Dutching in sports betting

If you are familiar with investing or have a knack for history, then you must have heard how Dutch traders dominated the 17th century world economy. It was all about risk management as they tried to minimize losses and secure profits by investing their capital on multiple trade ships. Now, how would you feel if someone told you you could do the exact same thing on football betting? This "dream scenario" is achieved the same way as you limit risk by spreading your bets. This is not an easy task, especially during recent years, but it is followed by a number of bettors who seek safe earnings.

So, what is Dutching exactly? It’s what the above betting style is called which has been popular long before laying on betting exchanges was added to the bettor’s quiver. We're only mentioning laying as a different way of laying bets is to back every possible outcome. What is even more impressive, is that Dutching betting can be utilized on online bookmakers and is not limited to bet exchanges.

The main aim of Dutching is to divide your stake over many betting selections of an event, to guarantee a standard profit, regardless of the result. One could say that Dutching bears many similarities to arbing, however, Dutch betting is used to back the most obvious selections of an event and not all of them.

Best betting websites for Dutching

From mobsters to punters

Are there any good M-Pesa alternativesThe term “Dutching” comes from Dutch Schultz, a famous mobster who rose to prominence in New York during the prohibition era. Born Arthur Simon Flegenheimer in 1902, he chose the nickname “Dutch” Schultz during his crime-related career. Some of his most well known feats include rigging the results of the Harlem numbers racket on several occasions and operating an illegal lottery in the slums of the city.

Along "other activities", Schultz adopted a pioneering way of betting on racetracks. Instead of betting and risking all his money on one horse, he preferred to divide his stake on backing two or three horses in a race and managed to almost always gain a profit no matter which horse won the race. However, in order to further manipulate the odds and increase his earnings, he placed his bets at the last minute before the race.

How Dutching betting works

Betting on politicsDutching is actually quite simple: Divide your stake according to the odds of multiple selections, in order to net the same profit on any result. This means you have to adjust the stake on every selection, reducing the stake on higher odds and proportionally increasing it on lower odds.

To manage this easily, you have to find the odds' implied probability. As soon as you've done so, you have to follow a specific math type to see how much you'll have to stake on every selected odd.

Let’s try an example: Suppose you’d like to cover three different scores from the “correct score” market at a football match: 1-0 at 5.00, 1-1 at 7.50 and 2-1 at 10.00. Your initial stake is €100.

 As mentioned above, finding the implied probability is your first priority. Here's how you do it.

  • Implied probability of a 5.00 1-0 score: (1/5.00)*100=20%
  • Implied probability of a 7.50 1-1 score: (1/7.50)*100=13,33%
  • Implied probability of a 10.00 2-1 score: (1/10.00)*100=10%

The second step is to find the right stake on every selection. Simply use the following type:

"STAKE= (percentage/total percentage)*total stake"

This means that the exact amount you have to stake on every selection of our example is the following:

  • Stake amount of 5.00 1-0 score: (20/43,33)*100= €46,15
  • Stake amount of 7.50 1-1 score: (13,33/43,33)*100= €30,77
  • Stake amount of 10.00 2-1 score: (10/43,33)*100= €23,08

At these stakes and odds you’re guaranteed a profit of €130,7 regardless of which selection is confirmed.

If maths isn't your strongest suit or simply would rather not spend time calculating the exact amounts you have to stake on each and every bet, then you shouldn't worry. There are various Dutching calculators on the internet, where you just choose the odds of every selection & your stake and are presented with the precise bet sizes.

Best Dutching strategies

Dutching is very popular in sports events with many selections, as backing only one of them is quite risky. The best sports for Dutching are horse racing and greyhounds, where the selections are multiple and even backing favorites could damage your bankroll.

Whoever wants to apply Dutching to horse racing simply needs to back two or three favorites on a race, based on their odds. It’s always safer to follow the bookies estimations on winners. Backing three or more selection on a ten horse race, makes your theoretical winning chances stand slightly higher than 30%.

In horse race betting strategies the ideal scenario for Dutching, is backing as many selections as  to get at least 50% winning chances, according to implied probability.

It obviously becomes even better if your 50%+ winning chances are accompanied by possible earnings that almost double your initial stake. If you happen to lose (none of your selections are confirmed) you don’t have to win three or four times in a row to cover your losses.

You could also try your hands at football Dutching. This is less popular in basic betting types such as 3-way (backing two of three selections) as it's the same as a double chance bet. Instead, Dutching is used in special bets like Correct Score (where the selections are usually over 20) and Half Time-Full Time betting (with 9 different selections). It’s really popular in antepost betting in major competitions winners, where you might back two or three different teams to win a league or cup.

Pros & cons of Dutch betting


  • Dutching lets you wager on multiple-selection betting markets without risking too much.
  • It’s more convenient to place bets in special markets, such as correct score in football, as you increase your winning chances and guarantee a profit regardless of the result.
  • You have complete control over how much you risk. For example, in a HT-FT football market, you can dutch three selections out of nine and claim a total 130% profit of your initial total wager, or Dutch seven selections and claim a total 22% profit.


  • It’s far more complicating than laying. If you’d like to dutch all but one selections in an event, it’s simpler to just lay one selection in a betting exchange.
  • If you’re not familiar with numbers and don't feel comfortable using a betting calculator, you will find it hard to define the exact amount you have to place on every selection.
  • Keep in mind that Dutching is meant to be done on more than one online sportsbook. This means that you have to calculate different commission percentages each time you win a bet.

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