UK ad ban to impact live betting revenue

    The changes that are going to occur within the following time period in the United Kingdom are going to mostly affect the way the industry will proceed! But also, those regarding the ad ban of live events, are going to cause a massive reduction of betting action from players in the country. According to a survey held just a few days ago, a vast percentage rate reaching 18% revealed that they are going to stop betting thanks to the ban during in play mathces.

    The poll was conducted of 963 respondents and although 82% of them were content with the ban of the gambling industry advertisements, this number fell off to 66% when the talk went to those who really are active players. The things are more serious to those who are online bettors, since a very big 24% told that they are going to reduce their betting on sports and a vast 18% told that they are going to stop their live betting action for good, while an 8% told that they are going to stop their overall betting action. In addition, the survey found out that the general public does not think of the advertisements as a reason to spark the underage betting and in fact, a small part of the respondents believed that the ban will cause a reduction of the underage gambling.

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