Betting Sites in Finland

Population: 5,513,000
Active Players: 1,653,900
Currency: EUR
Regulated Gambling Products: Sports betting, horse racing, casino, poker, lotteries
Operator Types: State-run monopoly on online casinos, lotto, sports betting, scratch cards and horse racing, International betting sites operate without a license
Designated Authority: Veikkaus
Status: Grey Market. International betting sites are not legally prosecuted

Finland is one of those countries that can set an example for everyone else in the world for the way they handle their welfare, education and healthcare system. With such a healthy society and having taken care of the main aspects of life, it is only natural that many Finns chose sports betting as a form of entertainment. Moreover, at a closer look, one would see that gambling in Finland is more than just entertainment. Veikkaus had represented a pillar of the community during hard times, such as during and after World War II when Suomi was torn by the Soviet aggression. This form of support has continued ever since, meaning betting in Finland is more than just entertainment, especially when talking about the state-controlled operators. It is a form of having fun while giving back to the community at the same time.

Bet in Finland - 5 Things To Know

  • The estimated worth of the Finnish gambling industry sits at €10 billion per year
  • 30% of Finns gamble at least once a week
  • There are no plans for international betting sites or casinos to receive a local license
  • There are no legal mechanisms to prevent online gamblers from playing at foreign operators
  • Despite pressure from the EU, the Finns do not take into consideration modifying the 2011 Lotteries Act.

Best betting sites in Finland


Players Rating: (9 Rates) 6.9


Players Rating: (11 Rates) 6.4


Players Rating: (5 Rates) 8.9

Betting in Finland: The online environment

aust-150x150The state-controlled Veikkaus operate all the Suomi bookmakers, and the government keeps an air-tight monopoly on the gambling industry, in spite of various interventions from the European Union for supporting the principle of fair trade and allowing access to foreign operators as well. However, Finns that do not want to enjoy the Veikkaus Pitkäveto and prefer to gamble at foreign operators can do so with no legal repercussions.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Finland?

The 2011 Lotteries Act regulates all gambling and betting activities in Finland that clearly states all sort of gaming forms require a license. As previously mentioned, the state-run Veikkaus is the only licensed operator in the country, thus obtaining a legal monopoly on all gambling products.

Even though big names of the industry have expressed interested in penetrating the Finnish gambling industry legally and apply for a license, there will be no such thing since it is stated in the Lotteries Act that only a permit will be issued at a time. This measure is justified by the protection of those who engage in betting, reduce social problems and prevent criminal activities. Luckily, you have the option to enjoy other Suomi bookmakers as well.

International Betting Sites in Finland

Even though Veikkaus provides high-quality service, the best betting sites in Finland remain the international ones. With various betting markets, highly competitive odds, appealing bonuses, rewards, and worldwide competitions punters can enter, bookmakers like Betfair, 888 or Bet365 Suomi are among the leading choices of Finnish players. Perhaps as a form of putting the EU at ease, there is no legislation in place prosecuting foreign operators or the players that enjoy their services. This means that nothing is stopping any Finnish player from enjoying the services of safe and proven websites such as 1xBet or ComeOn to back their favourite teams and place bets freely. Even more than that, many of these bookmakers show an inclination towards Finns by translating their websites in Finnish and devising special offers applicable only to them.

Sports Betting in Finland

Despite being a Nordic country, the sports betting Finland scenario is dominated by football. Of course, the domestic league does not get much attention, however, the Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga are very popular along with international competitions such as the UEFA Champions League. When compared to other betting markets, Finland has its particularity through pesapallo. The national sport in Finland, pesapallo is often described as Finish baseball, however, there are many differences between the two games. Hockey is next in line as well as cross-country skiing and various other winter sports.

Finnish basketball betting - The upcoming trend

Basketball is the most up and coming sport in Finland, even if Korisliiga is not regarded as a top level league and Finnish teams like Kataja, Vilpas and Kouvot, haven't recorded any significant successes at the FIBA competitions. The recent national team’s achievements and the strong presences of Markannen at Chicago (who walks in the footsteps of Hanno Mottola) and Koponen at Bayern Munich though, have fired up the interest for the finnish basketball odds and bets.

Top 5 Foreign Bookmakers in Finland

Since all the most popular betting sites show a predisposition towards Finnish players, we would like to come with an extra helping hand in choosing the absolute best. Therefore, if you want to enjoy an excellent Urheiluvedonlyönti experience, here are the top 5 foreign bookmakers you should check.

Bet365 Finland (Bet365 Suomi)

It comes as no surprise that bet365 is the most trusted brand in Finland, after providing top-notch betting services to players all across the globe. Besides offering a website in Finnish, they also come with a comprehensive offer of Asian handicaps, and you can watch all your favourite games through their massive offer of live streaming.

1xBet Finland

1xBet is ideal for Finns due to their vast range of betting markets, with a focus on winter sports and even eSports where the teams from Finland register impressive performances. Another strong point for 1xBet comes from the banking section with many local payment methods provided for Finnish punters.

ComeOn Finland

ComeOn appeals to Finnish players by offering the entire platform in Suomi, covering a great range of winter sports and providing a diverse market for live bets. The various local payment methods are also a big plus when it comes to choosing the right bookmaker from a Finnish player perspective.

Betfair Finland

Betfair differentiates from all other examples in our list by offering a betting exchange. This means that you get better odds, a lot of different promotions for every stage of your journey, and absolutely no betting limits.

Payment Methods on Finnish Bookies

The first step in enjoying a premium betting experience is topping-up your account. Moreover, for that, Finnish players have the privilege of choosing from many domestic payment options offered by the vast majority of bookies. No matter if we are talking about ewallets, instant bank transfers or mobile options, you can expect betting sites Finland to offer Euteller, Zimpler, Nordea, Trustly, Payson or Siru and Siirto for mobile users. When it comes to facilitating online deposits for those who bet, Finland knows how to get things done.

Best Suomi bookmakers

Bookmakers Why to Bet Why to Bet Bookmakers Rating    
  • 100% up to €122 welcome bonus
  • Extremely high odds
  • Countless markets
  • 1. 100% up to €122 welcome bonus
  • 2. Extremely high odds
  • 3. Countless markets
Review Bet Now
  • 1.000 live matches daily
  • Asian Handicap
  • 50+ sports
  • 1. 1.000 live matches daily
  • 2. Asian Handicap
  • 3. 50+ sports
Review Bet Now
  • Experienced bookmaker
  • Abundance of markets
  • Cash out available
  • 1. Experienced bookmaker
  • 2. Abundance of markets
  • 3. Cash out available
Review Bet Now
  • 100% up to €100 welcome bonus
  • Extremely high odds
  • Mobile app
  • 1. 100% up to €100 welcome bonus
  • 2. Extremely high odds
  • 3. Mobile app
Review Bet Now
  • One of the most reliable bookmakers
  • Wide range of sports and markets
  • Live Streaming and Cash Out service
  • 1. One of the most reliable bookmakers
  • 2. Wide range of sports and markets
  • 3. Live Streaming and Cash Out service
Review Bet Now
  • High odds on football
  • Huge variety of betting markets
  • Intriguing welcome bonus
  • 1. High odds on football
  • 2. Huge variety of betting markets
  • 3. Intriguing welcome bonus
Review Bet Now
  • Up to 100+ extra markets/match
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Easy to use desktop/mobile site
  • 1. Up to 100+ extra markets/match
  • 2. Asian Handicaps
  • 3. Easy to use desktop/mobile site
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  • High odds
  • Great for football punters
  • Huge variety of betting selections
  • 1. High odds
  • 2. Great for football punters
  • 3. Huge variety of betting selections
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  • Fast expanding bookie
  • One of the best welcome bonuses
  • Clean & fast website
  • 1. Fast expanding bookie
  • 2. One of the best welcome bonuses
  • 3. Clean & fast website
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Mr Play Sports
  • 10.000 pre-match events per month
  • 35+ sports
  • 140+ extra bets
  • 1. 10.000 pre-match events per month
  • 2. 35+ sports
  • 3. 140+ extra bets
Mr Play Sports
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How safe is betting on foreign bookmakers in Finland?

Betting on foreign bookmakers is 100% safe for Finns since the legislation does not refer to any actions taken against international bookies that function in Suomi, nor the players accessing their services.

Q: Which is the best betting site for Ice Hockey?

If you are looking for the best possible bookmaker for Ice Hockey, Bet365 has a very generous offer of matches, competitions and all types of bets you can think of. Add to that the live streaming and you get the perfect hockey betting site.

Q: Are betting exchanges like Betfair available to Finns?

Of course, players from Finland can access Betfair and create an account to enjoy the services of the world’s best betting exchange. Enjoy the higher odds and bet alongside millions of other punters.

Does Bwin accept players from Finland?

Although Bwin had a strong presence for more than 10 years at the territory, unfortunately, decided to exit the Finnish market due to the latest regulatory changes.

Q: Where can I bet on Pesapallo?

There are a lot of high-quality bookmakers that provide Pesapallo bets, however, if you want to get the best possible experience you should check Unibet’s offer.

Q: Do I have to pay a betting tax?

The betting operators pay an 8.5% on their winnings, however, there is a specification of a tax applied to the punters. However, it is always recommended to declare your taxes through the local tax authority.

Q: Which gambling authority handles complaints?

The Veikkaus is the authority handling complaints concerning any type of gambling activity. The international websites have various other systems to resolve disputes, controlled by the licensing regulator or third-party companies.

Q: Is matched betting allowed in Finland?

Indeed, you can enjoy matched betting in Finland at any of the international bookmakers. You have full access to the entire betting offer of both domestic and foreign operators. Quite possibly the best Swedish bookmaker, according to Finnish preference and player reviews, is Unibet

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