Best betting sites in Denmark

Population: 5.806.015
Active players: 2.148.225
Currency: Danish krone DKK
Regulated gambling products: Betting, online casino, horse racing, gaming machines, land-based casinos, lotteries
Operator types: Online & land-based bookies, online & land-based casinos, gaming machines outside casinos
Designated authority: Spillemyndigheden
Status: Regulated

Denmark can always be set as an example for the rest of the world regarding living standards and population happiness. The country’s economy scores high in every human and business index, boosted by one of the world's highest rates of tertiary degrees. Locals also enjoy a wide array of entertainment activities, with online betting being one of the most popular. That reflects in the Danish GDP, where gambling accounts for 0.5%. Given the situation, coupled with the liberalized environment, there’s no shortage of Denmark betting sites in fierce competition to get as much market share as possible. Some of the best bookmakers are licensed by the Spillemyndigheden; however, Danes also like to check out other international bookmakers and focus on this market.

Betting in Denmark - 5 things to know

  • The legal gambling age is 18
  • Danes bet more on football than all other gambling products combined
  • 3% of all payments are done via cards EU average is 48.9%
  • No gambling taxes are applied on players
  • Both licensed and international bookies are available

Best Danish betting sites

The regulated nature of the gambling industry does not translate to a limited number of bookies. Several powerhouses of sports betting have taken a local license, plus there are many international bookmakers in play. Our Danish betting sites offer the best odds, markets and bonuses and have been ranked high by our players.

Online gambling in Denmark: The law framework

All the legal Denmark betting sites must go through a licensing process handled by the Danish regulatory authority, Spillemyndigheden. To apply, they must pay a fee of DKK 292,300 (around €39,295) to get the betting license. If the applicant desires to receive a betting and online casino license, the application fee becomes DKK 409,200 (around €55,012).

There’s a third type of license available for operators projecting an annual Gross Gaming Revenue of less than DKK 1,000,000, and the fee is considerably lower, standing at DKK 58,500. On top of that, all the betting sites in Denmark are subject to annual fees of 20% of their Gross Gaming Revenue (received stakes – payouts). Moreover, bookmakers have to offer a fully localized product. Prerequisites are a .dk domain, DKK as a currency, and Danish-speaking customer support.

Essential info for Dane players

Essential info for Dane playersThe 2012 Gambling Act fully regulated the market, deeming a license necessary for a bookmaker. That means that playing on international or offshore bookies is illegal. However, there is little to worry about as the law seems to exist only on paper. There are no reports of a fee or a penalty for players who chose an unlicensed sportsbook.

In terms of winning taxes, a significant change occurred in 2021. Until then, there was a flat zero tax on gambling winnings. Now they are treated as income, and the relevant tax (up to 62%) applies. Profits under DKK 37,000 (€5,000) are usually untaxable, but if you win more, you might want to check with your accountant. Since the tax rate changed, many high-rollers exited the local betting sites Danmark offered and joined offshore bookies. Some reports claim that up to 40% of bettors play on international sportsbooks from the previous 5%.

How does ROFUS impact bettors?

Spillemyndigheden recently created a self-exclusion tool called ROFUS to help with responsible gaming. If a bettor feels that betting gets out of hand, he can visit the website of the Danish Gambling Authority and register with his NemID. Then he can choose for a timeout period from 24 hours, 1,3 or 6 months to indefinitely. Any exclusion is irreversible until time passes. If you opt for a permanent one, you can ask for removal after one year. Remember that any exclusions will also apply in land-based casinos.

How to deposit at Denmark betting sites

How to deposit at Denmark betting sitesDenmark is one of the leading nations for cashless transactions; this trend is immediately felt in the popular payment options available at bookmakers. Every Dansk bookmaker delivers a wide array of payment options, perfectly adapted for instant payments with no fees involved.

Starting with credit/debit cards, Visa, Mastercard and AmEx are all available on online betting sites Denmark features. Furthermore, you can use Dankort, a Visa card issued with Danske Bank. Wallets like Skrill, Neteller and vouchers like Paysafecard are also popular, and cryptocurrencies grow as more and more bookies accept them. Regarding local options, Forbrugsforeningskort (bank transfer), Betalingsservice or Nets (instant payment service), and Payson (wallet with Swedish origins) can be worthy alternatives.

The future of online betting in Denmark

The future of betting sites DanmarkAfter the government-backed regulation, the current form of online gambling was shaped in 2012. Since then, few changes have occurred despite numerous amendments. Most reputable Danish betting sites applied for a local license, and they remained the prime choice of players. However, the recent tax change upset many bettors, as it cut winnings to more than half.

Where does that leave you? While it is still unclear whether this tax will apply in general, a mass exodus followed, and international sportsbooks saw an influx of Danish players. Locally licensed bookies have protested the tax increase as it has driven away members, and the subject is in limbo, at least for now. If you are more of a recreational bettor, you have no reason for moving away from your trusted sports betting Denmark site. But if you wager and win a lot, keep your options open.

The complete list of bookmakers in Denmark

After going through all the relevant aspects that make a bookmaker an excellent destination for Danish punters, it’s time to give you full access to some of the best betting sites Denmark has to offer. Each bookmaker on this list underwent our thorough selection process regarding odds, bonuses, features and customer support.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Denmark?

Yes, the market has been fully regulated since the passing of the Gambling Act in 2012. Every sportsbook must have a license from the Spillemyndigheden to operate in Denmark and satisfy specific provisions. Still, there are several offshore bookmakers open to Danish bettors.

Q: Which are the best betting sites allowed in Denmark?

You cannot go wrong with any of our shortlisted bookies, as we have tested them extensively. We include sportsbooks like Betfair, bet365 and 888sport with a top reputation and scores of members.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Denmark?

The Danish Gambling Authority is strict; hence, you will have no reliability issues if you play on a licensed bookie. The international sportsbooks we list are also safe; nevertheless, we recommend playing carefully.

Q: Which online deposit method should I choose?

Your options are vast and include credit/debit cards, wallets and cryptocurrencies if your Danish gambling site takes them. Moreover, you can pick a local method like Forbrugsforeningskort, Betalingsservice and Payson.

Q: How can I self-exclude from sports betting Denmark sites?

The responsible gaming scheme is called ROFUS, and you can access it via the domain of the Spillemyndigheden. Once you enter your NemID, you can choose your exclusion period. Remember that you cannot cancel it after you put it in place.

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