away from gamblers' need. Limited availability to bookmakers and high transaction fees when sending money to your bank account are some considerable drawbacks.

So, I would instead recommend other wallets, like Neteller or Skrill, to make the most of your betting activity.

Complete list of Perfect Money bookmakers

Easy transactions, under-the-radar activity and low fees when betting with Perfect Money are excellent features. Go ahead and pick your Perfect Money betting sites to make most of your betting activity.

Q: Does Perfect Money have an app?

Yes, Perfect Money comes with a great app that allows you to bet while you are on the road. It is an easy-to-use app that is available for Android and iOS devices.

Q: How can I transfer my Perfect Money to my bank account?

It is easy to send money from your account balance to your bank account. You just need to connect your bank account with your Perfect Money account. The fees for a withdrawal are plus the account holder’s bank fee.

Q: Can I deposit with Bitcoin on Perfect Money?

Straightforward answer, yes. Perfect Money allows account holders to deposit with Bitcoin and at the same time also allow them to withdraw Bitcoin. Fees for any withdrawal are 0.5%. For the time being, it doesn’t allow the use of other cryptocurrencies in Perfect Money.

Q: Can I fund my Perfect Money account with a credit card?

Perfect Money has multiple ways to fund your account. You can use your credit card to deposit money in your account. There are no fees when you are depositing your Perfect Money account through your card.

Q: Does Perfect Money allow player-to-player transfers?

Yes, Perfect Money allows you to send money to another player if he also has an account. Fees for these transactions depend if you are a verified or an unverified user. For verified users, fees are 0.5% and for unverified users are 1.99%.

Q: Does Perfect Money operate in my country?

The service is available for gambling activity in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Iran. However, It is unclear in which country you can use a Perfect Money account. For example in the United States you are able to make trades through Perfect Money and in some states you may use it as a payment method on a betting site depending on the local legislation.

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