How To Build Α Dutching Strategy

Dutching betting is a risk-minimizing strategy where you spread the stake across multiple selections in the same event. The main idea is to split your overall investment in different bookmakers so that the earnings would be the same, whichever bet finally wins. This is common among horse racing and outrights bettors but generally applies to all sports and markets.

Assume two runners at 3.00 and 5.00 odds with a €100 starting stake. If you bet €62,50 and €37,50, respectively, the profit will be the same if either runner wins, €87,50. Using a Dutching strategy, you can secure regular, steady returns. Scroll down our guide and learn the method’s formula and how to calculate wagers before you build your system.

What is Dutching in sports betting

BMB_BankrollThere’s one main principle for Dutching; the implied probability should be below 100 to have a guaranteed payout%. In that case, you can bet on all outcomes, exploiting the Dutching opportunity. Underneath, you can check two examples and receive answers to three critical questions; “What is Dutching?”, “How to Dutch?” and “When should you Dutch?”.

How do you calculate Dutching?

BMB_Calculate_ProfitsWe will use the outright winner example for the Spanish La Liga, working out the Dutching betting formula for two Dutch bets:

Dutching Implied Probability = (Outcome 1 Implied Probability x 100) + (Outcome 2 Implied Probability x 100)

No Dutching opportunity example

Suppose the odds for Real Madrid to win the title are 1.80, while Barcelona pays 2.10 among twenty participant teams. The mathematical formula for each outcome’s percentage is Implied Probability = 1/Odds x 100. Using our Bet Calculators, you will find the results above:

  • Real Madrid Implied Odds: 55,56%.
  • Barcelona Implied Odds: 47,62%.
  • Dutching Implied Probability: 103,18%.

The implied probability is higher than 100%, so there’s no Dutching opportunity. Staking €100 and splitting it into two possible outcomes, you should risk €46,15 on Barcelona (2.10 odds) and €53,85 on Real Madrid (1.80 odds). So, your returns will be €96,915 (-€3,085 loss) and €96,93 (-€3,07 loss), respectively.

Dutching opportunity example

Let’s take another bookmaker’s prices for the next La Liga Champions; the odds for the selected teams are 1.95 for Real Madrid and 2.10 for Barcelona, staking again €100 into winning possibilities.

  • Real Madrid Implied Odds: 51,28%.
  • Barcelona Implied Odds: 47,62%.
  • Dutching Implied Probability: 98,9%.

The implied probability is lower than 100%, so there’s an opportunity. If you risk €48,15 on Barcelona (2.10 odds) and €51,85 on Real Madrid (1.95 odds), your returns will be €101,115 (+ €1,115 profit) and €101,1075 (+€1,1075 profit), respectively, whichever Dutching bet wins.

Best Bookmakers for Dutching Betting

BMB_Best_IconThis system is totally affected by the odds for each probable outcome of an event. So, before placing wagers, look at the top sports bookmakers in our shortlist, where you can secure the best Dutching betting opportunities.

Top Tips for a Winning Dutching Strategy

BMB_Betting_TipsDutching can be profitable if done in the right way. Compared to arbitrage betting, you can’t guarantee a profit because a non-selected underdog can cause an upset. However, it’s in your hand to reduce the risk of losing by following our piece of advice when following a Dutching strategy.

BMB_Number_OnePick one sport & Dutch: The method applies to all sports, but mostly in horse races and greyhounds; you can also find profitable football opportunities. Generally, try to avoid using it in multiple sports; it’s challenging to find value odds everywhere and quite difficult to enhance your experience in Dutching betting for all events worldwide.

BMB_Number_TwoChoose bets with few possible outcomes: Using this technique, you can cover multiple outcomes. The critical point is that you need a bigger bankroll as the number of bets increases. So, try to place fewer wagers on markets with not many possible outcomes.

BMB_Number_ThreeUse calculators or other software to avoid mistakes: Maths can be pretty complex in this strategy, so you will do your job much easier if you use a Dutch betting calculator. It’s an efficient way to earn time, simplify the method, and avoid costly mistakes.

BMB_Number_FourUse bonuses: You can use a matched betting approach to avoid risking money from your bankroll. Besides comparing odds to find the best opportunities, you can use bonuses, such as Free Bets or the Best Odds Guaranteed. In that way, it can be advantageous to place one of the Dutch bets without staking from your bankroll or exploiting the possible higher starting prices of your runners.

How to create a football Dutching strategy

BMB_Football_BallIndeed, it’s impossible to profit by Dutching every match. The main idea is to secure values on odds when betting on daily football betting markets or outright league winners. Here are the critical steps you should follow to be profitable in building a football Dutching strategy.

Choose a 2-way market

BMB_Live_BettingIt’s the best option to try to keep the method simple. Over/Under or Both Teams To Score Dutching betting offer only two possible outcomes, so the calculations are more straightforward and the possibilities to lose money fewer. You can also choose the 3-way win market when you believe that one of the three outcomes has fewer chances to happen.

Use Each-Way Dutching

BMB_Live_BettingThe challenging part is to find the right football bookmakers and odds. Dutching matched betting presupposes choosing two bookies that give the same prices for two different outcomes and risk the same stake on each Dutching bet. Let’s use the Manchester derby case between United and City for the English Premier League.

Each-Way Dutching example

  • Bookmaker A pays 3.00 odds for Manchester United to win.
  • Bookmaker B also pays 3.00 for Manchester City to win.
  • You stake €20 in total, €10 backing United and €10 on Citizens.
  • In case of a draw, you lose €20. If the match declares a winner, your returns will be €30 and your net profit €10.

Opt-out alternatives

BMB_Live_BettingMarkets with more possible outcomes, such as Correct Score, with a high return rate, are popular among Dutching bettors. You can cover the most likely final scores by placing the appropriate stakes. We will use the same example between two evenly matched rival teams, indicating how to predict correct score in a low-scoring game.

So, we cover the scores 0-0 at 8.50 / 1-0 at 6.70 / 0-1 at 10.00 / 1-1 at 6.50 odds.

Then, these are the facts using our Implied Probability Calculator and a Dutch Betting Calculator:

  • The implied odds for the chosen scores are 0-0: 11,8% / 1-0: 14,9% / 0-1: 10% / 1-1: 15,4%. The total implied probability is 52,1% (<100%), so we have a Dutching opportunity.
  • Having a €100 total stake, the distribution for each bet is 0-0: €22,59 / 1-0: €28,66 / 0-1: €19,20 / 1-1: €29,54. So, if one of the scores happens, the total profit will be €92,03.

How to make a horse Dutching

BMB_Horse_HeadThe horse racing Dutching strategy is popular among bettors because it maximizes the winning chances, although the rewards may still be low. Multiple selections are available in races so that you can place more than two or three wagers on each event. So, you should research before venturing into the race and the horses you will back. Stats like the number of each runner’s recent wins on specific distances and surfaces and official ratings are valuable for your final selection. After your homework, you can build your horse Dutching professional betting strategy.

  1. You can choose up to six runners in a race; if you have a low-priced favourite among your picks, it’s better to leave the race alone and wait.
  2. Avoid including an underdog with only a few possible winning chances. In a nutshell, pick the six best horses from the available runners.
  3. Ensure that the total implied probability will be lower than 100%; reasonably, if you finally bet on six contenders, the percentage must be around 50%.

Horse Dutching example

After a detailed analysis, we will pick six horses with the best odds and real chances to win for the Chelmsford City race. So, our runners are Dark Desing at 5.88 odds, Company Minx at 6.40, Shamshon at 12.50, Moveonup at 13.50, Madame Marmalade at 19.19, and Hurt You Never at 34.00.

The total implied probability of the selection brings a Dutching opportunity at 56% approximately.

Having a €100 total stake, the distribution for each bet is €30,27 for Dark Desing, €27,81 for Company Minx, €14,24 for Shamshon, €13,18 for Moveonup, €9,27 for Madame Marmalade, and €5,23 for Hurt You Never. That means a €77,96 profit, whichever comes first.

Is Dutching betting worth it?

BMB_Book_SpyIt’s difficult to make a living from finding a winning Dutching bet every day. However, you can gain an edge over specific markets by betting on multiple selections in the same event. Indeed, this method doesn’t guarantee returns; moreover, you will lose time if you don’t find a reliable tool for lengthy calculations. On the other side of the fence, it’s a decent way to minimize the chances of losing money by spreading your stake and risk across multiple selections. So, frequent but low returns are an approachable target in Dutching if you pick the right odds from the top 100 online bookmakers, counting the probability of each of your selections accurately. Dutching betting can make a profit for you no matter what if you stand in the bedrock below:

  • 2-way & 3-way bets help you to avoid all the maths and place more straightforward Dutching bets.
  • Alternatively, use markets that can bring back higher returns, like winners in horse racing and correct football scores.
  • Calculate always value and implied probability (i.e., remember that the opportunity is up to 100%).
  • Avoid low prices for Dutching betting.
  • Follow our complete list of sports bookmakers with the highest odds and the most valuable offers to create Dutching opportunities and win.

Q: What does Dutching mean in betting?

Dutching betting is a strategy based on reducing the risk of losing money backing more than one possible outcome in a football match, a race, or other sports event. The critical part is to set an appropriate stake on each of your wagers; in that case, the potential earnings will be the same if any of your bets win.

Q: How do you calculate Dutching?

You can use software and free calculators around the internet to calculate a Dutching bet. It’s preferable when you want to bet on a horse race, for example, with more than two possible outcomes to cover. The calculation is based on the implied probability, the outcome of the mathematical formula Dutching Implied Probability = (Outcome 1 Implied Probability x 100) + (Outcome 2 Implied Probability x 100), in the case of two Dutch bets.

Q: Which is the Dutching origin?

The term “Dutching” comes from Dutch Schultz, a famous mobster who rose to prominence in New York during the prohibition era. Born Arthur Simon Flegenheimer in 1902, he chose the nickname “Dutch” Schultz during his crime-related career. Al Capone’s accountant found this technique looking for a way to edge the bookies at the races.

Q: What is the difference between Arbitrage and Dutching betting?

These strategies are the same, in principle, with a primary target to secure bettors a guaranteed payout regardless of the outcome. The major difference is the number of outcomes you can cover; arbing is based on back and lay bets for the same event, which means you can cover two outcomes. On the other hand, in Dutching, you can cover numerous outcomes.

Q: What is the difference between Dutching and Double Chance?

When you decide to bet on a Double Chance, you back two outcomes of a single match result bet with three possibilities. On the flip side, Dutching applies to almost all markets. Also, you can include as many selections as possible of the same event.

Q: Will Dutching get you gubbed?

So, what is Dutching? Is It legit and safe? Any strategy that can give you an advantage over bookies can cause account restrictions, so try to Dutch your bets occasionally. The regular use of the method combining with offers acceptance and mug bets without preservation may lead to account detections and limitations.

Q: Is Dutching risk-free?

Dutching is considered a risk-free strategy for matched betting, but a risk always exists for your wagers. You can make a profit easier if you invest the appropriate stake for each Dutching bet; however, if you don’t cover all possible outcomes, you may lose. So, this strategy helps you reduce the possibility of losing money.

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