How to bet on boxing

boxing betting strategyBoxing is arguably one of the favorite spectacles for millions of sports lovers around the world. It’s filled with fast-paced action, epic fights, grudging rivalries and a whole lot of sweating, beating and cursing. Apart from a quality testosterone fix, boxing bouts are usually among the highest wagered events in the entire sports industry and attract the attention of punters from every corner. Similar to our previous betting guides, we will be looking at how to bet on boxing and identify some of the best boxing strategies.

Common markets

Fight outcome

This market is fairly simple as you have to predict whom of the two fighters will win the bout.

Method of victory

You have to predict which boxer will win along with the method of victory, such as a technical/points decision, technical KO, normal KO, disqualification or if a fighter submits to his opponent.

Draw or technical draw

Similar to the fight outcome, you are required to predict if the match will end without a winner. This one is also split between a normal draw or a technical decision.

Round betting

This market concerns when the fight will end and is usually available in an over/under market that is offer in an asian handicap form.

Will fight go to distance

This is one of the favorite markets among boxing betting aficionados as it can offer some highly profitable opportunities. You are required to predict if the fight will end without a KO, TKO or disqualification after the normal round mark (usually 12 rounds in professional boxing) or not.

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Boxing betting tips

boxing betting tips

Before we delve into the various tips and strategies, we have to understand that boxing shares many similarities to most individual sports like, other fighting events, racing or even tennis. We have to assess the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters, their form, previous meeting and the build up to each event. Also, it is important to take into account what exactly is at stake, as boxers will usually exercise more caution when competing for a title instead of say an exhibition event.

  • Fight style. Apart from the orthodox (right handed) and southpaw (left handed) stances, there are four generally accepted types of boxer styles. The Swarmer, the Slugger, the Boxer Puncher and the Counter Puncher. It is important to know the style of both fighters as there are certain moves (like fast counter punching against sluggers) that can cancel out even an experienced champion.
  • Weight. As we all know, there are eight different weight classes in boxing. However, in many cases a fighter will put on or drop weight in order to compete against fighters that belong to a different division. In this case experience can play a major role, as a couple of fights are usually required before a boxer can truly adapt to his new weight class, not to mention that weight trimming can lead to a loss of muscle, while adding mass does not always attribute to more strength.
  • Psychology. This is a must to pretty much every individual sport. You should make a thorough investigation on the build up of each fight and see if the two fighters hold a grudge against each other and how they are influenced from the typical war of words. Inexperienced fighters are often lured into entering the fray in an aggressive approach and may tire fairly early against mouthy opponents who enjoy provoking their counterparts.
  • Utilizing the various markets. In order to be successful in boxing betting, you have to fit your research to the available betting markets. This does not only allow for better predictions but can also lead to finding some valuable odds on unexpected markets. For example, it can be hard to find a winner between to experienced fighters who enjoy the same style. In this instance, it might be best to opt for a "Will fight go to distance" bet, as the odds are usually quite profitable.

3 thing to avoid

  1. Putting passion before logic. Once again, this is similar to other sports. Do not under any circumstances let personal preference play a role in your decision. Sure, there are fighters that we enjoy watching and have earned our respect due to their chivalrous or bad-boy personality traits. However, this does not mean that these will affect the way they perform.
  2. Following the hype. Oftentimes, punters and pundits alike will massively back a fighter due to trivial reasons. Once again, you should make your assessment based on personal research and not blindly follow the herd.
  3. Overestimating your abilities. Let's face it, we have all fallen victim to trying to predict the outcome of a fight where we've never even heard of the two opponents. It's better to stick to what you know and not overextend to regional divisions between inexperienced fighters.

Boxing betting rules

Before you wager on a boxing betting fight, it is important to know the rules of the sport as even a seemingly insignificant decision can influence the outcome of the bout.

How is a winner declared?

As mentioned above, a fighter can win through four ways.

  1. KO. He manages to knock out his opponent who stays down after the ref has counted ten seconds.
  2. Disqualification. His opponent is disqualified due to an illegal hit (elbow, knee, rabbit punch, below the belt hit etc.).
  3. Technical Knockout (TKO). The referees rule that it is too dangerous to allow his opponent to continue due to excessive injury or bleeding.
  4. Technical decision. If a fight goes to distance then it's up to the three referees to declare the winner. It is based on points awarded after the end of each round and the decision can be unanimous, be ruled through a majority or even be a draw.
  5. Throwing in the towel. This is one of the most iconic moves in boxing and is used by coaches as a last resort to avoid a serious injury or a life threatening situation to his fighter. In this case, a boxer is considered to have submitted to his opponent.

What is a technical draw?

This is a rare occasion when the referees will stop a bout before the 5th round because a boxer is accidentally injured from a foul (cut/bleeding).

How are points scored?

At the end of each round, the judges will rate how each fighter fared according to a 10-point system. The winner takes 10 points with the loser being awarded 9 by default and each time a fighter gets knocked down, a point is deducted from him. The only way a round can end with a 9-9 score, is if the winner has committed a foul.

Best boxing betting odds

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