Best Mastercard Betting Sites

Mastercard is one of the biggest payment providers worldwide and has paired up with bookmakers since the beginning of online betting. Mastercard betting sites have a dominant presence in the industry, and they offer sign up bonus eligibility, swift payments and convenience.

Launched in 1966 as Interbank Card Association, it has since acquired a significant share of the market and has an annual revenue of about $13 billion. Nevertheless, the gambling restriction of credit cards has affected Mastercard as well. No betting is allowed with a credit Mastercard in the UK, but you can bet with the debit one.

Below, together with all the main features of betting sites that accept Mastercard, you will become familiar with several other perks, such as:

ᐉ An updated (2023) list of betting sites that take Mastercard
ᐉ How to deposit and play to your favorite bookmaker
ᐉ All the strengths and weaknesses of sportsbooks that accept Mastercard

The Best Betting Sites that Accept Mastercard

Variety is usually a good thing, but it can perplex you when choosing your next bookmaker. Hence, we have picked the best betting sites that accept Mastercard, which stand out in terms of bonuses, reliability and fast withdrawals.

How to play on Mastercard bookmakers

Mastercard bookmakersIf you use a Mastercard, you will not have to register or create an account to any external website. Go to your favorite Mastercard bookmaker and complete the steps below:

1) Login to your betting account and select 'Deposit'
2) Choose Credit or Debit card
3) Insert your card details (name, exp. Date, CVV)
4) Select the amount
5) Approve the payment

Simple as that. The good thing is that the process is identical to all sportsbooks that accept Mastercard, which applies to payouts as well. Select your saved card, complete the amount you would like to cash out and confirm. The money will reflect in your card in 3-5 business days. It is worth noting, however, that withdrawals to Mastercard might be restricted to some countries within the European Economic Area.

Strong points of Mastercard betting sites

Combining all the traditional cards' traits, such as wide availability on bookmakers, trustworthiness and welcome bonus eligibility, Mastercard betting sites offer an attractive package to bettors.

✔ Global acceptance: As it is considered one of the most popular banking options, every betting site accepts Mastercard for deposits. However, it could limit this option for withdrawals and ask to take your money out via bank transfer.

✔ Qualify for welcome bonuses: You will never be restricted from a signup offer if you deposit to a sportsbook that accepts Mastercard. The safety of this method is unquestionable, and bookies trust players who use it.

✔ Convenience: Deposits go through on the bookmaker’s domain, so you will not have to remember many different passwords. Also, the whole process is much faster.

✔ Tested security features: Every card comes with a unique PIN and CVV number, known only to the owner. Also, different mechanisms, such as microchips and fingerprint check, guarantee your funds’ safety.

✔ Cooperates with wallets: If you want to use your Skrill or Neteller account, you can charge it with your Mastercard

✔ Zero extra charges: Mastercard sportsbooks do not apply any fees to your transactions with the card

Weaknesses of sports gambling sites that take Mastercard

While they are popular and tested in time, betting sites that accept Mastercard fall short in areas such as quick and unlimited payouts, privacy in payments and fees by the card issuer.

❌ Limitations in payouts: It can be frustrating cashing out your winnings with Mastercard. Even if you can get your winnings to your card, the action can take 3-5 business days.

❌ Monitored betting activity: Every credit or debit card is linked to a bank account. That means that your tax authorities can request it, and the bank has to comply. As a result, your gambling actions will be disclosed.

❌ Fees for withdrawals: Each bank will impose specific fees to withdrawals from Mastercard sportsbooks, depending on the amount you cash out.

❌ Deposit limits can be low: Some banks do not consider gambling payments as trustworthy; therefore, it limits the amount you can deposit.

❌ Restricted in UKGC bookmakers: The credit card ban on gambling has extended to all UKGC betting sites with Mastercard.

Now that we have taken a look at every aspect of the card, we can check all the different types of Mastercard. It is also essential to know why it is safe to bet with it and how it matches with other payment methods.

Types of Mastercard

You can obtain several different types of Mastercard, but it varies depending on your bank and your country. Beginning with debit cards; there are standard, enhanced and the World Debit Mastercard. The second option is to apply for a credit card. Also, in this case, there are two standard categories; World and World Elite credit cards.

A prepaid Mastercard is another option, especially for players who want to control their betting activity better. You can buy a prepaid card at a retail store or purchase one online. The most significant benefit of prepaid cards is that they are easy to use and no bank account is required in order to fund them. They are offered by many online bookmakers which accept Mastercard. Moreover, most of these cards can be reloaded.

Is online betting with Mastercard safe?

Players should feel safe when using a Mastercard for online betting. The company uses a Chip and PIN system to protect every transaction that takes place through a card. When depositing to a bookie, you will receive a PIN code through an SMS to the registered number to proceed with the payment. Also, users can set a unique password that must be used every time before trying to deposit.

Mastercard compared to other payment methods

Even though online betting sites that accept Mastercard are noteworthy for players, it is good to have an alternative method too.


skrillThis is one of the most famous wallets for online betting. Skrill belongs to Paysafe Group and has a partnership with AC Milan. Skrill betting sites offer bettors fast transactions and under the radar activity. Moreover, a free mobile application allows players to deposit to their favourite bookies when on the road. On the other hand, sometimes withdrawal fees apply and in most bookies, players can not claim a welcome bonus or any other offer.


neteller_deIt is another e-wallet that many bettors choose when they bet online. Neteller betting sites allow fast and secure payments and under the radar activity. Also, the wallet has a noteworthy VIP programme. Like any other payment method, it also comes with some drawbacks. Additional fees on the transactions and extra identification procedure in some cases could make some players reconsider using it.


We’re talking about a new entry into the gambling industry. It is a wallet launched just in 2018. However, Sticpay betting sites come with multiple benefits. Instant transactions, eligibility for a welcome bonus and under the radar activity are among them. Also, bettors can hold a Stic card to manage their funds easily. However, as a new payment, not many bookies accept it and the fees are higher than in other wallets.

How to bet with a wallet issued Mastercard

Several wallets (such as Skrill, Neteller and ecoPayz) provide tailored versions of a prepaid Mastercard. The big advantage they offer is that you can shop online or in stores using your wallet balance. Also they allow ATM withdrawals. Nevertheless, online betting with Mastercard (from these issuers) is not possible due to regulations.

Neobanks such as Monzo and Wise provide members with a debit Mastercard connected to their available balance. Every feature of a traditional debit card such as ATM withdrawals and payments to merchants, is present here as well. Still, they are quite suspicious of gambling payments. While the above neobanks do not prohibit them, your account could be subject to additional scrutiny.

Is sports betting with Mastercard worth

betting sites that accept MastercardChances are that you have already placed several bets with your Mastercard. As one of the oldest payment methods available for online betting, it is trusted by both players and bookmakers.

Still, the fact that your activity on sports betting sites that accept Mastercard can be disclosed to your tax authority, can be an insurmountable obstacle for a high roller. Furthermore, in case the bookmaker is hacked, your card could be in danger as well. Restrictions in payouts affect players who want to place consecutive bets with winnings.

All in all, we have done our fair share of wagering on betting sites that accept Mastercard. However, we have chosen to use wallets (i.e. Skrill, Neteller or ecoPayz) and crypto exclusively from now on. In terms of privacy and quick withdrawals, they are unbeatable. Mastercard has hit a wall with its limitations; therefore, experienced bettors need to look elsewhere.

Complete list of Mastercard bookmakers

Worldwide acceptance and fast deposits are some of the benefits of betting with Mastercard. Therefore, check the complete list of Mastercard bookies below and opt for the ones that better suit your needs.

Q: Can I bet on Mastercard bookies in the UK?

Since 14 April 2020, all credit cards have been banned from gambling in the UK. There are no bookmakers exempted from that rule. You can bet, however, with your Mastercard debit.

Q: How long do payouts from Mastercard sportsbooks take?

Usually, payouts reflect in your card within 3-5 business days. In some cases, it can take less, but most bookmakers provide the time frame above. The most significant factor is your bank, plus the amount you want to withdraw.

Q: Is gambling with Mastercard legal and safe?

Yes, it’s one of the most legal payment methods, and bookies that accept it are trustworthy. It would help if you kept in mind that legality also depends on the legal framework of gambling in your country. Plus, if something goes wrong, you can ask for a chargeback from your bank.

Q: Are payments on Bet365 Mastercard fast?

If you deposit to Bet365 with Mastercard, the process is instant. Withdrawals though can take 3-5 business days. Also, both transactions are free of charge.

Q: Can I use the Betfair Mastercard payment option?

Straightforward answer, yes. You are able to use your Mastercard to deposit on Betfair. However, in some countries, if a player uses a Mastercard BusinessCard to deposit he may not be able to proceed with any withdrawals.

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