Best EcoPayz Betting Sites

EcoPayz is a global wallet specializing in online gambling that allows you to deposit and withdraw money safely, quickly, and conveniently. Players value this payment mainly for the instant withdrawals and its more relaxed approach towards emerging markets and grey bookmakers. Established in the UK in 2000, currently operating in 160+ countries and 45 currencies, it is one of the world's oldest e-wallets. The parent company, PSI-Pay Ltd, is regulated by the FCA and authorized by the British FSA (Financial Services Authority).

For making the most of your betting activity, we take a closer look at every aspect of ecoPayz like:

 ᐉ An updated (2023) list of ecoPayz betting sites
 ᐉ The steps required to create an ecoAccount and deposit to your favorite bookmaker
 ᐉ All the pros and cons of using ecoPayz for betting online

Best EcoPayz Bookmakers for 2023

Plenty of top bookmakers choose to partner with ecoPayz. However, in the following shortlist, we gathered the ones that truly stand out. They tick all the essential boxes, like fast withdrawals, high limits, and slim to none fees. Feel free to check our recommended ecoPayz betting sites.

How to bet on ecoPayz betting sites

ecoPayz gambling sitesSetting up an ecoAccount is a quick and straightforward procedure. Just follow the steps below and you will set up your account in no time.

  1. Visit and select the "Open a free account" option.
  2. Fill out your data like your full name, address, and date of birth.
  3. Click on "Create account.”

The process of depositing on ecoPayz bookmakers is also easy:

  • Log in to your favorite bookmaker.
  • Click on the 'Deposit' tab of the main page, select ecoPayz and login to your ecoAccount.
  • After providing the necessary credentials, you can confirm the transaction, and the money will be almost instantly in your betting account.

For withdrawing funds, the process is just as easy, if not easier. Just select the “Withdraw funds“ option on your profile, type in the amount of money that you would like to cash out, and choose ecoPayz. Complete your withdrawal only by clicking the 'Confirm' button.

The processing time is usually 1-3 days of issuing your withdrawal request. Once they have approved it, the funds will be transferred to your ecoAccount instantly. Withdrawals to your bank account will operate seamlessly, and you don't have to worry about any limits. The withdrawal option of the prepaid ecoCard is a plus that bettors should keep in mind too.

Pros and Cons of an ecoPayz bookmaker

ecoPayz bookmakerWith an established presence in the betting industry, the number of ecoPayz bookmakers is increasing, giving you another method to fund your account. In some countries, however, you will have to resort to another payment option as ecoPayz is not available. So, below you'll find the key reasons that will weigh the most on your decision to opt for an ecoPayz bookie, plus the reasons that might eventually make you stay away.

Why choose ecoPayz bookmakers

As ecoPayz bookmakers multiply rapidly, players can benefit from several perks that come with this payment method. Among the most important are confidentiality in payments, quick payouts and round the clock customer support.

✔ Under the radar account funding: Your sensitive data stays out of sight of third parties. EcoPayz doesn’t share any information with any bookmaker and also your betting activity can remain hidden.

✔ Instant deposits and withdrawals: Waiting times are low as a bank does not interfere in the payment process. Deposits take place immediately and the withdrawal procedure could take up to 1 day depending on the betting site.

✔ Eligibility for Welcome Offers: Unlike Skrill or Neteller, depositing to an ecoPayz bookmaker does not exclude you from claiming a  welcome bonus. You are always eligible for any promotion and offers when you are depositing with EcoPayz.

✔ VIP rewards for high rollers: A complete VIP program that rewards the most active players and gives exclusive perks, like free money transfers and low currency conversion fees, is available on ecoPayz.

✔ Global reach: Serving more than 160 countries, the wallet has an impressive presence across the globe. It is hard to find a bookmaker that doesn’t accept ecoPayz as a payment method.

✔ An abundance of available currencies: You can deposit your money in 45 different currencies (i.e. Euro, US dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound, etc.). Players can avoid any inconvenience with extra fees because of different currencies availability.

✔ Variety of products: ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard and ecoVoucher offer more payment options when depositing or withdrawing. Most bookmakers accept transactions with any product of ecoPayz without any extra charges.

✔ 24/7 customer support available: It is always nice for a player to know that it is easy to find answers to any question that might come up. Also ecoPayz customer support operates in various languages like English, German and Russian.

✔ Multi-Currency Account: You can hold a single account with multiple 'sub-accounts' in different currencies. If you want to avoid transaction fees this service is really helpful for any bettor.

✔ Free P2P transactions: There is eligibility for free P2P (peer-to-peer) transfers for any customer; no matter if he has reached VIP level or not. You can transfer funds to friends around the world without fees.

✔ Mobile App: A free and easy-to-use mobile app, gives you access to your ecoAccount on the go. You have the eligibility to bet on your favorite ecoPayz betting sites when you are on the road and proceed with speedy transactions.

Why you should stay away from an ecoPayz bookie

If you take a closer look, you will realize that even ecoPayz has some drawbacks; since there is no such thing as 'the perfect payment method.' Extra charges and limits for cash payouts are the most significant ones.

There are extra costs: Nevertheless they are not much higher than the standard fees of other established wallets, like Skrill or Neteller. At the same time, exchange fees are lower than other wallets (2.99%).

Lower limits for ATM withdrawals: Compared to Skrill or Neteller, ecoPayz limits every cash withdrawal to 250€. Moreover, it charges every single transaction, while Neteller applies only a daily fee.

Restricted in several countries and territories: If you want to play, for example, in the U.S.A. or  Belarus you cannot use your ecoAccount, and you will have to turn to alternatives.

Card products are available only in EEA countries: If you are out of the EEA, you aren't permitted to use ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard. In order to activate an ecoVirtualcard, a fee of 1.80 EUR for each card applies.

Can't use other wallets to top up the account: Your ecoAccount cannot be funded from other wallets, like Skrill and Neteller, or even FinTechs like Wise and Revolut. Limited ways to fund your account could be considered as a significant drawback.

Customer support can be slow: Despite the fact that it operates in many languages; the time required to connect to an agent and get a proper reply for your issue is quite long. Also, agents tend to rely a lot on canned responses.

Are there any alternatives to betting with ecoPayz

ecoPayz may be a world-known wallet, but this doesn't mean that it's available in every market and on every bookmaker. For certain regions, if you want to stick to a wallet solution, you can go for Skrill or Neteller. For example, the absence of ecoPayz gambling sites from the US market is noticeable. In Hungary, it is permitted to have an ecoAccount, but you cannot fund your gambling account through it. Furthermore, if you are from Cameroon or Yemen, you should forget about betting with ecoPayz and search for alternatives like credit cards, bank transfers, or local payments.

Compared to Skrill and Neteller, ecoPayz requires lower cash-ins before you can upgrade. Processing times are kind of the same among them; however, in terms of fees, Skrill and Neteller charge bank deposits with a 1-2.5% fee, while with ecoPayz depositing is free. Moreover, it has lower exchange fees (2.99% contrary to 3.99%) than Skrill and Neteller.

Revolut and MuchBetter are also decent wallet alternatives. With Revolut, you can be sure that all the exchange fees are dropped, and you can withdraw your money by card without extra costs from any bank. MuchBetter is a gambling-specific wallet with significantly lower prices than ecoPayz, but it isn't widely popular among bookmakers. You can spot it mainly in the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany.

Betting with EcoPayz and More Things to Consider

There are several aspects that a serious bettor has to look into regarding betting with ecoPayz. More importantly, the fees levied on each transaction, the rewards system for high rollers and the availability of a prepaid card. Each one of them can give you a pleasant and comprehensive idea of whether that payment method suits your needs.

Fees for betting with ecoPayz

betting with ecoPayzThe majority of ecoPayz services come with a usage fee, but this is no different than any other e-wallet. Sending to and receiving money from a merchant is free. However, there are extra costs for depositing to your ecoAccount by ecoVoucher, credit card, or bank wire, as well as for withdrawing to your bank account.

More specifically, ecoVoucher deposits come with a 0.00-2.90% fee. Credit card deposits come with a 1.69-6.00% fee plus €0.25. Bank wire deposits have prices ranging from 0.00% to 8.50%, regardless of your ecoAccount level. As for withdrawals to your bank account, they come with a €5.90-€10.00 fee unless you have managed to unlock the VIP level; in this case, you will be charged with 2.90-7.00€ for each withdrawal you make.

Prohibited ecoPayz countries

At the moment ecoPayz operates in more than 160 countries. While this is an impressive reach, like any other payment method, it offers limited or no services to the following countries and territories:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, American Samoa, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brunei, Bhutan, Botswana, Cambodia, Cuba, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, Haiti, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Kiribati, Kazakhstan, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Lesotho, Libya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nauru, Niue, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan, Tokelau, Turkey, United States, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Yemen.

What is the ecoCard and the ecoVirtualcard

Every ecoAccount owner can apply for a free ecoCard. It links your balance to the prepaid Mastercard and can be used in online and physical stores and ATMs. The card is available in 3 different currencies (EUR, GBP, USD).

The ecoVirtualcard is an option for your one-off payment needs. It is issued instantly and expires after one use, so your funds and personal information are always safe. Being virtual means it cannot be stolen or lost. You can use it even for over the phone payments. Both cards are available only in the 30 EU / EEA states.

Upgrading your Account to a VIP level

For the loyal and active players, ecoPayz offers 4 VIP levels, each with different perks and benefits. 

  • Silver level -> Simply verify your identity
  • Gold level -> Transfer to merchants a total of €25,000 or more
  • Platinum level -> Transfer to merchants a total of €50,000 or more
  • VIP level -> Transfer to merchants a total of €250,000 or more

It is important to note that Silver, Platinum, and VIP levels are available only in the 30 EU/EEA states.

No limits on deposits, multi-currency accounts, lower withdrawal and FX fees are among the top features of the VIP levels. More details can be found on the following table:

ecopayz vip

Security: 2-way authentication guarantees high rollers' money

ecoPayz considers every member's security as its top priority. Every time you use the ecoAccount, your personal and financial details remain strictly private. Apart from the typical security layers (SSL protocol, anti-fraud policies, KYC strategy), it also features the 2-factor authentication, a high-profile security precaution.

Each time you log in to your ecoAccount, you will have to put a new security password. The password is sent either by SMS to your phone or by scanning a QR code that will appear on the screen after you login to your ecoAccount. For the latter, you need to download the "Google Authenticator App" and scan the QR code so you can receive the digits. Two-factor authentication is a measure that can relieve any high roller out there who is nervous about the security of his money.

Betting on the go with the ecoPayz App

ecoPayz App

Recently overhauled and redesigned the ecoPayz app allows you to carry your digital wallet on the move. Every feature of the desktop version is available on mobile, from deposits and money transfers to using your ecoCard.

With the application of ecoPayz, gambling is straightforward, even when you are away from home. Only a few screen taps and you are ready to deposit to your favorite bookmaker. The app is available for free on Android and iOS.

Final word on ecoPayz by Book Spy


EcoPayz accepted betting sites multiply rapidly and offer more and better services to players. Therefore, the wallet has become one of the best choices for high rollers. Claiming a Welcome bonus is no longer an impossibility, should you deposit with your ecoAccount. Add to that, swift payments, round the clock customer support and confidentiality in your activities.

Still, ecoPayz lacks widespread acceptance in bookies, as it is considered to be a relatively new payment method. Also, the inability to fund your ecoAccount with other wallets can be substantial. As with other wallets, charges and fees are present here as well and can be costly in large payments.

In closing, ecoPayz is a reliable wallet with rapid payments, but the absence of broad availability and fueling your Account from other wallets is critical for professional bettors.

Complete list of bookmakers with ecoPayz

Fast transactions and low fees are some of the main perks of gambling with ecoPayz. Feel free to check our complete list of ecoPayz bookies and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Q: Is ecoPayz legal and regulated?

EcoPayz is a brand of PSI-Pay Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with registration number 05899168 and with a registered office at Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1TL, United Kingdom. PSI-Pay Ltd. is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom to issue electronic money and also to provide payment services. The registration number issued by the FCA to PSI-Pay is 900011.

Q: Is ecoPayz safe?

Sure, as it uses the latest security and fraud prevention measures to provide you with a fast, secure way of transferring funds online.

Q: What is ecoPayz's contact number?

The contact number is 44 0871 898 1012 and it operates only in English. It also provides customer support by live chat and email.

Q: Can I claim the Welcome Bonus if I deposit with ecoPayz?

Unlike other e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, there are no restrictions on bookmakers regarding the Welcome Bonus if a player deposits with ecoPayz.

Q: Has ecoPayz partnered with Bet365?

Bet365 recently started a partnership with ecoPayz in Japan, which could be the prelude of opening to more markets in the future. For the time being, it is not available as a payment method on bet365 in any other country.

Q: How do I verify my ecoAccount?

Select "Upgrade for Free." after you log in to your account Click "Verify your identity." Upload your identification document, proof of address, and a selfie with your ID card next to your face. Upload the documents and then just click "Send for Verification" to submit your documents Your Account will move up to Silver VIP automatically afterward.

Q: How can I close my ecoAccount?

To close your ecoAccount, you have to notify the customer support team by email. After a review, the account will be closed. The process can take up to 1 month.

Q: Can I deposit with ecoPayz to Betfair?

In 2018, Betfair started a partnership with ecoPayz; hence it is available as a payment method. That applies to all markets that both companies operate.

Q: How can I make a Skrill to ecoPayz transfer?

For the time being you cannot fund your ecoAccount using Skrill or Neteller. The most popular top-up methods are bank transfer and credit card.

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