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singapore flagPopulation: 5,638,700
Active Players: 2,932,124 (52%)
Currency: Singapore dollar [SGD]
Languages: English 36.9%, Mandarin 34.9%, Malay 10.7%, Others 17.5%
Regulated Gambling Products: Sports Betting, Casino Games, Poker, Slots and other machines, Terminal-based gaming, Bingo, Lottery, Online gambling
Operator Types: Licensed Land-Based Casinos: Marina Bay Sands; Resorts World at Sentosa / Betting Shops: Singapore Pools / Online betting, horse racing and lottery – Singapore Pools; Singapore Turf Club / International Betting Sites
Designated Authority: The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore
Status: Fully Regulated Market with unlicensed operators accepting players from Singapore

The Asian culture is filled with luck motives and various superstitions that can influence the way luck works one way or another. Singapore is no exception to that and, as a result, gambling in Singapore is an active component of day-to-day life. So, it was only natural for both online and offline gambling to flourish in the region up until 2014, when there were no laws to restrict or govern the scene. However, the Remote Gambling Act of Singapore and the Common Gaming Houses Act that came into force in 2016, changed everything. The scene of legal online gambling Singapore boasts is limited to the Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club, along with a couple of licensed land-based casinos.

Singapore gambling laws crediting a monopoly of Singapore Pools has led, of course, to low betting odds. This has pushed punters to bet on international betting sites despite a potential $5,000 fine or even 6 months in prison. Harsh as they may seem, these measures are mainly focused on those gambling in public, and there’s no record of such a measure being applied against Singaporeans betting online. Also, you should know that as an expat in Singapore you are free to use the international betting sites without worrying about any kind of legal repercussions.

Bet in Singapore - 5 things to know

  • To be able to gamble online at Singapore Pools, punters must be at least 21 years of age
  • The two licensed casinos, Marina Bay and Sentosa, can be enjoyed for free by foreigners while Singaporean citizens pay a fee of SGD 100 per day or SGD 2000 per year
  • Unlicensed bookmakers are not declared illegal, but are usually blocked by ISPs
  • Enets is the most popular and widely used payment processor in Singapore
  • Singapore Pools started their activity in October 2016 and in November 2016 Singapore Turf Club followed

Best Sportsbook Singapore

For some quick suggestions on Singapore Dollar (SGD) bookies, check the list below. At any of these betting sites, you can be sure to find exceptional odds on Asian Handicap bets, a multitude of competitions from the area like the S-League, J-League, and easy-to-use payment options like eNets or Sticpay. Also, since this list is updated continuously, make sure to check every now and then to be the first playing at top bookies in Singapore.


Players Rating: (9 Rates) 6.9


Players Rating: (11 Rates) 6.4


Players Rating: (11 Rates) 7.2

Singapore Sport Betting

The Singaporean sports betting scene is, as previously mentioned, dominated by Singapore Pools that offer a limited betting offer and low odds. As a result, there are a lot of foreign betting sites that have entered the market, capitalizing on the hunger of Singaporean punters for competitive odds and betting markets. Lastly, you have illegal gambling websites that are avoided by Singaporean punters and foreigners alike.

Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools online is the only licensed operator in Singapore to deliver sports betting mainly on football and motor racing. To be able to create an account here and enjoy the Singapore pools odds, you need to be a Singapore Citizen or have a valid Singapore Foreign Identification Number as a foreigner. Another condition you need to meet is to be at least 21 years old and have a local residential address. Unfortunately for them and the punters, the Singapore Pools opening odds as well as those on live events are considerably lower than what international bookies offer. And even though, out of the overall offer, the Singapore pools soccer odds are the most appealing, there is no sign-up offer or bonus to boost your experience. Also, in case you want to enjoy some casino games on the side or a good game of poker, these products are not available at Singapore Pools.

Foreign Betting Sites

As opposed to what Singapore Pools grants players with, the foreign betting sites offer represents a real oasis for punters in Singapore. With a minimum age of 18 years old to be able to register an account and very generous and diverse sports betting offer, foreign betting sites are a much better alternative.

For example, 1xBet welcomes all its players with a 100% bonus and offers them a massive offer of Asian Handicap bets on football starting with the SLeague all the way to top international competitions. Besides that, you can also enjoy a vast offer of casino games, lotteries and virtual sports at 1xBet.

22Bet comes with a welcome bonus of 100% for all new players and thousands of betting markets on each of the 44 sports they offer. A wide range of Asian Handicap bets is, of course, available for all punters in Singapore and you can always expect boosted odds and other perks to increase your winning chances.

Illegal Gambling Websites

With the harsh regulations in place, the illegal gambling Singapore scene has exploded over the past few years. There’s a great deal of websites that operate through local agents and work on credit. These websites do not own a license of any kind, and there’s great risk choosing to place your bets there. Besides the obvious risk of not being paid or getting your bet manipulated, there’s always the danger of getting a huge fine or even going to jail.  Even though illegal gambling websites are usually blocked by Internet Service Providers, these still find a way of functioning through mirrors and proxy servers. Some of the best examples of illegal websites you should totally avoid:

  • Scr888 Singapore
  • Maxim99
  • M8bet
  • Winningft
  • 855crown
  • Ecebet
  • 12play

Singapore Football Betting

Football is the main sport that Singaporeans focus on when it comes to betting. The online soccer betting Singapore Pools offers is limited to a few markets, and the odds are usually way under what even a mediocre foreign betting site will have available. In the following sections, we will explore the soccer betting Singapore Pools provides and compare it head to head with what you can find at international bookmakers.

1. Singapore Football Odds

We start the analysis with the Singapore soccer odds. With the domestic bookie, Singapore Pools, enjoying a complete monopoly over the sports betting scene, they have no problem in displaying very low odds. The lack of competition allows Singapore pools to apply a considerably higher vigorish compared to foreign markets. Let's see an over/under 2.5 goals real example:

  • 22bet offers an odd of 1.775 for Over 2.5 Goals and 2.048 for Under 2.5 Goals. That’s a 4.9% vig or 95.1% payout.
  • Singapore Pools applied a vigorish of 10.81% for Over/Under 2.5 Goals.

The figures speak for themselves, and the same ratio applies on the Asian Handicap market where SG Pools applied a vig of around 5%, while top international bookmakers limit to 2, maximum 3% on the big leagues.

Another decision point toward the foreign bookmakers comes from the odds display. While Singapore Pools only offers European (decimal) odds, international bookies also come with fractional odds and even Malay or Indo odds. 22Bet offers a complete Asian view on its website, for example.

2. Markets & Asian Handicap

Continuing our comparison, we are focusing on the number of available betting markets and the diversity of Asian handicap bets. Using the same football match as an example, we discovered the following. While Singapore Pools only offered one over/under 2.5 markets, competitors like 22Bet had more than 10 different over/under lines. The situation does not improve when looking at Asian handicap markets either. SG Pools still offers only one market while 22Bet stands at 10 lines per team.

If you zoom out a bit and look at the overall situation, the trend we’ve seen above continues. This is the betting markets you will find at SG Pools:

  • Asian Handicap
  • 1X2
  • ½ Goal
  • Halftime-Fulltime
  • Pick the Score
  • Total Goals
  • Team to score 1st Goal
  • Total Goals Odd/Even
  • Halftime 1X2
  • Halftime PTS
  • Halftime Total Goals Over/Under 0.5

There’s no point to list all the markets offered by foreign bookies simply because there are so many and we will transform this article into an endless line of bullets. There are hundreds of markets you can choose from, both pre-match and in-play.

3. Leagues

When looking at the football leagues SG Pools punters can place bets on, you can’t help to notice the limited number of options. Basically, you have:

  • The domestic S League
  • English Premier League
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • Holland Eredivisie
  • Swedish Allsvenskan
  • Japanese – J League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Europa League

4. Live Betting

To properly analyse the live betting differences between SG Pools and international bookies, we turned to a real-life situation. On the 24th of February at 10 PM local time, SG Pools only offered live bets for one game in the Eredivisie: Feyenoord vs PSV. In contrast, 22Bet had at the same time 143 events open for in-play betting.

Besides the overwhelming advantage towards international bookies when it comes to live betting, brands like 1xBet or 22Bet also offer thousands of live-streamed events, as well as services like cash out and speed bet. Cash out was exceptionally well-received by players all around the world. The reason is the possibility of closing a bet before the end of the match and still save a part of your stake if things go different than what you predicted.

Gambling in Singapore: How to deposit and cash out

When it comes to payment options, the situation in Singapore is straightforward. Even so, most online bookmakers out there that accept players from Singapore are not delivering the proper type of payment options. It’s good to note here that many bookies addressing the Asian market often stick to bank transfer methods only.


Without a doubt the most popular payment option in Singapore is eNets, owned by three of the strongest banks in the region: DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, and UOB. This system allows players to pay via credit and debit cards using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or JCB or via direct debit from any of the three banks mentioned and Citibank. There’s a reasonably good chance that you won’t even realise that you used eNets,as most of the time, on the banking page you will only see the traditional credit card and bank transfer symbols. The minimum deposit sits around SGD 20 – 25 and the only downside to this payment method comes from not being suitable for withdrawals.


An international ewallet that makes it extremely easy to top up your account at international bookmakers. Just like Skrill, Singaporean players can use it through eNets via their local bank. You can create an account in SGD, and when you withdraw funds from Sticpay to your local account, it only takes half a day with low fees of 2 – 2.5%. You can easily deposit and withdraw funds using Sticpay at 1xBet!

Skrill & Neteller

Of course Skrill is available, users can open account both in SGD and USD and top up using eNets. There’s a minimal fee of 0.9% when you add money to your Skrill account, and for withdrawals, you can always issue a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard and withdraw cash at the ATM. Neteller Singapore can’t be used at all bookies. While it does support SGD, you will only be able to deposit via Neteller at a limited number of bookies

Other methods

There are a lot of bookies focusing on the Singaporean and Malaysian markets that offer direct bank transfer options through popular financial institutions in the area like Affin Bank, Am Bank, DBS, HSBC, May Bank or POSB. What’s more, there’s an increased level of safety when using the bank transfer method. Even though alternatives like Bitcoin, Webmoney, PayPal, Payeer or UnionPay are not that popular in Singapore, these options are still available for players that can’t find any other suitable payment method.

Top Singapore Bookmakers & Betting Sites

Bookmakers Why to Bet Why to Bet Bookmakers Rating    
  • 100% up to €122 welcome bonus
  • Extremely high odds
  • Countless markets
  • 1. 100% up to €122 welcome bonus
  • 2. Extremely high odds
  • 3. Countless markets
Review Bet Now
  • 1.000 live matches daily
  • Asian Handicap
  • 50+ sports
  • 1. 1.000 live matches daily
  • 2. Asian Handicap
  • 3. 50+ sports
Review Bet Now
  • 100% up to €100 welcome bonus
  • Extremely high odds
  • Mobile app
  • 1. 100% up to €100 welcome bonus
  • 2. Extremely high odds
  • 3. Mobile app
Review Bet Now
  • The most reliable Swedish bookie
  • High payout rate
  • Huge variety of sports and betting options
  • 1. The most reliable Swedish bookie
  • 2. High payout rate
  • 3. Huge variety of sports and betting options
Review Bet Now
  • High odds on football
  • Huge variety of betting markets
  • Intriguing welcome bonus
  • 1. High odds on football
  • 2. Huge variety of betting markets
  • 3. Intriguing welcome bonus
Review Bet Now
  • Up to 100+ extra markets/match
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Easy to use desktop/mobile site
  • 1. Up to 100+ extra markets/match
  • 2. Asian Handicaps
  • 3. Easy to use desktop/mobile site
Review Bet Now
  • High odds
  • Great for football punters
  • Huge variety of betting selections
  • 1. High odds
  • 2. Great for football punters
  • 3. Huge variety of betting selections
Review Bet Now
Mr Play Sports
  • 10.000 pre-match events per month
  • 35+ sports
  • 140+ extra bets
  • 1. 10.000 pre-match events per month
  • 2. 35+ sports
  • 3. 140+ extra bets
Mr Play Sports
Review Bet Now
  • 25+ sports
  • High odds on football
  • Loyalty Bonus for permanent customers
  • 1. 25+ sports
  • 2. High odds on football
  • 3. Loyalty Bonus for permanent customers
Review Bet Now
  • 300+ football markets
  • Asian handicaps
  • 45+ sports available
  • 1. 300+ football markets
  • 2. Asian handicaps
  • 3. 45+ sports available
Review Bet Now

Online gaming in Singapore – FAQ

Q: I am a Singaporean living overseas. Can I sign up for a Singapore Pools Account?

You will only be able to access Singapore Pools from Singapore. No matter if you’re a Singaporean citizen, access from overseas is not permitted on a mobile device or through a mobile app. Once you return to Singapore and also meet the other criteria, you will be able to create an account with Singapore Pools.

Q: Do Players Get Taxed On Winnings?

Winnings from betting are not taxed in Singapore, both in the case of Singapore Pools online or in land-based casinos. However, according to the Casino Control Act, all permanent Singapore residents need to pay a fee of SGD 100 per 24 hours or SGD 2000 to get an annual membership.

Q: Is Bet365 Singapore still available?

Those that are interested in bet365 legal Singapore betting will be sad to hear that the bookie has recently stepped away from the country and so local players are no longer able to open new accounts. There are dozens of other quality bookmakers that accept players from Singapore and offer SGD, with 1xBet being an excellent example.

Q: Can I play online Casino in Singapore

If, besides backing up your favourite teams through sports betting, you also want to taste the action of some online slots, table games, poker or blackjack, the domestic offer is once again very limited. No licensed venue offers online casino games so if you want to play you have to address the land-based casinos, Sentosa Casino or Marina Bay Sands.

Once again, the solution comes from international websites that accept players from Singapore. Besides a rich offer of the newest online slots, table games, progressive jackpots and live dealer action, you can enjoy some really high bonuses. Also, if you decide to play at 1xBet, you get to enjoy both a vast betting offer and the full set of casino games under the same account.

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