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Best Singapore Bookies

Singapore, as one of the most important financial hubs of Asia, has one of the most advanced and diverse economies in the area. Since gaining independence in 1963, the country has scored on top in life expectancy, education and health care. Singaporeans have been actively involved in gambling for decades, boosted by a solid economic background and a culture filled with luck motives. Up until 2014, there was practically no oversight from authorities on any form of gambling; however, that changed.

The Remote Gambling Act of Singapore and the Common Gaming Houses Act outlawed betting sites in Singapore and only allowed a state-owned bookmaker to operate. Despite setting fines and even prison time as penalties,  in real life, it took little to no action. Hence, most locals still prefer international Singapore bookmakers, as they offer a superior sportsbook.

Best Singapore Betting Sites

singapore flagSince your local option is only one, it is only normal to be on the lookout for more alternatives. Our international Singapore online betting sites surpass the state-owned bookie in odds, market variation, live-betting features and bonus frequency. Furthermore, you can read what other players have to say, who have played there for quite a while.

Online Betting Singapore - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    To be able to gamble online at Singapore Pools, punters must be at least 21 years of age
  • 2
    The two licensed casinos, Marina Bay and Sentosa can be enjoyed for free by foreigners, while Singaporean citizens pay a fee of SGD 100 per day or SGD 2000 per year
  • 3
    Unlicensed bookmakers are not declared illegal but are usually blocked by ISPs
  • 4
    Enets is the most popular and widely used payment processor in Singapore
  • 5
    A new Gambling Control Bill came into action in March 2022

General info

Population: 5,638,700

Active Players: 2,932,124 

Currency: Singapore dollar (SGD)

Regulated Gambling Products: Sports Betting, Casino Games, Poker, Slots and other machines, Terminal-based gaming, Bingo, Lottery, Online gambling

Operator Types: Licensed Land-Based Casinos, Betting Shops, Online betting, horse racing and lottery 

Designated Authority: The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore

Status: Fully Regulated Market with unlicensed operators accepting players from Singapore

Online Gambling in Singapore: The Law Framework

BMB_Power IconThe legislation regulating gambling in Singapore is relatively new, enacted in 2014. Before that, most casinos operated with no license, and locals could play on foreign sports betting sites Singapore unrestrictedly.

The Remote Gambling Act of Singapore and the Common Gaming Houses Act (the latter in 2016) handed out licenses to two land-based casinos (Marina Bay and Sentosa) and one government-run bookmaker, Singapore Pools.

It also banned all Singapore online bookmakers, and the government set penalties from $5,000 fines to even six months in prison, although it did not enforce them. In March 2022, a new Gambling Bill was passed, focused on land-based operations like social gambling and protecting minors.

Moreover, it put stricter limits on accessing unlicensed online bookies, with ISPs fined up to $500,000 for not blocking access. On a similar note, a new Gambling Regulatory Authority is about to come into force by mid to late 2022. It will integrate every agency overseeing gambling for a more effective and quick regulation process.

What You Should Know about Singaporean Bookmakers

BMB_Best IconIf you live in Singapore, you already know that authorities appear to follow a zero-tolerance policy toward online betting. The only licensed operator is Singapore Pools, with all the limits that stem from being owned by the state.

The good news is that as long as you use a VPN service, you can access tens of Singapore betting sites, as players are never prosecuted despite the harsh regulations. In terms of taxes, you will be glad to know that all gambling-related winnings are tax-exempt.

Officially that applies only to licensed Singapore bookmakers, but there are no reports of offshore winnings bearing a tax. Furthermore, the two dominant languages in Singapore (English & Chinese) are available to all bookmakers, so localisation will not be an issue.

How to Deposit at Online Sportsbooks in Singapore

BMB_Markets GenericHaving a cutting-edge economy comes with an array of benefits, one being the various conventional (or not) payment methods available. The second is that the local currency (Singapore Dollar or SGD) can be found in a significant amount of bookies despite the country's small size. So, which is the best payment method for Singapore online betting?

The most popular payment option in Singapore is eNets, as system by three of the strongest banks in the region: DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, and UOB. This system allows players to pay via credit and debit cards. You will also find a lot of VISA, MasterCard, JCB, or American Express betting sites. Direct debit from any of the three banks and Citibank are also viable options.

Wallets like Skrill and Neteller have long favoured local players, with SticPay also gaining track. You can also use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Dogecoin (If your bookie supports it) and benefit from lightning-fast withdrawals.

Gambling Regulations in Nearby Nations

Those intrigued by online betting should consider investigating gambling regulations in nearby countries. Despite being close, other nations may have differing sets of rules governing gambling activities. If you are an avid bettor, you should look at all of them and maybe try to exploit the grey online gambling environment in SE Asia.

Best Malaysia Bookmakers

Top Indonesia Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites in Brunei

Should you Wager on Singapore Betting Sites

BMB_Book SpyThe landscape of betting sites in Singapore has been the same and seems unlikely to change. With the latest Gambling Control Bill in 2022, the government appears even more determined to crack down on illegal gambling. Boosting the position of the state-owned bookmaker is a plus.

However, if we look closely, we can see that no extra repercussions are on the menu for players, while authorities do not enforce the current ones. That brings us to the question, should you change your mind if you play on a foreign Singapore online sportsbook? Hardly, as they have a better overall product and by some distance.

If you wish to stay surely off the hook, you can use a wallet or Crypto and a VPN to conceal your activity. All in all, stick with your current international sportsbook and get back to our page often for any regulatory amendments.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Singapore?

Since 2014, online gambling has been prohibited in Singapore, except for the state-owned bookmaker, Singapore Pools. Most locals still play on foreign Singapore betting sites despite penalties and fines for violators due to the superior sportsbook product.

Q: Can I register at 22bet?

Yes. The popular Eastern European bookmaker is open to users from Singapore. You will get high odds and a wide range of features. For more info, check out our detailed 22bet review.

Q: Which are the best betting sites in Singapore?

The answer lies in your betting style and preferences, but your first step should be consulting our list above. You can notice sportsbooks like 1xBet, 20bet & Sportaza, which also offer SGD currency and a top-notch betting product.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Singapore?

The government-backed bookie, Singapore Pools, is safe by definition as it has to adhere to state regulations. If you bet offshore, you should be careful, but our reviews also include a reliability factor, so you can always check there.

Q: Which online deposit method should I choose?

The most popular method in Singapore is eNets, which integrates the payment processors of the country’s three largest banks, including the cards issued. If you want to bet on a more private mode, a wallet or a cryptocurrency are great ideas.

Q: Is Shangri La open in Singapore?

Yes. You are free to visit the website and join. Not only that, but, after placing your initial deposit, you will also be eligible for an exclusive shangri la bonus.

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