Entropay Virtual Cards and Online Betting

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    Entropay is one of the most convenient online payment methods, given that it allows you to quickly complete any transaction by using a virtual prepaid credit card. The company was established in 2003 in the UK, by the Ixaris System LTD e-money foundation and is regulated by one of the most trustworthy financial authorities, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) of the United Kingdom. Regardless of whether you are a bettor or simply want to make an online purchase, all you need to do is issue a pre paid card of almost any kind (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro etc) that can be used to complete your payment. On this guide, we will try to find the ways that Entropay can be used on online betting and offer various helpful hints and tips.

    Entropay & online bookmakers

    The first thing we have to clarify about an Entropay prepaid card, is that it basically acts as the virtual variant of a regular credit or debit card. This means that every time you top up your bookie account, your identity will remain private, given that you only have to fill in the information found on your Entropay card. Additionally, they are accepted on almost every major sport betting site with every deposit being completed instantly and free of charge. They rank among the safest ways of depositing and withdrawing your money, given that every transaction is closely monitored to prevent any type of fraud or money laundering.

    Although Entropay allows for a significant ease of use on your payments, you should do well to remember that it is a somewhat costly way of transacting on a bookie. This is due to the fact that there are certain fees imposed on your withdrawals, as well as every time you purchase a pre paid card.

    Top Bookmakers that accept Entropay

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    • 2. Abundance of markets
    • 3. Cash out available
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    • 2. More than 35 different sports
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    Making a deposit

    All you have to do is go to the payment section on your bookmaker and locate the Entropay option. Next you will have to fill in your pre paid card’s information, specifically its number, expiring date & CVV code and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Upon clicking the confirm button, your account will be instantly credited, without any added charges.

    Making a withdrawal

    Once again, go to the payment section and find Entropay. You will be asked to enter your Entropay account information, state the amount you wish to withdraw and enter your password. You will receive your money after about 3-5 working days for a fee attributing to 1.95% of your withdrawn amount. If you wish to make a withdrawal from your Entropay account to your bank account, you will be hit with an added fee. (2.99 – 14.99 for $, 1.49 – 7.99 for £, 1.99 – 9.99 for )

    Opening up an account

    This is pretty straightforward and can be easily done by completing the following steps:

    Step 1: Enter and click on the “Sign up now” banner located on the right of your screen.

    Step 2: Fill in your personal details on the according form. After having completed this procedure, simply click on the “Get your card” button, to receive your pre paid card.

    Following that, you will be asked to top up your account by using your credit/debit card, or through a bank transfer. You can also create an account via your personal account on Facebook.


    Different levels & transaction limits

    Accounts are split to three different levels, that influence how much money you are able to send or receive on a single transaction. Upon completing your registration, you will begin at the “Starter” level. You can deposit at most 250€ on a bookmaker, while you will only receive up to €250 when you request a withdrawal. In order to qualify for the “Basic” membership you must verify your e-mail address and residence, at which point you will be able to create an added virtual credit card, send and receive up to 2.500€ every year and withdraw money on your bank account or credit card (up to €800).

    Finally, on the “Premier” level, the limits will be greatly enhanced. You can load your virtual card with up to €15.000 each month and withdraw money on your bank account/credit card at the amount of €45.000. If you wish to gain access to those higher limits, you must verify your personal information, by sending the following to

    1. Government ID Card, Passport or Driver’s Licence.

    2. Address Verification document.

    3. A copy of your credit or debit card (both sides) that was used to load your Entropay account. Make sure to cover the digits from the 7th to the 12th one, of the front side and the 3digit CVC security code on the back of your card, for added security.


    Using a credit or debit card on your online transactions may at times prove to be a risky option given that you have to reveal sensitive financial information to a perhaps, untrustworthy vendor.

    Entropay allows you to completely eliminate that risk.

    • When you make a transaction with Entropay these details are not visible to the merchant, but are only used for the administration of your account.

    • Your account’s login, transactions, personal and financial information are protected by 128-bit encryption and are guaranteed to remain private.

    • The Virtual Visa Card is generated through cryptographic devices, that offer an unsurpassed security level.

    • Your password is only visible to you.

    • Entropay has invested in high tech fraud monitoring systems, offering unparalleled security to all payment procedures.

    • Security technology with “GoDaddy”, “3-D Secure” & “Firewall and Virus Detection”.


    • Loading an EntroPay card from a personal credit or debit card: 4.95%

    • Receiving money from a merchant:1.95%

    • Transfer between two accounts: €0.15

    • Foreign exchange fee on relevant purchases: 2%

    • Withdraw money to a personal credit or debit card: €4.50

    Pros & Cons

    The advantages and disadvantages of using an Entropay pre paid card are the following:


    • Anonymity. Keep your sensitive personal and financial information private
    • Instant access to your money through the Entropay Virtual Card
    • Safety. Entropay uses top security systems in order to safeguard your transactions
    • Almost every online bookie accepts Entropay
    • 24/7 Customer service through e-mail. Send your questions at [email protected] and get an instant response


    • Charges. Certain fees are imposed for loading an Entropay Virtual Visa card and withdrawing from a bookie.
    • Extremely low limits are placed on your transactions. However, you can qualify for higher limits if you verify/upgrade your account.

    Bookmakers that accept Entropay

    BookmakerDeposit Charge Withdrawal Charge  
    888sport reviewFree of charge  Free of charge  Claim
    BetstarsFree of charge  -- Not available --  Claim