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Best Greyhound Betting Sites 2024

Greyhound racing dates back to England in the late 1800s, with the oval track and mechanical hare being introduced in 1927. Having long been associated with the gambling industry, races from the UK, United States, Australia and Ireland are available on several online bookmakers today.

The best greyhound betting sites cover them all, and the majority offer many markets, along with a host of promotions and features. On this page, we will outline how greyhound racing betting sites work.

This will include what separates the best from the rest. Whether you are looking at the Greyhound Derby, Melbourne Cup or other races, our list of greyhound bookmakers has all bases covered.

Which Are the Best Greyhound Racing Betting Sites?

BMB_TrophyPlacing bets on dogs is simple, thanks to online bookies, but not all greyhound racing betting sites are the same. This means you must decide which bookmakers best meet your list of demands.

The number of daily races, the odds, and whether live streaming is available should be the first things to check. Luckily, we have done the research on your behalf and are ready to present you with the current top additional options you should keep in mind before you make your baby steps on how to bet on sports.

What Distinguishes the Best Bookies for Greyhounds?

BMB_Versus_IconWhile a large number of bookies cover the sport, not all are worth registering with. The best dog racing betting sites stand out for many reasons. Our top-ranked ones score highly in the following areas in particular:

Variety of Venues

BMB_Number_One Greyhound racing venues are found across the UK, as well as in many other countries. However, it is not only races from high-profile stadiums that should be available for wagering. Of course, the English Derby, Melbourne Cup and Sandown Cup are covered.

However, the best online greyhound betting sites also feature meetings from other tracks, like Romford, Crayford or Doncaster. Meanwhile, races from the United States, Australia, Ireland and other countries should also be available.

Range of Betting Markets

BMB_Number_TwoIn years gone by, it was only the winner of races that punters could be on. Greyhound betting is growing rapidly, with new markets being introduced regularly too. Established and new greyhound betting sites offer forecast, tricast, betting without the favourite, top 4 finish and place options, among others.

As a result, players can browse sportsbooks in order to find the best value. So, be sure to look beyond simple race-winner markets.

Live Streaming

BMB_Number_ThreeThe ability to watch races as they take place is hugely exciting. Available on selected greyhound betting sites, live streaming is one of the most in-demand features today. There is nothing quite like watching on as your pick romps home to victory. Available on desktop and mobile, LS is accessed via a small qualifying bet or a funded account, depending on the site.

Meanwhile, the specifics of live streaming will also differ among bookmakers. For example, some races can be viewed on full screen, while commentary will accompany them occasionally too. It is also easy to plan your viewing, with some live streaming betting sites offering a complete schedule.

Best Odds Guaranteed

BMB_Number_FourBOG is a promotion offered by many online bookies today. Available on selected races, it effectively means that your payout will be at the best possible price. For example, let’s say you back a particular dog to win at Brighton & Hove on Saturday at odds of 5/1 (6.00). However, before the race, its price grows to 6/1 (7.00).

If your selection comes first, winnings would be delivered at the highest odds. Even this tiny price increase can have a significant impact on profit levels. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that BOG is one of the most popular promos offered by greyhound betting sites today. Best Odds Guaranteed bookies are more commonly associated with horse racing, with greyhound racing being eligible on selected sites.

Extra Places and Other Promos

Number 5 iconSome other promotions are also available to those playing on greyhound betting sites. Extra places, free bets and money-back specials are the most common, each with unique terms and conditions. Extra places are arguably the most popular.

Here, if you have an each-way bet, the number of places where the bookie will pay out rises. While most will only pay out on the first 2 or 3 places, this can increase to the first 3 or 4 finishers. Moreover, other promos should not be overlooked.

Enhanced odds, Acca boost and insurance offers are found on dog racing betting sites regularly. Most are pretty self-explanatory. However, it is key to understand the rules. For example, with faller insurance, you could receive a refund if your pick fails to finish the race.

What Markets Do Greyhound Racing Betting Sites Offer?

BMB_Markets GenericAs we have alluded to, the best online greyhound betting sites with straightforward Rule 4 deductions allow the placing of several different bets. A dog to win is the most popular, while a host of alternatives are on offer too. The most sufficient are outlined below:

⏩ To Win: The simplest and most popular bet remains wagering on which dog will win a specific race. Each runner is given pre-race odds based on their recent form and condition. While there usually is a clear favourite, the odds remain attractive due to the competitive nature of the sport.

⏩ Each-Way: With an each-way market, your bet is split into two sections. Half of your stake goes on the dog in question to win the race, with the other half being a place bet. This greater level of insurance is available with all greyhound bookies.

⏩ Straight Forecast: Those looking for higher winnings may take advantage of forecast markets. The first option is a straight forecast. Here, you are betting on the top two finishers in the correct order.

⏩ Reverse Forecast: Costing double the amount of a straight forecast, the reverse option again involves betting on the top two finishers. However, the order they finish is not essential, meaning the payout is not as high as with a straight forecast.

⏩ Tricast: As the name suggests, this requires you to pick the top three finishers from a race. On top of this, you must predict the exact order in which they come home. While risky, the potential rewards are very appealing.

Are There Any New Greyhound Betting Sites?

BMB_Betting OddsUnlike football or tennis, greyhound racing is not internationally recognised. As such, the number of new greyhound betting sites is relatively small. This is primarily due to the difficulty of competing with established bookies, including Betfred, Betfair and Unibet. While some new betting sites will feature greyhound racing, others will not include it.

Which Are the Major Races Worldwide?

BMB_Horse_Racing_Course Even advanced bettors want to find the answer to the question, “How to bet on dog racing strategy?” Meetings from a handful of countries feature on greyhound betting sites. Of course, races taking place at well-known venues are likely to attract the interest of bettors more than others. So, when browsing markets, keep a close eye on the following races in particular:

  • 1
    English Greyhound Derby: Held at Towcester Stadium, the English Greyhound Derby is the biggest race in the UK. Dating back to 1927, the dog that comes home first will win £175,000 for its owner. The race takes place over 500m on a sand track.
  • 2
    Irish Greyhound Derby: Dating back to 1928, the Irish Greyhound Derby is held at Shelbourne Park in Dublin. Held over 550m on the sand, €115,000 goes to the winner.
  • 3
    East Anglian Cup: Taking place at Yarmouth Stadium, the winner of the East Anglian Cup takes home £15,000. The race was founded in 1947 and is held annually.
  • 4
    Select Stakes: Offering £10,000 to the winning dog, the Select Stakes is another of the most high-profile races in England. Held at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, this is an invitation-only race.
  • 5
    Melbourne Cup: There is no more significant greyhound event in Australia than the Melbourne Cup. The race is part of a larger three-week event with a total prize pool of over A$1 million. The race is held annually in November.

Top 3 Greyhound Betting Sites

BMB_ListGreyhound racing betting is notoriously difficult. The sport is hugely competitive, with even pre-race favourites only winning around 30-35% of the time. If you wish to try your luck, below are our recommended greyhound bookies, perfect for beginners and experts.

Q: Which are the most common greyhound promotions?

When betting on greyhound racing, punters will likely come across best odds guaranteed, price boosts, free bets and money-back specials. Of course, the exact promos will range between bookies. It is also important to read the small print before signing up and depositing.

Q: How long before the race is the BOG announced?

This will depend on the bookie you sign up with. However, it is generally between 7 am and 10 am on race day. Be sure to look at the full best odds guaranteed T&Cs for further details.

Q: Can greyhound betting be profitable?

Yes. While there are no guarantees, those who have a clear strategy and stick to their budget can undoubtedly make a profit from betting on greyhound racing.

Q: Which is the most popular market in greyhound betting sites?

The “To Win” market remains the most popular for punters. However, each-way, forecast and trifecta markets are being taken advantage of by an increasing number of bettors.

Q: Which is the most notable win ever made in greyhound betting?

Many punters have made a small fortune from betting on greyhound racing. No one bet stands out. However, plenty will have felt like they had won the lottery after seeing their pick come home first.

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