Israel edging closer to legalized poker

    A huge step towards legalized gambling has been made in Israel since the Poker tournaments are very close to being considered legal from now on. Until now, every form of gambling was illegal in the country, but the first gusts of a wind of change are already blowing in Israel. Everything will be bound to a huge change of the new bill, proposed by Likud MK Sharren Haskel, will be passed into law.

    Until now, even Poker, a product widely accepted as a game of skill, was not permitted, because it was considered as gambling. In fact, the poker players were about to face a year in prison for participating in the game, while the organizers of the tournaments were subject to a three years conviction. The Supreme Court ruled that Poker should be considered as a game of skill and Haskel’s bill is intended to legislate that ruling. The exact statement, written from the Supreme Court Judge Neal Hendel, was: “The fact that the players go to contests and tournaments year after year strengthens the conclusion that it is not a game of luck”. For sure, if the bill is turned to a law, this is going to benefit the industry, since it will be the first opening towards legalizing gambling as a whole.

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