How to bet on low odds accumulators

Your primary target while betting online is to find value in the long run. The question is whether ACCAs or systems are worth the risk. Low odds parlay betting is a good way of raising your potential payout. However, your winning chances decrease for every additional selection in your bet slip, no matter the prices. Experienced bettors always seek the most effective price, especially while betting on low odds. It’s advisable to hold several accounts and always make a comprehensive comparison to different markets and prices. So, is it enough to analyze odds, the favorites and their statistics while trying to take advantage of low odds accumulators?

Read on our complete guide, comprehending when it’s profitable to place wagers on ACCAs or systems, like yankees and Lucky 15s, on short prices.

What are low odds accumulators

Betting on politicsFor some bettors, betting on small singles is the easiest way to win. On the flip side, let’s see if you can make a steady profit on low odds accumulators and systems. If you bet daily on an accumulator with four selections and 1.20 (1/5) odds per pick, the total odds would be 2.074, which would double your stake. However, it’s unlikely to hit your wagers constantly. In a football 4-Fold ACCA, you have, in theory, only 1,24% winning chances.

A football match has three possible outcomes (i.e., WDW - 1X2), so betting on a straight 4-Fold, you have one chance out of 81 (i.e., 3 x 3 x 3 x 3) different combinations. In basketball and all other 2-way markets, your theoretical chances of winning a 4-Fold increase to an also minor 6,25%, as your probabilities are one to 16 (i.e., 2 x 2 x 2 x 2). For sure, the real chances are much more, but you have to keep in mind those tiny numbers, which explain why it’s tough to build a steady profit, especially on low odds parlays.

Ηow to work out returns in low odds parlay betting

Suppose you have picked four matches backing the favorites to win from 1.10 (1/10) to 1.40 (2/5) odds. Before placing a wager, the most crucial step is to decide on the best possible type. You can choose among a straight ACCA, a yankee, or a Lucky 15. You undoubtedly understand why every pick should be selected for a well-defined reason and when the low odds parlay betting is worthy. Let’s break down the example into pieces to understand the differences in risk, winning chances, and your total payout.

Matches Picks Odds
Manchester City vs. Arsenal 1 1.23
Bayern Munich vs. Hertha Berlin 1 1.18
PSG vs. Clermont 1 1.16
PSV vs. Groningen 1 1.37

Straight Parlay: If you have decided to create a straightforward ACCA consisting of the four favorites, you can use our Accumulator Calculator and see that your profit will be €230.66 (+€130.66) with a €100 starting stake.

Yankee: Your possible decision to place a yankee backing these favorites means that you will risk €9.1 in every bet (i.e., six doubles, four trebles, one 4-Fold) for a total of €100. The Yankee Calculator will instantly show you that your returns will be €172.24 (+€72.24) in the case of four winning picks.

Lucky 15: Ιf you want to build a low odds parlay that offers more cover, investing your starting €100 balance in a Lucky 15, you will risk €6.67 in every bet (i.e., four singles, six doubles, four trebles, one 4-Fold). Our Lucky 15 Calculator will automatically show that your total earnings will be €159.24 (+€59.24).

Low odds accumulators betting tips

Bettors who are constantly backing massive favorites to win will probably consider that 2.00 odds, for instance, seem too high. So, they undoubtedly avoid straight parlays or systems on short odds. If you estimate no increased risk when betting on low odds accumulators, check the total returns in the examples above and choose the appropriate type to build your strategy. Let’s see where you should justify your decision.

✔️ Avoid extremely low odds: You shouldn’t build parlays on extremely low odds, like Bayern’s and PSG’s winning prices. Of course, no one is stopping you from doing it, but you must understand that winning will only boost your confidence and not your bankroll in the long term. We have taken a €100 starting balance risk to receive a €130.66 clear profit waiting for four different outcomes. Indeed, it’s like having placed a single at approximately 2.30 odds with a 43,38% implied probability to win, which is theoretically more than betting on a low odds parlay.

✔️ Systems are too expensive for low odds parlay betting: When building a yankee on low odds, you require eleven individual bets to win in order to receive full returns. Furthermore, if you are going to invest your balance in a Lucky 15, you should win 15 bets for the highest earnings. As you can check, the profit ends up lower than placing a straight parlay, which is also a significant drawback for these expensive system bets.

Is a low odds betting system profitable?

The main reason behind following a low odds betting system is to safeguard your initial bankroll. Although, do you cover losses when you back short odds? Let’s examine our examples again. If you win three out of your four selections, losing the higher odds among them (i.e., PSV at 1.37), you will receive €53.91, half of your yankee stake. Moreover, with a Lucky 15, your losses will be €36.66 if PSV fails to win. As you can see, your starting bankroll is in danger.

Although some bettors are trying to chase profit, building giant ACCAs consisting of eight to ten matches and choosing a 6-7-8 or an 8-9-10 low odds betting system. Indeed, that’s tempting when you glance at the maximum potential winnings, but it’s also tough to be confirmed. Suppose you have built an 8-9-10 system in a 10-match parlay. You need to win at least eight matches to get some money while having placed 56 individual bets; 45 8-Folds, ten 9-Folds and one 10-Fold.

Using our Bet Calculators, you can work out your probable low odds betting system and check that if you have staked €1 per bet (i.e., €56 total stake), you will only get €14.76 if all of your ten picks are at 1.40 odds each. So, let's break it down; suppose you have won the 80% of your selections (i.e., eight from a total of ten), although you didn't manage to get back more than 25% of your stake. Surely, things do improve for nine confirmed selections, as you get €153.41 and reach the maximum for winning ten out of ten, as your profit amounts to €899.27. Unfortunately, probability wise that amounts to a tiny 0,001%.

Is low odds parlay betting safe for long-term wins?

spyInstead of building substantial low odds accumulators or systems, it’s better to divide a 10-match parlay into five doubles. Following the example above, you can check using our Double Calculator that it’s more profitable to split the 1.40 odds selection into five doubles with an €11 each. In the case of eight winners, the least you need to get paid in an 8-9-10 system, you have a minimum of three winning doubles, giving you €64.5 from your original €55 stake. Much better than €14.75 from €56, isn’t it?

Of course, the difference when winning nine or all ten bets is enormous. Having all five doubles as winners gives you a profit of €107.50, which pales compared to the €899.27 of the 8-9-10 system. But if you need a 90% percentage to win that amount of money, why not omit the 8-Folds and place a 9-10 low odds betting system instead? You have to place only eleven individual bets (ten 9-Folds and one 10-Fold) at €5 each. In the case of winning nine from a total of ten bets, you will get €103.3 (i.e., almost double your profit). Finally, with an ultimate ten to ten success, you get even more than in the 8-9-10 bet (i.e., €1,177.67 in total).

In conclusion, you should know that any strategy involving parlay bets just lets your winning percentage grind you down slowly. Incidentally, any strategy involving a small initial stake that you double up if you lose is just another controversial strategy, especially in low odds parlay betting. It’s tough to work long-term, offering a probable small reward balanced by a risk of a costly loss in the short term.

Best Bookmakers for low odds parlay betting

You can check the list below and explore all the reputable online bookmakers that offer the best low odds for doubles, ACCAs, and systems in a wide range of sports and markets.

Q: From what range of offered prices can you make low odds accumulators?

When you create a low odds parlay bet, ACCA or system, you should research matches between a favorite and an outsider, where the prices are around 1.10 (1/10) to 1.40 (2/5) odds.

Q: Which markets should a bettor prefer to build a parlay in low odds?

The main principle is to prefer 2-way markets on football, tennis, basketball over 3-way ones (i.e., the Double Chance market might be an exception). For instance, all Total markets in football (e.g., Over/Under goals, corners, etc.) may hide value on low lines (e.g., +0,5 goals or +3,5 corners) for those who want to place a low odds parlay.

Q: Can low odds accumulators qualify for Bonuses & Offers?

Enhanced accumulators and ACCA bonuses are mainly Price Boost on doubles, trebles, and bigger multiples, frequently offered by reliable bookies like Betfred, 888sport, and Bet365. These bonuses usually boost three selections from 5.00 (4/1) odds to 7.00 (6/1) odds, for instance; that means the three picks aren’t based on low odds, referring to more competitive matches (e.g., three favorites at 1.20 odds each give a 1.73 or 73/100 payout).

Q: Can a low odds parlay betting strategy be profitable?

The low odds betting strategies require you to set up an immense amount of money to receive a significant profit, even if you place a single bet. When you decide to make a low odds parlay, you should know that you minimize your winning chances for each pick you add into the betslip. So, it seems challenging to build a profitable accumulator strategy in the long term, even if you choose low prices.

Q: Which is the best bet type for low odds parlays: ACCA or yankee?

Both types of parlays have significant advantages and drawbacks for a bettor to want to bet on low odds. For instance, betting on yankees, it’s possible to win more often but undoubtedly is a more expensive option than an accumulator. On the flip side, building an ACCA is cheaper and more flexible because you can add more selections, but if just one pick lets you down, the wager is lost.

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