How to build a Cash Out strategy

Cash Out betting service has become a norm in the betting world, but there is still the question of whether it’s a service for the players’ benefit or give bookmakers the chance to gain even more profit. The truth is somewhere in the middle. With a targeted strategy and the right decisions, bettors can win consistently using it. Read on to find out how you can apply a successful pre-match or in-play betting Cash Out strategy and avoid mistakes. Also, discover useful strategies based on advanced stats for the most popular sports and high-level tournaments, like the English Premier League and NBA.

Tips for a winning Cash Out betting strategy

There are no specific rules for bettors to deliver the expected results using the Cash Out feature. It varies depending on how players bet, which online bookmakers they use, what sports or other betting events they choose, and what profit they seek to secure.

Find out three primary keys to build a winning Cash Out betting strategy:

red arrowThe human factor and psychology are critical for a successful Cash Out betting strategy. Players must handle stress and real-time pressure when making a live-betting decision. The choice between a safe return and a higher risk is always tricky. That’s why a well-devised plan helps make the wise decision between safe returns and risk, judging each situation differently. Some players only bet with the mindset to Cash Out. This is a mistake because bookmakers have developed Cash Out to cut also their losses.

red arrow One of the most efficient ways to increase winning chances is discipline. Bettors must set limits before placing any wager, which might be a very productive Cash Out betting strategy. A specific timeframe of the selected match must define when players should use the Cash Out service. The high evaluated in-play odds and the utilization of the ongoing sporting event conditions without higher risks are parts of this kind of method.

red arrow Finding a proper bookmaker is a top priority. Online betting sites have different methods for displaying Cash Out types. Players must check and understand where the service is more often available and in which sports and markets. Indeed, it’s a useful option for bettors, but some bookmakers don’t guarantee that it will always be allowed. The Cash Out frequency and speed are also crucial factors since the live-betting prices always change.

Where to use a betting Cash Out strategy

Closing your bets may help you take winnings out early or cutting losses. The best bookmakers allow bettors to use the Cash Out feature on their favorite sports and markets, providing fast service with frequent essential factors for in-play betting. We gathered the top-rated bookies, where you can apply a winning Cash Out strategy.

When to Cash Out bets on each sport

There are specific advantages to using this service, but there is no exact method for a 100% winning result when players decide to opt-out of starting wagers. There are structural differences from sport to sport, so it’s challenging to use the same approach. Read on our advice on how to cash out bets on Soccer, Basketball, and Tennis.

Soccer betting Cash Out strategy

When should you use or avoid Cash Out betting on Soccer? Our experience has shown that there are many strategies that bettors could follow. It would help if you always considered the current team's stats that could ruin or ignite your bet. Look through the tables below, some EPL stats for early season matchdays that will help you make a more justified decision. Check which teams scored or conceded early or late goals in the 2020/21 season at home or away and build the Soccer Cash Out strategy that suits you.

Goals per time segment
*In this table, you can find the EPL teams’ biggest home and away deficits on goals scored and conceded from 1st to 15th minute.

Premier League Teams Home (1’-15’) Away (1’-15’)
Tottenham 3-0 -
Everton 0-2 -
Fulham 0-4 -
Liverpool 1-3 -
Man Utd 1-3 -
Aston Villa - 2-0
Crystal Palace - 2-0
Sheffield United - 2-0

Goals per time segment
*In this table, you can find the EPL teams’ biggest home and away deficits on goals scored and conceded from 76th to 90th minute (plus stoppage time).

Premier League Teams Home (1’-15’) Away (1’-15’)
Tottenham 0-4 4-1
Chelsea 4-1 -
Liverpool 3-0 -
Leicester - 6-1
Man Utd 1-3 -
Crystal Palace - 1-4
Newcastle 2-5 2-0
West Bromwich 0-3 2-0

How to Cash Out using EPL stats

red arrowWhen Tottenham (3-0) scores an early home goal, you should consider Cash Out your bet on Spurs before the 75th minute. The London-based team has 0-4 home late goals conceded from 76th to 90th minute. So, in many cases, they cannot keep the winning position.

red arrowWhen Chelsea (4-1) or Liverpool (3-0) score a late home goal, you can keep your bet in a running position and wait. These teams usually win, and your bet will be safe in most cases. The same strategy might be built when you bet on Leicester (6-1), Tottenham (4-1), and Manchester United (5-1) to take away wins.

red arrowCrystal Palace (2-0) and Sheffield United (2-0) score early away goals sometimes, but they are not winning Premier League teams. So, you should wait and observe their reaction when you bet against them without using an early Cash Out option. On the other hand, if you bet on them to win an away game, think twice and build a Cash Out strategy. For example, Crystal Palace (1-4) has conceded the most Premier League late goals from the 76th minute until the final whistle.

red arrowNewcastle (2-5) and West Bromwich (0-3) are starting their home matches conceding early goals, and they have low places in the Premier League table. If your bet is against them, remain in your place and be patient with the Cash Out feature until the stoppage time.

Important Cash Out betting tips

1. When the match is too close to the end, never Cash Out when your team is up with 2+ goals is in live-betting.

2. If the starting bet is not running well, it’s better to play it through and wait for your team to score.

3. If the winning score is volatile (e.g., 1-0 or 2-1) and you think that the bet you have placed might be overturned, you can secure some returns.

Extra Cash Out betting tips for advanced bettors

Advanced high-rollers have a specific strategy. Using inside information and counting on their betting experience, they build an early high-risk Cash Out strategy. They back treasured favorites, wrong prices, or sharp odds maybe a week or more before the match starts, waiting for odds to drop.

Example: You choose Liverpool to win Arsenal at Anfield at 1.80 (early odds) one week before the game starts. Gunners keep a bad tradition when visiting Reds, and one day before the kick-off have two major absents like Aubameyang and Lacazette due to injuries. The 1.80 starting odds on Liverpool was above average on betting markets and might fall to 1.60 or lower. So, here is a chance for a pre-match Cash Out move and profit without even the selected match starts.

When to Cash Out basketball bets

If you back an underdog that you think will have a 10-15 point-lead initially, you can use this service to secure some returns. Significantly, if you believe that this lead will vanish until the end of the match, you should Cash Out bets as late as possible, even if the chosen team is losing. It’s happening nowadays for basketball teams to overturn high points deficits. So, cashing out early favorites is not beneficial.

The same exists if you have bet on a handicap, and the chosen team is winning easily. Once the Cash Out Amount goes to 90%+ of your potential winnings, it’s an excellent time to use the service without additional risks. Some teams tend to lose focus and not play with the same effect if they have a comfortable lead.

Read on some winning strategies and tips for when to Cash Out basketball matches on higher-level tournaments like Euroleague and NBA.

Why avoid Cash Out favorites on Euroleague

Euroleague is a basketball tournament with great favorites and many underdogs. When to Cash Out Euroleague games; is a meaningful question. Sometimes teams with short rosters and rotation start in winning positions until the start of the 3rd Quarter. Then, the favorites used to mind the gaps and overturned the point deficits. If you are an underdog hunter, you should build a Cash Out strategy. In most cases, the favorite teams manage to come from behind and win. So, opting-out of your bet is a wise move.

Build a Cash Out strategy focus on NBA stats

Basketball lovers prefer NBA in-play markets to bet with the main target not to lose money with an unprofitable Cash Out decision. Sometimes, allowing their initial bets to keep running may not be so risky but a moneymaking move.

Read on the table below, which NBA teams used to win when they take a 10-plus point lead or not using the stats from the 2020 shortened season, and build your winning NBA betting Cash Out strategy.

NBA Teams Wins when they take a 10-plus point lead 
Milwaukee Bucks 38-8
LA Clippers 32-8
Boston Celtics 29-7
Dallas Mavericks 23-9
Charlotte Hornets 5-25
New York Knicks 8-21
Cleveland Cavaliers 6-28
Golden State Warriors 8-30

red arrowWhen you bet on Milwaukee Bucks (38-8) or LA Clippers (32-8) and make a 10-plus point lead, in most cases, they grab the win. So, using any Cash Out option is not a profitable strategy.

red arrowOn the other hand, NBA teams like Cleveland (6-28), Charlotte (5-25), and Knicks (8-21) can’t reach a final win even with a 10-plus point leading advantage. So, if you bet on these underdogs, you should Cash Out when your bet is on a moneymaking position. The opposite conclusion is that if you bet against them on Moneyline, there is no reason to build an early Cash Out strategy because their win percentage is too low.

Cash Out betting tips for tennis

Tennis is an individual sport, so it seems that the form and level of play are probably apparent factors that help bettors build a winning and safe Cash Out strategy. On the contrary, you must divide your options on when to Cash Out on Grand Slams and lower-level tournaments, both for women and men matches.

Discover how you should Cash Out bets on tennis, studying specific examples.

red arrowIt’s challenging to find Cash Out options on Grand Slams. Tennis stars are backed on lower odds and are more likely to get first on three sets and win even if they get in an in-play losing position. Djokovic, for example, is known for playing an attacking brand of tennis. Nadal is the best in the world when playing on clay, and Federer is a phenomenal flair athlete. When it comes to wagering on a tennis-based betting market, you should always do your research, but in higher-level tournaments, it isn’t easy to build a Cash Out strategy on favorites for the reasons above.

red arrowWhen you bet on women’s tennis, you should count on the psychological factor. Many lower-ranked female athletes have been known to beat higher-ranked players over the years. Most commonly, superstars like Serena Williams manage to win even from losing positions after the first set. So, if you bet against Williams and she loses the first set, using Cash Out service to secure early profits is a sensible choice.

red arrowLower-level tournaments like Challengers may hide significant Cash Out betting opportunities if you can watch a few matches before wagering. Τhere are some kinds of athletes, like veteran players or young female athletes, who may have been underestimated by the odds and create Cash Out Value options for daily qualifying matches on early rounds if they win.

Bet Cash Out strategy: Benefits & Drawbacks

The Cash Out service is a new deal between bettors who accept that the starting wager wasn’t so strong and the bookmakers who can grasp the fear and the uncertainty from the opposing side. Here are the advantages and the negative points to build a bet Cash Out strategy:

Secure a profit

Using Cash Out, bettors can secure an amount of money without risking the whole stake. This is especially true for bets in winning positions like a tennis player who reaches the final game of a tournament at long odds or a soccer team with a 1-0 lead before the final whistle.

Alternatives that might cover your needs

The feature is offered both pre-match and in-play, on singles and multiples. There are several other Cash Out bet types available, like Partial & Auto Cash Out, which fulfill even an advanced player’s needs. Bettors could also use the service with Match Betting to increase profitability (e.g., 2 goals early payout).

Suitable for Accas & Outright Bets

Υou bet on a Five-Fold accumulator bet and hit four already. So, you have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the Cash Out service. Also, in some cases, Outright Betting could create a profitable bet Cash Out strategy. For example, Leicester entered the 2015/16 Premier League campaign from 5000/1 odds. Starting from a significant underdog position, they got to finish the job, offering Cash Out opportunities to those they bet on such a high-difficulty Outright Bet.

Why avoid early Cash Out

The obvious disadvantage is that players will not gain as much as the starting wager does if it goes to the winning end. Early in-play Cash Out has a significant drawback; bettors lose part of the initial stake without a convincing reason, with a winning amount not equal to what they have won if they let the starting bet run.

Not to pay a double Vig

The excessive Cash Out use is not as profitable as it seems because players pay the Vig twice; when placing the bet and cashing it out. Online bookmakers usually have higher Cash Out margin, which diminishes bettors’ profit.

Reduce starting odds’ value

Cash Out option is like betting on far lower odds than the initial ones before starting the chosen sporting event. When it starts, you need to be up-to-date and use the service at the right time. Unless you select the Auto Cash Out and your initial bet goes well. Otherwise, your bet Cash Out strategy cannot be complete.

A quality bet Cash Out strategy is always useful

spyCash Out service is here to stay, so learning how to build winning strategies and increasing potential returns is vital. Ιn the long run, being profitable from betting is tough. Υou should understand that bookmakers offer Cash Out to bring back money because you pay a double Vig to place and then Cash Out a bet. Many players cannot handle proper long-term bank management to make a profit, and at the same time, bookies take advantage of and set the Cash Out Αmounts very low.

The primary weapon is to fight with the fear of a probable loss and not to Cash Out bets with good possibilities to be winners or stakes with slight hopes to win. In this case, you must accept the result and keep betting until the end. There is a battle here; it’s a middle way between partially winning and risking to lose it all. The main factor of a winning Cash Out strategy is not putting in danger your value bets and the wagers, which are ongoing well. Some people say that players should rarely Cash Out and that any betting Cash Out strategy is not an option for those who want to make money.

However, it is a helpful tool for advanced bettors who know how, when, and in which types of wagers should use it. The Cash Out service has a controversial impact, but it’s a popular tool. The ultimate decision to find options and strategies comes from you, although nothing will guarantee that your control will be profitable. A beneficial consequence is that most online bookmakers offer all Cash Out types breaking new ground to profit. If you safely use the service, maybe you create specific good scenarios. But nothing will guarantee a great return.

Full list of Bookies with Cash Out

Q: When should you use Cash Out on Singles and when on Multiple Bets?

The most crucial strategy point is to realize when the starting bet doesn’t seem as possible as when it is placed. On a single sporting event, Cash Out will take place before it ends. Cashing out an Acca must occur before the last game ends if all the others are winning ones. So, the Cash Out Amount should be much higher than your initial bet.

Q: Why setting a stop-loss or exit point is a good Cash Out strategy?

Players that set Cash Out niche checks at a certain stop-loss point consider opting-out on winning positions. Don’t let the emotions guide you and minimize the luck factor. It is crucial in betting.

Q: When can bettors Cash Out Outright Bets?

Outright betting is a strategy where wagers are placed on the outcome of an entire sports competition. Using Outright Bets, you can lock a value on teams whose odds may reduce over the selected competition, but the Cash Out option is infrequent in this kind of betting.

Q: Does Cash Out have anything in common with Acca Insurance?

Acca Insurance allows you to get all or part of your initial stake if one of your 5+ selections is a loss. So, you must wait until the final whistle for the bet settlement. These types of Acca Bets aren't eligible for Cash Out.

Q: How to use Partial & Auto Cash Out betting on underdogs?

Partial & Auto Cash Out features offer notable control as they attract bettors who want to secure returns or take additional risks. Underdog betting can guarantee you great potential winnings if the bet is ongoing well. You have the opportunity to Cash Out the initial wager partially or automatically and enjoy high in-play odds.

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