Best Betting Sites in Norway

Population: 5.300.000Betting Sites in Norway
Active players: 1.636.000
Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK)
Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, online casino games, lotteries, horse racing, bingo, poker
Operator types: State-run monopoly in betting & online casinos (Norsk Tipping) and horse races (Norsk Rikstoto). Foreign betting sites operate without a legal permit
Designated authority: Norwegian Gambling Authority (Lotteri og Stiftelsestilsynet)
Status: Regulated

Norway is one the best countries to live in, as it ranks first place in terms of living standards, life expectancy and education according to the UN. Boosted by an oil and natural gas-based economy, the state has kept ownership in the most significant financial sectors, allowing Norwegian to enjoy extensive welfare benefits. As a result, locals have the financial freedom to choose sports betting and other gambling activities to entertain themselves weekly. 

Government has a tight grip on betting sites Norway operating two state-owned bookmakers, Norsk Rikstoto & Norsk Tipping, and banning all others. International sportsbooks are typically prohibited, but Norwegians can join them and play without facing the consequences. Several well-established Nordic bookies also bypass the law and offer betting services despite the harsh regulations.

Betting in Norway - 5 things to know

  • Apart from Norsk Tipping & Norsk Rikstoto, no bookmaker has been awarded a Norwegian Gambling Authority license
  • Access is not limited to Norsk Tipping & Norsk Rikstoto, as you can bet on any foreign betting website in Norway
  • Local citizens are technically required to declare tax winnings made in another country
  • Norwegian Krone is accepted by most bookies, with many of them offering services in Norwegian
  • No land-based casinos operate in Norway, with Norsk Tipping & Norsk Rikstoto also not allowed to offer online casino games

Best Norway betting sites

While the country has some of the strictest gambling laws globally, things can be different in action. International bookmakers accept Norwegians and some of them even have the local currency and language available. We have hand-picked top Norway betting sites with the highest odds, most diverse markets and regular bonuses.

Online betting in Norway: The law framework

In 1995, with the passing of the Lottery Act, the last major change in gambling took place when online Norway bookmakers were not even a thing for most people. Since then, the government, via the Norwegian Gambling Authority (or Lotteri og Stiftelsestilsynet), has tried to clamp down on illegal gambling activity. In 2010, it attempted to deter access to unlicensed sites by implementing specific payment blocking measures, with not much success.

Later in June 2021, officials aimed to unify all gaming acts (Lottery Act, Totalisator Act & Gambling Act) and strengthen the online betting monopoly of the two state-owned firms. Moreover, it includes a provision to hand out fines to online betting Norway sites operating with no license. Another article has the ISPs popping up a warning message to bettors visiting an international bookie while prohibiting the marketing and advertising of illegal sportsbooks.

What you should know about Norwegian bookies

What you should know about Norwegian bookiesIt is an understatement to say that unregulated betting in Norway is illegal. The government has been trying to close any loopholes with amendments in the Gaming Acts and deems any activity outside the two state-owned bookies illegal. However, many Norwegians opt to play on non-regulated bookmakers because strict laws are never enforced. 

Do you have to pay tax on Norway betting sites 

Do you have to pay tax on Norway betting sites A caveat is whether you play abroad or not, you have to pay a winning tax. If you win more than 10.000 NOK, you will be liable to a tax of 28%. However, you might get a tax exemption if you play on the government-run betting sites Norway. The latter is meant to entice players, especially high-rollers, to bet on domestic sites. Regardless of where you choose to place your bets, you have to declare any winnings above 100.000 NOK.

Betting in Norway: How to deposit 

How to deposit at online bookies 4Following the trend of neighbouring countries, Norway has been a leader in digital and cashless payments. Visiting international Nordic bookmakers will give you the opportunity for more diverse transactions, but how do they stack up, and which method should you choose?

Firstly, since 2017, all credit and debit cards have been banned for gambling purposes. Still, some brands offer it, but the transactions are not displayed as gambling-related. Likewise, bank transfers and any other option have a bank acting as the main party. Bettors had to look elsewhere to fuel accounts, so some of the most popular methods nowadays include wallets like Skrill, Neteller & Paysafecard. Furthermore, local options like Avtalegiro & BankAxept or mobile ones like Boku are also available in several offshore Norway betting sites. The same applies to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin & Tether, which are also increasingly accepted in sportsbooks.

Should you wager on betting sites Norway

Should you wager on betting sites NorwayAfter the latest enactment of the Gaming Act in June 2021, things have cleared up for Norwegian players. The gambling monopoly is unlikely to break, and the government will try to tighten the grip around international Norway betting sites even more. The tax separation based on where you play is a good example. But will this be good enough to convince Norwegians to bet exclusively on the state-owned sportsbooks?

That seems unlikely as International Norway bookmakers have a better product with higher odds and bonuses. The tax might hurt high-rollers, but they will probably win back more if they opt for an unregulated bookie in the long run. But even recreational bettors will appreciate the superior and more diverse services of international sites for betting in Norway. That being said, as long as you can play abroad, you have no reason to go for a change.

The complete list of bookmakers in Norway

We have collected all the betting sites in Norway, excelling in prices, selections and live betting. Moreover, they have received long-term positive feedback from members. Going for each of them is an excellent guess for enjoying a wide array of extras.

Q: Is online gambling legal in Norway?

The Norwegian Gambling Authority heavily regulates the betting market, allowing only the two government-run betting firms, Norsk Tipping & Norsk Rikstoto, to operate. Despite a strict prohibition on foreign bookmakers, many locals opt to play there due to a lack of punitive measures.

Q: Which are the best betting sites Norway?

A good idea is to go with one of our recommended Norway betting sites in our list, as we have researched them extensively. Some top-notch picks include 22bet, bet365 & 20bet, which have built a solid base of members and enjoy a good reputation.

Q: Is it safe to bet online in Norway?

The two state-owned betting companies Norsk Tipping & Norsk Rikstoto run by the government, so you have nothing to worry about. For the non-regulated ones, you cannot go wrong with one of our shortlisted Norway betting sites. One of the factors we evaluate is reliability, so you bet on a safe place.

Q: Which online deposit method should I choose?

The main issue in Norway is that you cannot use credit/debit cards or bank transfers, for that matter. Alternatively, you can go with a wallet like Skrill/Neteller or a cryptocurrency if your bookie accepts it. You can also find local methods like Avtalegiro & BankAxept.

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