Betsson challenges Netherlands online gambling laws

    Betsson challenges NetherlandsSwedish bookmaker, Betsson has announced it will take action against the Dutch authorities, on how they handle gambling regulation. The operator has written to the European Commission, mentioning that Netherlands still violate the EU law. This action comes after five years of waiting for Holland to bring its laws in line with the EU and take stronger measures against operators without license serving Dutch players. According to Betsson, the KSA (Dutch Gaming Authority) has created instability and confusion to Dutch players, due to the lack of a compliant legal framework.

    Chief executive and president of Betsson AB, Ulrik Bengtsson said: “Betsson view the ongoing confusion in the Dutch market as unacceptable; we have therefore submitted an official complaint to the European Commission. The current law in the Netherlands is not in line with EU law and we have therefore asked the Commission to re-open the infringement proceedings that were initiated against the Netherlands in 2006.”