Why you should keep a betting tips archive

betting tips archiveKeeping an accurate and precise betting tips archive is a crucial factor for every bettor, even apprentice ones. Apart from the obvious reasons of keeping control over your bankroll at any moment and knowing how much money you’ve placed on various bets, it can also act as a valuable advisor for your future choices. It doesn't matter if you bet for fun or professionally, whether you are a high roller or not and if you like to follow a betting strategy. Having a personal betting tips archive is one of the first things any punter should to do upon entering the betting world.

Surely, writing down every little betting detail may sound like a boring procedure. There are even some players who insist that it is pointless, as every online bookmaker offers you a detailed “betting history” page, that contains everything you should know about your bets and account status. However, this has proven to be extremely difficult, if you have a betting account on more than one bookmaker, as you have to constantly review these details to get a clear estimate on your positive or negative betting balance.

How to create a betting tips archive

Even if you have only one account and instead of writing down your bets, prefer copy/pasting them from your bookmakers history page to a simple Microsoft Excel page, you are on the right track. This can help you find where your choices went wrong and in many ways improve your future betting decisions.

Of course, you don’t need a logistics management master to keep a simple football betting tips archive. A basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel's functions lets you manage your bets regularly and, in a short period of time, inform you about your betting habits.

“A betting tips archive helps you limit bad picks and increase profit”

The 14 essential columns

A simple football tips archive can even be kept on a notebook. However, we advise you to use Microsoft Excel to create your archive, which should contain the following 14 columns:

  1. Date (time is not obligatory, but could help for the exact bets sequence)
  2. Country (or International, when your bet is placed in an international competition)
  3. Competition (League, State Cup, League Cup etc.)
  4. Home Team (an asterisk * when on a neutral venue)
  5. Away Team
  6. Bet Type (1X2, Over/Under, AH, BTTS, Correct Score, HT-FT etc.)
  7. Betting selection (X, Under, 0-2 etc.)
  8. Online bookmaker
  9. Exact odds
  10. Stake
  11. Final score
  12. Bet outcome: “W” for a winning bet Won, “L” for a lost one (you could also add “P” for “push”, “HW” for half won and “HL” for half lost, if you place Asian Handicap bets).
  13. Profit/Loss amount (in case of profit write down your net profit, abstracting the initial bet amount, in case of loss write your stake as a negative number).
  14. Total profit/loss. This is the only column that actually needs some math done. Simply add the current lines profit/loss to the previous line. If you do this in every line and leave the first one blank, you can know exactly how much money you are winning or losing after every bet.

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Additional data/information

betting archiveThe above soccer tips archive might seem quite simple, but it is an extremely accurate one. If you write down all the information about your bets you can sort them any way you like. For example, you can only view matches from a specific league and monitor your profit/loss ratio in the specific category. You can also sort your results by bet type, ascending or descending odds and any other way you want.

You can also add a number of other supplementary columns, in order to record certain information about the match. Some of the most common columns include:

  1. Yield: This is an additional percentage number, that comes from a direct mathematical division: The dividend is your actual net profit/loss, while the divisor will be the total amount you have currently staked. The result lets you have a clear view of your bets success.
  2. Winning ratio: Another percentage number, that shows your winning percentage (winning bets divided to overall bets). Keep in mind that this number could be misleading as it is only useful if you place bet in similar odds, nearing 2.00.
  3. Decision: Write down the main reasons behind placing a bet on a particular match. Was it the valuable odds? The recent form? Past results? Latest news? Something else? Perhaps a combination of these?
  4. What happened: Apart from the final result, which whether we like it or not influences the profit or loss, you can keep some additional information about the match. Did you win by a lucky goal? Did you lose from a controversial penalty shot? This is not needlessly done, as it can show you whether you were right in your football predictions or not. In the long term it can prove to be extremely helpful. You have to be honest with yourself, however and not look for excuses every time you lose, or set aside the fact that you may have won due to a stroke of luck.

Why it is worth it

There are plenty of reasons why you should keep a betting tips archive, especially if you place many bets on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the most common ones:

  1. Money control: You can find out whether you are a winner or a loser at any time and day. Relying only on your “betting history” on different online bookmakers or an e-wallet account can not only be inaccurate, but also misleading.
  2. Self-restrain: Keep in mind that when you are betting on the internet, it's easy to lose track of how much you have actually wagered. Your balance is simply a number on your betting account and not coins or banknotes that give you a feeling of holding "real money". Traditional punters will surely understand the difference between placing a wager on a betting shop, compared to confirm a betslip online. An accurate archive will shake you back to reality, especially after a bad streak.
  3. Improved analysis: Having a large number of bets on your archive will help you better analyze your playstyle and avoid recurring errors every time you place a bet. It’s actually quite easy to find out whether you’re good on a certain bet type, by comparing it with all the other bets you have placed. Continuous betting on many types could misguide you about your true betting abilities and advantages. This can all be cleared out simply by sorting your bets by type. As betting seasons go by, you’ll notice that you have improved due to the frequent analysis of these bets.

You’re strongly advised to keep a betting tips archive. You won’t need more than a few minutes a day to keep it, even if you’re a daily bettor. The benefits you can gain from this are well worth your time.

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