How to bet on low odds accumulators

Q: From what range of offered prices can you make low odds accumulators?

When you create a low odds parlay bet, ACCA or system, you should research matches between a favorite and an outsider, where the prices are around 1.10 (1/10) to 1.40 (2/5) odds.

Q: Which markets should a bettor prefer to build a parlay in low odds?

The main principle is to prefer 2-way markets on football, tennis, basketball over 3-way ones (i.e., the Double Chance market might be an exception). For instance, all Total markets in football (e.g., Over/Under goals, corners, etc.) may hide value on low lines (e.g., +0,5 goals or +3,5 corners) for those who want to place a low odds parlay.

Q: Can low odds accumulators qualify for Bonuses & Offers?

Enhanced accumulators and ACCA bonuses are mainly Price Boost on doubles, trebles, and bigger multiples, frequently offered by reliable bookies like Betfred, 888sport, and Bet365. These bonuses usually boost three selections from 5.00 (4/1) odds to 7.00 (6/1) odds, for instance; that means the three picks aren’t based on low odds, referring to more competitive matches (e.g., three favorites at 1.20 odds each give a 1.73 or 73/100 payout).

Q: Can a low odds parlay betting strategy be profitable?

The low odds betting strategies require you to set up an immense amount of money to receive a significant profit, even if you place a single bet. When you decide to make a low odds parlay, you should know that you minimize your winning chances for each pick you add into the betslip. So, it seems challenging to build a profitable accumulator strategy in the long term, even if you choose low prices.

Q: Which is the best bet type for low odds parlays: ACCA or yankee?

Both types of parlays have significant advantages and drawbacks for a bettor to want to bet on low odds. For instance, betting on yankees, it’s possible to win more often but undoubtedly is a more expensive option than an accumulator. On the flip side, building an ACCA is cheaper and more flexible because you can add more selections, but if just one pick lets you down, the wager is lost.

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