How do past results affect betting

How do past results affect your betting choices? Do you completely ignore how the teams performed in their previous meeting? Do you just get a glance to see what happened and don't get into too much detail? Or do you prefere a more serious analysis, by looking carefully at each result and the conditions under which they were achieved? Past results are perhaps the most controversial factor of a match analysis. Some bettors consider them to be of great importance and advise apprentice punters to abstain from wagering before looking at them seriously.

Others will not only consider such analysis as time consuming, but also tend to consider past results as misleading. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. Past results can reveal a lot of useful information, but should not be relied as the sole factor on who’s gonna win the tie. Past results are just numbers you have to work out properly with to get the right picture.

Four simple steps to utilize past results

It’s true that when we deal with past results, numbers are not enough. It’s insufficient to simply know that during last season a team won by 1-0, while two seasons ago the match ended as a 2-2 draw. Past results define a general context of the match series between two opponents. It’s useful to know if there is a sequence of wins between two teams or if both teams tend to score many goals when they meet each other. A sequence of similar results is seldom happening by accident. You have to analyze the reasons that lead to each result.

Get the highest odds

  1. A lot of information is derived by past results, the often called “hidden powers” of a football match. This is especially true about prestigious teams that have enjoyed a successful history and gave amassed a large trophy collection and fan base. These factors are not measurable, but are always there on the pitch. It’s always best to take them into account before you place a wager. This can play a part in lesser obvious ties, such as when a traditional league favorite is crossing swords with a newcomer. If the newly promoted team has a history of being a bogey team, then it's quite possible you will find valued odds on backing an upset.

  2. When analyzing past results, you shouldn't fix your sights at the final score, no matter how crystal clear it may look. If you don’t have the time to watch the games’ highlights (if available) or view the match stats, you’d better search for what odds were offered on these ties. Fortunately, there are a lot of websites that keep such records even on matches played several years ago. These odds provide concentrated knowledge about the atmosphere of a match, whether there was a heavy favorite or if it was a well-balanced tie and, last but not least, if the result ended with the favorite winning or if there was an upset.

  3. Before taking a specific score into account, you have to place it into a specific time frame. There is no practical use into seeing if a team has won a match by 3-0 without knowing some crucial details: Was it a normal match or a hot clash? When did this happen, at the start of the season or at the end? Did any of the two teams chase the points to safeguard a specific position in the table or did both teams have the same target? Did the team that was more motivated get a positive result or not? Did the match take place under good pitch conditions? It might be difficult to find out all these details, but it's best to do so in order to better evaluate the result.

  4. You should look more deeply when analyzing a last season match between two teams instead of one that took place five years ago. Take a glance at the starting lineups: How many of the players are still at their respected teams? The more there are, the more credible your data will be. Most players tend to perform in a similar way against specific opponents.

Never ignore or overestimate

Above all else, there’s a general rule you should have in mind: In case of a well balanced match between two teams, it’s unlikely that one team will have a succession of wins, even if they play at home. Past results are a credible source of information, that offers data that should both not be ignored nor overestimated. You should always be informed about the past to better predict the future and be aware of all the match parameters before you ultimately place a bet.

Enjoy sports betting

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