Is paying for betting tips worth it?

At one point or another you must have wondered about this. Why spend endless hours reading news and calculating numbers simple to pick a match instead of leaving it to a professional tipster? No matter how good a bettor you are, this questions frequently comes to mind, especially after some heavy loss nights. There are a lot of tipster services everywhere (especially on the internet and social media) that promise exactly what you are craving:

From making you rich in a short period of time to ensuring a stable profit each month or season. The only thing you have to do is pay for their services. But, is it truly worth it? Do people who are that good at predicting sports results really exist? And who are these guys? How can you tell the pros from the amateurs? These are the questions you need to answer if you’re thinking of following a tipster service.

Who you can trust for betting tips

Betting on politicsLet’s clear this out from the beginning. Tipster services are not bad by default. There’s nothing wrong with tipsters charging money to offer their knowledge and betting instinct, as long as their results are reliable and profitable. Think of it as every other piece of work you could do yourself (such us painting your house or fixing your car), but you leave it to a professional instead. In any case, you’re not obliged to follow them if you don’t want to. But, similarly to any other professional, you should carfully check who you trust your money on.

Of course, a good portion of bettors will say “nobody is better than me” and will keep on trusting their picks. Make no mistake, this is not a bad choice. In case you have sufficient energy, time and mood to do that, you may proceed. Others might say that paying for a professional tipster takes away everything that's fun in betting. But there are guys out there that value their time more than money and want to earn a profit without dedicating hours and hours. Or others, that don’t give a dime about “the joy of the game” and just want to make profit.

Choose the best betting websites

How to pick the right tipster

Before you decide to invest some money to test a tipster’s knowledge, you first have to find him. There are plenty of tipsters who will approach you, especially if you’re a member of some social media groups and you have shown an interest in betting. Here are a few tips you have to follow:

  • Don’t be impressed by glamorous websites, positive ROI & yield stats and vast amounts of “winning” screenshots. They might be true, but they might be false as well. Remember that a good-looking website doesn’t say anything about a tipster’s quality or winning efficiency. All the past picks can easily be fabricated to present far better results than the existing ones.

Try to start your research from bet verifying websites. These sites offer bet verification services, usually for free. The tipsters in these services are usually credible ones, as they “reveal” their picks before offering them to their clients. Whoever is tipping thtough betting verification service is not afraid to show his results.

  • Try to get information about who the tipster is. You don't have to act like a private investigator, but a tipster who’s not afraid to tell you his full name and back-story is often a credible one. There’s nothing wrong with guys using nicknames, but when they hide behind them and won't give any other information about themselves, you’ve got a good reason to become suspicious.

Impersonal betting services are another story. What you are looking for here is quickness and effectiveness. If you’re sending an e-mail asking for some details and you get a fast and accurate answer, then this is all the signs you are going to need. If the service is provided via a professional way (through text, sms etc.) you will feel more comfortable about the money you spend.

  • Ask for a sample of the tipster’s work. Not only results and profit, but some kind of analysis. Focus on that, not just numbers. The reasoning behind a tipster's picks tells much about his betting philosophy. Don’t rely on past results, though. Ask for a subscription-free time, usually two weeks or maybe a month. And only trust those who can justify their tips through a convincing way. Even a few words are enough for a tipster to express his thinking. There’s no need to read a 600-word essay about a single tip. Tipsters who’re not afraid to explain their way of thinking are most times reliable ones.
  • Don’t blindly follow tipsters you may find on Facebook or other social media platforms, no matter how promising they might look. They could allure you with big odds or “safe” bets, but they’re probably trying to get some money from a lot of guys before disappearing. Before you try out a service, learn about their past. How long have they been active? Are there any complains on their services? A research like this is probably the best thing you can do before you decide to invest your money.

What you should keep in mind

OK, you’ve chosen a tipster service that looks both credible and promising. Even if you think so, you are still not ready to start backing their picks with your money. You should watch out for a couple of things before you begin.

  1. Make sure you completely and correctly understand the tipping service. Is it convenient for you to follow the tips? Many tipsters send their picks via sms, other through a “bet alert” e-mail every time a pick is offered. Can you follow all the tips or do you have to obtain a mobile phone app on your favorite online bookmaker? Are the offered picks available on your online bookmaker (in case of special bets) or do you have to create a betting account on another bookie? How early are the picks offered? In case a bet is offered late at night, are you ready to wake up just to place a bet? Or in case a bet offered in the morning, will you be able to place a bet or you’ll be stuck at work or rush hour? In case of live betting tips, are you able to follow them at any time?
  1. If you decide to follow a tipster service, you must go all the way. This means you have to follow ALL the picks offered in the exact way they’re advised. If, for example, there’s a unit stake suggestion, make sure you have enough money to follow the service till the expiration date. Do not interfere by cancelling tips you don’ like or increasing/decreasing the stake at your will. Or else, you don’t have to follow the service at all. Don’t blame the service if you mix your own bets along with theirs.

  2. Always have in mind that your potential profit is LESS than the tipster’s service. And that’s not because the service is cheating on their results. The difference is simple and based on odds: There’s a time gap between the moment the bet is offered and the one you place the bet. If you bet instantly, you have bigger chances of finding the bet on the same odds (or, in some cases, even better). But if the time gap is large, the odds can be much lower. So, if the bet is a winning one, your calculated profit is rarely the same as the tipster’s. Of course, the fault is not yours or theirs. You just have to be quick, or accept that you’ll have a reduced profit compared to the service’s actual numbers.

Expand your options

Many professional betting investors don’t follow a single betting picks service at a time. They’re making a bucket of betting services instead. This is more risky, as you have to pay for more than one service during a month, but it does come with some added benefits. Using two or three betting picks services at the same time looks safer, as the possibility of a bad series in all services simultaneously seems very low or non-existent. So, your total profit might be lower, but your chances of a stable income every month are imrpoved.

Using various betting tips services is not that simple, though. You have to do a relentless research about the services past results and pick those that they don’t overlap each other. For example, you could pick a betting service focused on football (soccer), a basketball expert and a third focused on tennis. Or, if you prefer only football tips, it’s better for you to get a serious look on the past results and count how many of their picks in the last months were advised by two or three services at the same day. Try to find services that do not focus on the same leagues or style of play to further increase your chances of success.

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