Best Austria Betting Sites

Population: 8.857.960Betting Sites in Austria
Active players: 2.320.000
Currency: EUR
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, betting exchanges, casino, lottery, horse racing, poker, bingo
Operator types: Land-based casinos and online bookmakers, international operators
Designated authority: Austrian Gambling Regulatory Authority
Status: Semi-regulated

In the heart of Central Europe, Austria has been home to some of the most important names in culture and arts. Mozart, Schubert & Strauss have contributed significantly to classical music, while everyone has seen a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrian people have also long been keen on sports. Football stands at the top of the fans’ interest, with the mountainous area of the country making alpine skiing and snowboarding also extremely popular.

As you might expect, since Austrians love sports, there is a high chance that they also love betting. And that is exactly right, as they can play in several international & local Austrian bookmakers, betting shops and land-based casinos. Due to the federalised nature of the state, each of the nine states has region-specific regulations for Austria betting sites. The newly emerged Austrian Gambling Regulatory Authority is bound to set a uniform set of rules so players know that they play in a safe environment.

Best Betting Sites in Austria

BMB_ListOur shortlist includes the sports betting Austria sites that topped the charts in odds, markets, payment methods & bonuses. You will find established and international bookmakers with years of experience, which allow you to bet on the Austrian Bundesliga and every prestigious European league.

Bet Austria - 5 Things to Know

  • 1
    The German Bundesliga is a far more popular betting market than the domestic Austrian Bundesliga
  • 2
    Over 50% of all online gambling takes place on mobile phones
  • 3
    The legal age for gambling in Austria is 18-years-old
  • 4
    Unlicensed international betting sites dominate the Austrian gambling environment
  • 5
    Winnings are not taxed but stakes have a 2% standard fee

Sports Betting in Austria: The Law Framework

BMB_Power IconThe law in Austria separates ‘’Games of Chance’’ like land casinos & lotteries and ‘’Betting’’. The latter is regulated by each one of the nine states, with minor variations. Until a few months ago, the Finance Ministry was responsible for regulating land & online bookmakers.

However, in 2021 the Austrian Gambling Regulatory Authority was formed to supervise the domestic market. It is worth mentioning that almost all online international bookies operated in Austria with no license until now. According to the former Finance Minister Gernot Blümel, the new governing body’s primary goals will be specific.

The main is combatting gambling addiction, money laundering, and blocking shady bookies from the ISPs. All these measures do not affect most players in the short term, and they can still enjoy that most betting powerhouses are open to Austrians.

Essential Information for Bettors

BMB_Best IconBetting in Austria comes with several local sportsbooks despite the country's relatively small size. Still, most bettors opt to join an international bookmaker due to the reputation they have. Higher odds, more markets and better bonuses are usually on the menu.

Since that, at least for now, there are no set fines or penalties; you do not have to use a VPN to use any bookie you want.  A good idea, though, is to know the provisions in your federal state. There is a standard 2% fee on all stakes regarding taxes. The good news is that winnings, on the other hand, are untaxable.

These percentages are not likely to change with the new law; however, a significant change could be a potential blacklist of unregulated Austria bet sites. In other words, if a bookie does not adhere to all provisions of the Austrian Gambling Regulatory Authority, then local bettors could be restricted from playing on it.

Betting in Austria: How to Deposit at Online Bookies

BMB_Markets GenericFueling the bankroll is one of the main concerns of any knowledgeable bettor. In payment methods, the rule is the more, the better. Due to the lack of strict limitations in Austrian online gambling companies, you can use various options.

For starters, credit/debit cards from Visa & Mastercard are by far the most popular methods. Then players can deposit with wallets like Skrill, Neteller & Paysafecard. Local options like Sofort and Giropay are also widely popular with bookmakers since Austrians opt to pay with them extensively in land and online merchants.

If you prefer under-the-radar activity and instant payments, you can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum if your sportsbook supports them.

The Future of Austria Betting

BMB_Book Spy

Currently, the landscape in which Austrian bookmakers operate goes through a transitional period. The word is that the government will fully regulate the online market sooner or later. The newly created Austrian Gambling Regulatory Authority confirms that.

Some international bookies have taken the message and withdrew from Austria, and more might follow. A new, licensed betting environment for the player could be great news regarding safety, but trouble in variety. Grey bookmakers could be discouraged and step away from the country.

Ultimately, Austria betting sites that have been in the market for years will likely apply and get a license. So, until there are some official announcements, you can go ahead and keep playing on your preferred sportsbook.

The Complete List of Bookmakers in Austria

BMB_ListIf you are starting your betting ventures or looking for an alternative, we have you covered. Our top-rated Austria bet sites will give you the most bang for your buck in your activity, proven by our research and members’ evaluation.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Austria?

Yes, online bookmakers can operate in Austria even if they boast no license. The market is being regulated so that some changes might occur shortly. Nevertheless, already licensed bookies will likely stay that way.

Q: Which are the best betting sites Austria?

There are many local and international sportsbooks for bettors in Austria. We singled out 888sport, N1Bet and 22bet for giving competitive odds, a high number of markets and multiple promotions.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Austria?

Locally based bookmakers have licenses from the Austrian Gambling Regulatory Authority, so safety is not an issue. International sportsbooks might operate under several licenses; however, we list only those with a good track record, verified by several members.

Q: Which online deposit method should I choose?

You can use pretty much every deposit method available in Austria. Credit/debit cards issued by Visa & MasterCard and wallets like Paysafecard, Skrill & Neteller are prime options. Furthermore, you can use local methods like Sofort and Giropay, while several sportsbooks have started accepting Crypto payments for privacy and speed.

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