Best Neosurf Betting Sites

Founded in France in 2004, Neosurf operates in more than 40 countries and has more than 350,000 customers. As a payment method, it has a significant presence in France, Australia and Canada. We are talking about a prepaid voucher that any bettor can easily buy from 150,000 different locations across the globe. Neosurf betting sites offer under-the-radar gambling activity and speedy deposits.

Creating a Neosurf account allows players to own a Neosurf card. Eligibility for a welcome bonus, the possibility to control your budget and a great mobile app are Neosurf’s main perks. In the following Neosurf review, you can take a deeper look into every aspect of gambling with it, such as:

  • An up-to-date (2023) list of Neosurf bookmakers
  • How to use Neosurf when betting online
  • All its pros and cons

Best Neosurf Bookmakers (2023)

There are many bookies that accept Neosurf to choose from. Below we list only the top ones. Any of these bookmakers will offer you high odds, plenty of promotions, fast deposits and multiple betting markets to choose from.

Why should you bet on a Neosurf bookmaker

Players have a lot of reasons to select Neosurf as a payment method for online betting. Fast deposits, Neocash cards and under-the-radar activity are some of them.

✔ Under-the-radar activity: A player’s betting activity can remain hidden from the local authorities when he deposits with Neosurf. Many bettors need to keep their activity private when gambling online.

✔ Instant deposits: All deposits are processed instantly. The possibility of rejection for a transaction is almost zero. The fact that deposits on Neosurf bookmakers are instant is an essential advantage for bettors who prefer live betting.

✔ Safe and Secure: Betting with Neosurf is safe since Neosurf Cards SAS operates the payment and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

✔ Player to player transfers: When a player creates an account, that comes with specific benefits. One of them is the fact that he can transfer money to another account holder worldwide.

✔ Neosurf plastic or virtual card: Under the name Neocash by Neosurf, any account holder can obtain a Neocash MasterCard or a Virtual Mastercard connected with his account balance. With both of them, you can pay online to 20,000+ merchants and deposit to betting sites that accept Neosurf. With the plastic card, you can withdraw money at any ATM around the world.

✔ Neosurf app: A free and easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to fund your betting account on the road is an essential feature. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

✔ Eligibility to claim a welcome bonus: Most Neosurf betting sites allow you to take a welcome bonus. Also, most of the time, you can participate in any promotion when you are gambling with Neosurf.

Drawbacks of Neosurf betting 

Like all the other payment methods, sports betting with Neosurf has some shortcomings, as well. You can check them all in detail right below:

❌ Not widely accepted by bookies: Neosurf has been around since 2004. However, it has only become popular in recent years; so, many betting sites don’t accept it.

❌ Withdrawal restrictions: The most significant drawback when you deposit on Neosurf bookmakers is that you cannot proceed with a withdrawal. Players need to find an alternative method such as e-wallets, like Skrill or Neteller, to withdraw funds from their accounts.

❌ Low deposit limit: The maximum deposit that a player can make is €250. There are many vouchers from €10 to €250. If a bettor wants to deposit through his Neosurf account balance again, the maximum amount is €250 or currency equivalent.

❌ Neosurf card cost and fees: The cost to obtain a plastic Neosurf card is €14.90. At the same time, there is a monthly fee of €1.50 to keep it active. Finally, for any transaction that takes place out of the Eurozone, there is an extra cost of $0.35.

❌ Inactivity fee: If you buy a voucher and haven’t used it for six months, an inactivity fee of €2 will be charged on the voucher’s balance. From the 7th month, and for each month after that, the inactivity fee will be applied.

❌ Exchange fees: Neosurf allows buying a voucher in many currencies like EUR, GBP, AUD and USD. Nonetheless, many Neosurf sportsbooks may charge you an exchange fee of 2% or 3% for PLN (Polish zloty).

❌ Doesn’t accept deposits with crypto: Despite the fact that in 2016 Neosurf partnered with a French startup Bitit and enabled its vouchers to buy crypto; a bettor cannot deposit with any cryptocurrency. Moreover, Bitit closed on April 15, 2021, and for now, a Neosurf prepaid voucher or card could be used to buy crypto on other exchanges, like Coinbase or eToro.

Is Neosurf gambling legal and safe?

Neosurf is 100% legal. Its headquarters are in 10 rue Vandrezanne, Paris and the parent company is Neosurf Cards SAS. The company has a revenue of $27.5 million and it is registered as an e-money agent of UAB Finansinės Paslaugos "Contis" under the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. Regarding the safety part, the Financial Conduct Authority controls the transactions and ensures that your funds are safe. Moreover, to make a payment to Neosurf gambling sites, you need access to the ten-character PIN of the Neosurf voucher. If you hold an account, there is a two-factor authentication before you proceed with any transaction.

How to bet with Neosurf

ecoPayz gambling sitesWith almost 150,000 different store locations where you can buy a prepaid Neosurf voucher, it is easy to fund your betting account. The values available for the vouchers are €10, €30, €50, €100, €150 or €250. A bettor can buy them with a credit/debit card or with cash. At the same time, if a player holds a Neosurf account, he can buy a voucher in multiple ways.

In Canada, it is easy to get a voucher through Interac. In Australia with Neteller or POLi. Also, it is possible to connect a credit/debit card or a bank account and buy a voucher. Finally, you can buy an online voucher of the value you want and fund a Neosurf bookmaker with the available balance on your account. It is important to mention that you can deposit only a part of your voucher and use the remaining amount at any other time or to a different merchant if you want.

How to create a Neosurf account

It is an easy procedure to open an account. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Visit:
  2. Select ‘LOGIN/SIGN UP’
  3. Choose ‘SIGN UP’
  4. Complete your email and create your password
  5. Provide your personal information, like name, date of birth
  6. You will receive an email to complete your registration

That’s it. Your account is ready to be used. You can buy an online voucher and proceed with a deposit to your favorite Neosurf sportsbooks.

How to deposit with Neosurf

Depositing on Neosurf bookies is fast and easy. It will not take long since the procedure is straightforward and effortless:

  • Log in to your bookmaker account
  • Select ‘make a deposit’
  • Choose Neosurf as your payment method
  • Enter the voucher code
  • Confirm your transaction

Since you have confirmed the transaction, the desirable amount will be available on your sportsbook account immediately.

Can I withdraw from Neosurf betting sites?

This is the most significant disadvantage of Neosurf since players can not proceed with a withdrawal from Neosurf bookmakers. To make a withdrawal, players’ best options are e-wallets, like Skrill or Neteller. Withdrawing with a bank wire is also an option, but not for bettors who want to keep their betting activity hidden.

Supported and restricted countries

At the moment, Neosurf operates in the following countries:

worldAlgeria, Andora, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, India, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Spain, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

In Australia, where Neosurf is famous for online gambling activity, players can buy a voucher at Woolworths, Fresh Pantry, Urban Hub, Sodexo, Ezymart, IGA Express and many other stores.

In France, where the payment was first launched, most bookies accept deposits through it. Players can buy a voucher in stores, supermarkets, kiosks, gas stations, tabac, internet cafes and elsewhere.

Fees and limits

payoneer feesRegarding fees, it’s free of charge to deposit an amount to Neosurf bookmakers. If you hold an account (myNeosurf) and fund it through a credit/debit card or bank transfer, it is free. However, when you try to fund your account with a prepaid voucher, there is a 4.5% fee. Transfer funds to Neocash MasterCard come with a 2% fee and withdrawing an amount to your bank account applies a 1.5% fee.

As regards the plastic card, the cost to obtain one is €14.90 and there is also a monthly €1.50 charge. When you use it out of the Eurozone, there is an extra cost of $0.35 per transaction. You can always charge your Neocash card through your credit/debit card or your bank account with fees up to 1.5% depending on the payment method, your card provider or even your region. If you are funding it with a prepaid voucher, there are 7% fees.

There are vouchers with a fixed amount, as we have already mentioned. However, the minimum amount you can deposit is €0.30, while the maximum is €250. On the other hand, the minimum amount limit differs from bookie to bookie.

Neosurf compared to other payments

Neosurf vs Paysafe

paysafePaysafe is a popular prepaid voucher mainly used to bet online. Founded in Vienna, in 2000 and with universal acceptance and zero fees, Paysafe bookmakers are a great choice for any player. Offering multiple currencies, instant payments and an easy-to-use free mobile app are Paysafe’s most significant advantages. On the other hand, fees on your balance after the 7th month to keep your account active and vouchers with fixed amounts could be considered shortfalls.

Neosurf vs PayPal

paypalPayPal was established in 1998 as Confinity and is considered the most reliable payment method around the globe. It is available on almost every bookie, offers welcome bonus eligibility and top levels of security. Thus, many players around the world prefer it for their betting activity. Yet, as the most regulated online wallet, your transactions are not hidden and the tax authorities can ask for them. Online betting with Neosurf offers you an under-the-radar activity. A significant disadvantage of PayPal is that the prepaid card is only available for US citizens.

Neosurf vs Skrill

skrillSkrill is a top choice for funding your online betting account. It is widely accepted by sportsbooks and operates almost worldwide. Under-the-radar activity, low fees and quick transactions are among its top features. However, you are not eligible for a welcome bonus most of the time when you deposit on Skrill bookmakers. On the other hand, Neosurf betting sites allow you to participate in almost any promotion. When you transfer money to your bank account, fees could be up to 7.5% per transaction when using Skrill. Plus, Skrill prepaid cards are available only in Europe.

Final word on Neosurf by Book Spy

Payoneer spyNeosurf is a fast-growing online payment method to deposit when betting online. Neosurf bookmakers allow players an under-the-radar gambling activity, easy and quick deposits and eligibility for a welcome bonus on most occasions.

Still, in some countries, it is hard to find bookmakers that accept Neosurf. Moreover, the multiple and complicated fees and the fact that you can not use your cryptocurrency to fund your account; may make some bettors reconsider using it for online betting.

To sum up, Neosurf betting sites are a suitable option for bettors. A plastic or virtual card that can be used for multiple purposes and player-to-player transfers make Neosurf an attractive choice. However, limited availability at bookmakers and no withdrawal option are some major downsides. So, I would recommend other wallets, such as PayPal or Skrill, to make the most of your betting activity.

Complete list of Neosurf bookmakers

Under-the-radar activity and instant deposits are significant advantages of betting sites that accept Neosurf. Pick your desirable betting site from the list below and make the most of your betting experience.

Q: How do I get a Neosurf voucher?

There are almost 150,000 spots to buy a Neosurf prepaid voucher. Also, if you are a Neosurf account holder, you can buy an online voucher with your credit/debit card or by using your bank account.

Q: Is Neosurf available in the USA?

Despite the fact that Neosurf is a fast-growing payment method, it is still not available in the USA. However, you can use your Neosurf card in the United States with $0.35 fees per transaction.

Q: Am I able to use the Bet365 Neosurf payment option?

Yes, Bet365 accepts transactions through Neosurf. At the same time, you are eligible to get a welcome bonus and any other offer when you are betting with Neosurf.

Q: Can you buy Neosurf with PayPal?

Straightforward answer, no. You cannot use your PayPal account to buy a Neosurf voucher or fund your Neosurf account with it.

Q: Can I buy Neosurf with Paysafecard?

You are not able to fund your account or buy a voucher with Paysafecard. You can pay cash or with your credit/debit card to Neosurf spots instead.

Q: How can I check my Neosurf balance?

Suppose you have an account; you just need to enter your account and check your balance. If you have a prepaid voucher and you haven’t used the total amount of it, you can visit the Neosurf site, select the ‘My card’ option, enter your 10-digit PIN code and check the remaining amount.

Q: How do I withdraw money from Neosurf?

When you hold a Neosurf account, you can connect your credit/debit card or bank account. You can withdraw money anytime to any of these two options with fees of up to 1.5%.

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