Betting with Bankcards – How and why to use a card on Online Bookmakers

Back in the old days, the only way of punting could be done by paying cash on a land based shop. Things have gone a long way since then, given that nowadays betting is mostly associated with online bookmakers who accept various payment methods. One of the most frequently used, are credit and debit cards, due to their ease of use and short waiting times. The purpose of the following guide is to shed some light on those of you who are not familiar using cards on bookies and offer various helpful tips to any bankcard user.

Cards and Online Betting

The main advantage of using a credit/debit card on a bookmaker, is its ease of use, quickness, safety and the fact that most bookies will accept such a payment. Making a deposit through your bankcard is generally considered one of the safest ways of topping up your account, given that every transaction is recorded both on the bookmaker's database and your bank. You only need to go to the appropriate field on the payment methods and enter the required information, plus a security number on the following screen and you can start betting. This is usually done without any added charges, while there are also many bookies that will not charge any withdrawals made through your card. However, this ease of use can prove to be its biggest drawback if you cannot control your betting activity, since you might make a hasty deposit that you will later regret.

Before you place your money on a bookmaker, there are certain things you should take into consideration. How long do transactions take, what limits are placed on the deposits/withdrawals and are there any fees imposed? You can usually find this type of information on the payment section, next to the name and logo of each accepted credit/debit card, or you may inquire the customer service. Additionally, you might be eligible to claim certain betting bonuses and credit card offers that are associated with this type of deposit, so make sure to find which bookies offer these types of promotions.

If you wish to complete a deposit, you must go to the payment section and choose to pay through your card. You will be asked to enter certain information, such as your card number, the CVV2, CVC2, CID, CAV2 code situated at the back of your card and its expiration date. You must also input the card's brand (e.g. VISA or Mastercard), the name the card is issued to and your date of birth. Do not under any circumstance, provide your card's PIN number, as no bookmaker will ever require this type of information. Each payment is completed instantly and free of charge.

In order to make a withdrawal, go to the payment section and choose to withdraw from your card. Make sure to have completed at least one payment with your credit/debit card and simply enter the required amount and your bookmaker password. This transaction should be completed in around 3-5 working days and in most cases will require no added fees.

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Difference between Credit & Debit cards

First of all we have to clarify the difference between a credit and a debit card. Whenever you use a debit card, you draw some money from your personal account. There are no added fees and if there are not enough funds on your balance, then the transaction can not be completed. A credit card allows you to make pretty much everything as with a regular debit card, with a single important difference. If your balance reaches zero, you can still complete a transaction, by technically borrowing money from your bank. It might seem pretty straightforward, given that you can repay that amount whenever you want, however if you are not able to do so, you will be hit with a rather high interest rate, averaging at 12%.

Verification of your card

In some cases, bookmakers may require that you verify your card. The only thing you have to do, is send a scanned copy of photo of your card (both sides). Do note, that only the first and last four digits need to be visible, so you should cover the remaining digits and also make sure to hide your CVC number at the back of your card.

Types of Bank Cards

online-gambling-bank cardsThere are three types of credit cards. The Standard Credit Card that is issued to applicants with little or no credit history. Reward Cards that offer several rewards programs such as extra cash and discounts and Charge Cards that don’t have a specific spending limit. You should be careful not to spend more money than you have on your balance.

The Mastercard is one of the oldest type of cards and was issued for first time in the 1940s. You can use it to deposit on almost any bookmaker and although you will be able to make a withdrawal on some countries, in most cases you will have to use your bank account, given that the Mastercard was created only for payments.

The Visa card is another well known type of credit card, with a long history as well. You can likewise use it on any bookmaker, however a VISA will allow you to complete a withdrawal.

Debit cards are also split into three categories. Dual-use cards that are quite convenient, given that they use both a PIN and a signature. PIN-only cards that are used for cash withdrawals, money transfers, online payments and mobile transactions and lastly, prepaid cards whose main advantage is that they are not linked to a specific account. They are considered one of the most secure ways of completing transactions.

The Maestro is the debit card of Mastercard. It can be used in the same way as the credit card, with only two differences. You can only spend as much as your balance and you can complete withdrawals from any bookmaker. The Visa Debit and Visa Electron are the debits cards of the VISA brand. They are likewise used as a typical debit card.

Other types of bankcards

The Diners card is somewhat different from other bankcards, given that it is not connected on your bank account. You must instead fund your Diners Club account each time you want to complete a transaction. You can surpass that amount, however make sure to repay it before the end of the month, or you will be charged with a small fee. Very few bookmakers accept Diners Cards.

Pros and Cons in online Betting

The main advantages and disadvantages of using a bank card in online betting, can be broken down to:


  • Most gambling sites will accept them
  • Instant withdrawals and deposits
  • Easy way of topping up your account
  • No added fees for using a debit/credit card
  • Safe way of depositing, given that every transaction is recorded on your bank account.


  • You must keep your composure in order to avoid making any hasty deposits, after a frustrating loss
  • Your card details are held on the bookmaker's database, so technically your transactions can be accessed from any economic authority
  • You may be charged with various fees, depending on your card and the bookmaker.

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