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Best Betting Cash Out Strategy

The Cash Out feature has become a norm in the online betting world. However, the question, “Is it for your benefit or gives bookies a chance to gain even more profit?” waits for a convincing answer.

Truth is somewhere in the middle; when you use a targeted betting cash out strategy and avoid common mistakes, you can consistently win. On the other hand, it makes bookmakers, effectively, richer. Using the service doesn’t always make sense because your returns are lower than the real-time odds.

To ensure you increase your profits, we will show you the best time to cash out wagers on football, basketball and other sports. Which markets are optimal for using the service, and for which should you avoid it? Our advanced betting guides have all the answers you need.

Tips for a Winning Betting Cash Out Strategy

BMB_Betting_TipsBettors with a clear mindset have integrated the main principle of a winning plan based on CO. Undoubtedly, they know when the proper time to do it is. Here are the three bedrock factors that can determine if your move is right or wrong.

Human factor

BMB_BasicsYou should handle stress and pressure in real time when you make your live-betting move. A safe early return or a higher risk until the final whistle is always tricky. That’s why a well-devised plan helps betting cash out strategy. If you belong to those who are flirting with the feature every time, stop it; bookmakers have developed cash out to cut their losses, so you make a mistake.


BMB_StopSet an accurate timeframe for your bet and follow it before you use the service. Suppose you back a home team in football who has a 2-1 lead after 70 minutes; if your favourite suffers pressure and you are afraid of a late goal, it’s not a mistake to receive some early earnings. Primarily if you evaluate the live odds changes high and think it’s risky to keep your wager active.

Τop Bookmakers

BMB_Best IconYou should evaluate three main factors before a winning strategy: the sports you prefer, the events you want to bet on and your profit target. However, not all cash out betting sites offer the same service. Here are the criteria to make the right choice: a. Cash out frequency and speed because the in-play odds constantly change, and b. More sports, markets, and types (e.g., full, partial, auto, etc.).

Where to Αpply a Cash Out Strategy

BMB_ListYou can find the top-rated bookmakers where CO is available below. They are best to build a cash out strategy since they offer it on an increasing number of sports and markets; these bookies also provide the fairest value between live and cash out odds.

When Should you Cash Out a Bet on Each Sport?

BMB_Sports_GenericThere’s no exact method for a 100% winning result when you opt out of starting bets. Structural differences exist from sport to sport, so it’s not optimal to follow the same approach. To be more accurate, you can find several advantages and drawbacks of using the service. Before you start, be 100% sure you know how is cash out calculated.

Football Cash Out Strategy

BMB_Football_BallWhen should you cash out a bet on football? Our experience has shown there are many strategies that you could follow; it will help if you consider the current team's stats that could ruin or ignite your bet.

Suppose the starting bet isn’t running well; sometimes, it’s better to play it through and wait for your team to score; you may earn a better CO position or succeed in a full recovery if the team you back wins. Our betting guides include valuable information on how early and late goals and corners affect football wagers on winners and your corner betting strategy.

Cash Out Early

BMB_BankrollMore advanced bettors use inside info and their betting experience to build an early high-risk betting cash out strategy. They back treasured favorites, wrong prices, or sharp prices a week or more before the match starts, waiting for the odds to drop. Let’s take an example of the early cash out method from the English Premier League.

Suppose you choose Manchester City to beat Chelsea at home at 1.80 one week before the game starts. Just one day before the kick-off, the Blues have two major absents due to injuries; the 1.80 starting odds on the Citizens now drop to 1.60. So, here’s a chance for a pre-match cash out move and profit without the match starting.

Also Read: How to predict draws in football matches

Keep your Bet Active

BMB_Money_ProfitWhen the match is too close to the end, never cash out when your team is up with 2+ goals in live betting. Besides the optimal occasion above, your favourite may have the strength and ability to score a late goal; so you can keep your bet in a running position and wait.

For example, teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Bayern Munich win matches with late goals several times in a calendar year. It’s not wise to build a cash out strategy on such heavyweight favourites.

Protect your stake

BMB_Power IconSuppose the score in a football match is unsure (e.g., 1-0 or 2-1), and you think the bet you have placed might be overturned. Firstly, using the feature, you can protect your starting stake and then secure some returns, especially if you bet on an underdog.

Several teams playing in elite leagues can’t stand pressure and concede goals from the 76th minute until the final whistle. So, you can keep your bet active until the middle of the 2nd half, evaluating the chances to keep their winning position.

Lower-seeded teams, such as Southampton in EPL and Elche in La Liga, it’s better not to wait until stoppage time to cash out bets on them; the possibility of conceding a late goal is high.

Basketball Betting Cash Out Strategy

BMB_Basketball_BallLuckily, the top basketball events, such as the NBA and the Euroleague, are accessible via live-streaming betting sites, so you can make more informed in-play decisions. The main target is to earn money; without a doubt, it’s more profitable to back elite teams from top leagues and avoid secondary tournaments and development competitions. Let’s check some winning cash out tips on basketball’s top competitions.

NBA Cash Out Strategy

BMB_TrophyNBA bettors know the roller-coaster feeling when trying to make money from the best league in the world. Every team can make a run for just a few games, so there’s no specific pattern to use in-play CO.

Betting experience and thorough statistical analysis are two main factors that can help you to make informed decisions. So, delve deeper into our tips and learn to set an accurate time management in live betting and start using the service wisely.

BMB_Number_OneIt’s common for NBA teams with great chances for a postseason berth to overturn high points deficits against underdogs. So, if you back a dark horse and your team take a 10-15 point lead, you can use this service to secure some returns because this advantage will probably vanish fast.

BMB_Number_TwoLet’s say you bet on a handicap, and your team is winning easily. Once the cash out amount goes to 90% or plus of your potential winnings, it’s an excellent time to use the service without additional risks. Some teams lose focus without playing with the same effect or use bench players if they have a comfortable lead. So, if you keep your bet active, the team you have backed may not lose the game, but there’s a possibility of failure to cover the handicap.

BMB_Number_ThreeFocusing on stats may offer you great handicap opportunities. Sometimes, allowing your starting bets to keep running may be profitable. From the 2020 shortened season, 60% of underdog NBA teams at the pre-match odds protect their handicap when they take a 10-plus-point lead. On the other hand, when you bet on the moneyline, there’s no reason to build a cash out strategy on dark horses because their win percentage after a 10-point lead is lower, around 20%.

How to Cash Out on Euroleague

BMB_TrophyIt’s a basketball tournament with great favourites and many underdogs. Sometimes teams with short rosters and rotation start in winning positions until the start of the 3rd Quarter. Then, the stronger teams lessen the gaps and overturn the point deficits.

If you are an underdog bettor, you can build a betting cash out strategy because the favorites manage to come from behind and win. So, opting out of your bet is a wise move.

Tennis Cash Out Betting Tips

BMB_Tennis_BallTennis is an individual sport, so the form and level of play are apparent factors that help you build a safer betting cash out strategy. On the flip side, you should divide your options on when to opt out of bets on Grand Slams, lower-level tournaments, and for women’s and men’s matches.

✔️ Grand Slams: It’s common to back tennis stars on lower odds. Even if they find themselves in a losing position, they can win. They play an attacking brand of tennis and, on specific occasions, are unbeatable on their favourite surface (i.e., Rafael Nadal on clay).

When it comes to wagering on a tennis betting market, you should always do your research, especially for higher-level tournaments. It’s not a good idea to build a cash out strategy on favorites because they rarely lose.

✔️ Women Tennis: Here, you should count on the psychological factor. Many lower-ranked female athletes have been known to beat higher-ranked players. Conversely, superstars win even coming from losing positions after the first set.

So, if you bet against a heavyweight favourite and she loses the first set, you must make a critical decision; if the underdog seems to have the strength and stamina to reach victory, keep your bet active. Otherwise, it’s a sensible choice to secure early profit using the cash out service.

✔️ Lower-level Tournaments: Challengers, for instance, may hide significant chances if you can watch a few matches before wagering. Some athletes, like veteran players or young female athletes, may have been underestimated by the odds and create cash out value options for daily qualifying games in early rounds if they win.

Betting Cash Out Strategy: Benefits & Drawbacks

BMB_Handicap LineThe service is a deal between bettors who accept the starting wager wasn’t so strong and the bookmakers who can grasp the opposing side’s fear and uncertainty. Cash out is here to stay, so learning how to increase potential returns is vital. You should understand that top betting sites offer it to earn money because you pay a double VIG to place and then cash out a wager.

Several bettors can’t handle proper long-term bankroll management; that’s why bookies take advantage of and set the CO amounts very low. Here are the benefits and the negative points of building a betting cash out strategy.

Secure a Profit

BMB_FavouriteBettors who use cash out can secure an amount of money without risking the whole stake. This is especially true for bets in winning positions, like a tennis player who reaches the final game of a tournament at outright odds or a soccer team with a 1-0 lead before the final whistle.

Enjoy Alternatives

BMB_FavouriteThe feature is offered both pre-match and in-play, on singles and multiples. Several other CO bet types, like auto, are available, which fulfill even advanced players’ needs. The partial cash out also offers alternatives, as you can check using a Partial Cash Out Calculator. Bettors could also use the service with match betting to increase profitability, such as the “2 goals early payout” offer.

Suitable for ACCAs

BMB_FavouriteSuppose you bet on a 5-fold accumulator bet and hit four already; if you have followed our cash out betting tips, you know it’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy the feature without taking additional risk. In these cases, the offered cash out amount is usually high.

Avoid Early Cash-out

ΒΜΒ_UnderdogsThe apparent disadvantage refers to bettors who choose the option and will not make a profit as much as the initial bet does if it goes to the winning end. Early in-play cash out has a significant drawback; bettors lose part of the stake without a convincing reason. At the same time, the winning amount isn’t equal to what they have won if they let the starting bet run.

Don’t Pay Double VIG

ΒΜΒ_UnderdogsOne of our main live betting tips is excessive cash out use; it’s not as profitable as it seems because players pay twice the margin when placing the bet and opting it out. So, the CO diminishes bettors’ returns and increases the online bookies’ profit.

Protect Odds’ Value

ΒΜΒ_UnderdogsSo, should you cash out bets? It’s like betting on far lower odds than the initial ones before starting the chosen sporting event. You need to be up-to-date and use the service correctly when it starts. Unless you select the auto CO and your initial bet goes well. Otherwise, your strategy may come into danger. You can find the bookies’ margin, which determines the odds’ value, using our Vigorish Calculator, saving time and making informed decisions.

Why Build a Cash Out Betting Strategy?

BMB_Book_SpyThe service has a controversial impact on bettors, but it’s a popular and sometimes handy tool. The main factor of a winning cash out strategy isn’t putting in danger your value bets which are ongoing well. Some say bettors should rarely cash out and that any strategy isn’t an option for those who want to make money.

However, it’s a helpful feature for advanced bettors who know how, when, and in which types of wagers should use it. In a nutshell, don’t fear a probable loss; the final decision to find the best winning pattern comes from you.

A beneficial consequence is that most online sports bookmakers offer all CO types breaking new ground for profit. If you safely use the service, maybe you create specific happy scenarios, although nothing will guarantee a great return.

Complete List of Bookmakers with Cash Out

Cash out is one of the most popular services among bookmakers; that’s why numerous bettors use it to secure early returns or cut losses. We have examined the best betting sites worldwide and chosen the top and optimal to build your betting cash out strategy.

Q: What is cash out strategy?

It’s a betting pattern for all types of bettors which allows getting paid before an event is complete, offering partial winnings or reducing probable losses. If you decide to build a strategy inside your betting activity, you will learn when to use the service with purpose without adding any risk to your bets. The crucial part of this strategy is to answer the question, “when is cash out in my favour?”.

Q: When should I cash out a bet?

One of the most critical cash out betting tips you must remember when using the feature is that your returns depend on the probability of your bet winning. So before tapping the cash out button, consider a. The CO type which is in your favour, b. The real-time chances you have to win if you wait until the end, and c. The in-play odds value because these prices will determine your returns.

Q: Is it better to cash out bet?

Online bookmakers offer the service to help bettors secure their profits or cul losses before the match ends. However, cash out pays less than fair odds value, assisting bookmakers in increasing their earnings. Sometimes, it’s better to cash out bets when the offered amount approaches your final returns in a percentage of more than 90%.

Q: Which bet has the best cash out?

Cash out offers more control over your bets and the advantage of earning money when the team or athlete you back turns up to a winning position, even if, in the end, your wager goes on to lose. So which are the best bets for opting out and making money? When you believe it may become a loser, having a CO value available. For ACCAs, if you back six picks and your bookie offers a high cash out point with one leg remaining, it might be an excellent opportunity for profit.

Q: When should you use cash out on singles and when on multiples?

One of the most profitable cash out tips is to realize when the starting bet isn’t as possible as when placed. You may use the service on a single sporting event before it ends. If you want to cash out an ACCA, do it before the last game ends when all the other parts are winners. It’s the optimal way to receive the biggest CO amount, higher than your initial bet.

Q: Why setting a stop-loss or exit point is a good cash out betting strategy?

Bettors who set cash out niche checks at a certain stop-loss point consider opting out on winning positions. Their target is to receive earnings without priority connected to the offered amount. So, you shouldn’t let emotions guide you, minimizing the luck factor, and it’s crucial in betting.

Q: When to cash out bets for outrights?

Outright betting is a strategy where wagers are placed on the outcome of an entire sports competition. When wagering on outrights, you can lock a value on teams whose odds may be reduced during the selected competition; remember, the cash out option is infrequent in this kind of betting. Also, it’s unavailable for ante-posts in horse racing.

Q: Does cash out have anything in common with ACCA Insurance?

ACCA Insurance allows you to get all or part of your initial stake if one of your 5+ selections is lost. So, you must wait until the final whistle for the bet settlement. These types of ACCA bets aren't eligible for cash out.

Q: How to build a partial or auto betting cash out strategy on underdogs?

Partial & auto cash out features offer notable control as they attract bettors who want to secure returns without taking additional risks. Underdog betting can provide great potential winnings if the wager is ongoing well. Indeed, you can cash out the starting bet partially or automatically and enjoy high in-play odds.

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