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Why You Should Keep a Betting Tips Archive

Several factors guide sharp bettors before building the next strategy or making the next wager. Besides the critical decision about which bookmakers to choose or the odds value, betting archives can offer you all the information to make wiser decisions in the long term. This is because you can gather all the key stats from your activity; the number of wins and losses, the most successful bet types, your ROI for a specific period, and in which sports and leagues you are more effective. Keeping a record can also help you track tipsters’ success rates. Should you follow them or check elsewhere? Our online betting guides contain all the answers.

How To Create a Betting Tips Archive

BMB_ListYou can keep a betting tips archive in your notebook or an Excel sheet. Including the appropriate information about your wagers or the tipsters you follow is a sufficient way to improve your future decisions and manage your bankroll effectively.

Date/Time: Setting the range period of a series of wagers can help you calculate ROI, Yield, and winning percentages. The date and time of the chosen sporting events are handy for those who want to observe their exact bet sequence.

Bet Info: Every pick or betting tip you add to an archive must contain basic info about the sports event you bet on; the competition and origin country (or the international leagues), and the home/away teams (possible neutral venues included).

Betting types & selections: Grading your bets can help you observe and track your activity more quickly. So, choose the type you choose first (e.g., 1X2, Over/Under, A.H., etc.) and then add the selection (e.g., X, Under 2,5, etc.). The same process you can follow if you are wagering on different markets, learning, for instance, how to bet on football transfers.

Odds, bookmaker & stake: The exact odds you back and the stake you choose are necessary to manage your profit/losses. The highest odds betting sites’ listings can also guide you to where you can find the best prices for wagers.

Final score & bet status: Filling in the bets’ outcome, you can easily set their status; W for winners, L for losers, P for void bets, and H/W - H/L for half won - half lost in Asian betting.

Profit/Loss: You can add the profit/loss for each bet, completing the column for your total balance. After each pick, you will know how much money you are winning or losing after each pick.

What is the purpose of a Betting Tips Archive

BMB_FavouriteA detailed record can significantly enhance your daily activity. You can keep a betting tips archive and evaluate the profitability and transparency of a tipster you may follow. In both cases, you can build a unique table with detailed info about the tips, odds, results, and scores, grading your bets daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Do you want to improve your strategies by keeping an archive? Should you pay for betting tips to check if the win rate responds to the services’ description? We have gathered the primary purposes of recording tips in the list below.

BMB_Sports_GenericBy sports & leagues: This kind of knowledge is essential for bettors and tipsters, so you can examine every moment in which picks make a profit. Do you have more winning wagers in football or basketball? Is your success rate higher in elite tournaments, such as the Champions League and NBA, or domestic leagues? Do you place good value bets in American sports events? These are some of the answers you can receive by studying your betting history.

BMB_Date_Time_IconΒy period performance: A critical step to becoming a sharp bettor is to calculate metrics for the effectiveness of your picks and the tipsters you follow. Winning ratio, sports betting ROI & Yield can indicate your actual net profit/loss compared to the total amount you have staked. So, by keeping an archive, you will have a clear view of your bets’ success.

BMB_Betting_MarketsBy markets & betting types: Αpart from the conclusions, you can keep some additional info about which markets are more profitable for you. Several bettors place successful wagers on the main sports markets, like moneyline, totals, and Asian handicaps. An archive can show you whether you are right in the betting types you choose.

Why Do You Need a Betting Odds Archive

BMB_Betting_OddsIf you acquire the knowledge to place value bets, you will learn how to beat the bookies using maths. Historical data allows you to check every moment which leagues offer the highest odds in seasonal betting. Following that way, you will make highly successful wagers in particular tournaments. The factor list below proves why a betting odds archive can help you establish an edge in wagering.

  • 1
    Odds range: Keeping a record can adjust your bets to specific odds with higher percentages and profits. So, you model your wagers focusing on exact odds fields. If your success rate is in the sky at 1.80 or lower odds, or your underdog tips (i.e., 3.00+ odds) give you winners, exploit the facts. Split your bets into specific ranges, 1.80 and lower, 1.81 - 2.40, 2.41 - 3.00, and 3.01 and higher, and track your profits/losses separately.
  • 2
    Bookmakers rating: When tracking bets and adding the prices for every wager you place into your spreadsheet, you can compare and judge which bookie offers the best odds for specific sports, leagues, and teams. Especially for novice bettors, it’s critical to consider the important aspect of finding the better value for their wagers. Betting archives are a reliable way to monitor new online bookmakers’ prices.
  • 3
    Upcoming bets: Bookmakers don’t share the stats they use to set odds. However, keeping betting archives can give you additional info about how they face specific teams. For instance, by comparing odds at a certain football team for one month, you can understand how much bookies’ alignment has changed over the selected time. This factor may help you place your next bet with favourable terms.

Why is it worth keeping a Betting Record?

BMB_Book_SpyWe strongly recommend keeping betting archives and tracking your wagers and the tips you may follow. Even if you play daily, you won’t need more than a few moments to update the data. Especially if you place several bets, you have specific reasons to record your activity, stepping closer to professional betting.

Manage your bankroll: It’s critical for the wealth of your investment to know at any time and day if you have profits or losses.

Self-control: Having a betting record simplifies how much you have wagered daily. So, if you have to face a lousy run, it will be easier to understand the consequences.

Advanced data: After keeping betting archives, you can make your wagering profile; you will observe your strengths and weaknesses, finding out how to never lose a football bet or a wager based on other sports events. Furthermore, your record’s data can offer an improved analysis of certain types and odds fields in which you are profitable.

Bookmakers with the Best Odds Value

BMB_Profits_GraphExploring our list below, you can discover the top and most reliable sports bookmakers that offer the highest odds and the best value in a wide range of sporting events and markets.

Q: What is an archive bet?

Archived bets are the wagers that have been settled as winners or losers after the final result of a sporting event. They aren’t active but can offer valuable information for your upcoming wagers. Analyzing archive bets, you can learn which types bring you more profit and the range of sports where you are sharp.

Q: What is the meaning of betting tips?

A tip in betting is a wager you can follow by a third person who may be perceived as more knowledgeable of sports or have the experience to help you earn profits. Suppose you face a lousy streak of bets, or you want to extend your activity on sports where you don’t have expertise; in that case, following tips and keeping betting archives might be a wise decision.

Q: How do you read betting tips?

Several bettors even pay for picks with an obvious purpose; to profit from sports wagering. There are plenty of services that charge money or release picks for free. Before you place a bet following tipsters, check their ROI & Yield and if their predictions are based on convenient factors (e.g., injury news, advanced stats, reliable sources). Finally, examine the odds range of their bets because you don’t need picks on low odds (e.g., 1.15 to 1.30) to make profits.

Q: Should I pay for betting tips?

There are benefits and drawbacks when paying picks; you must find a trustworthy website with a high percentage of winning tips. Otherwise, the cost of paying for them will affect your bankroll in the long term. However, some tipsters may have no widespread information, having deep knowledge of unpopular sports. In that case, you can create several alternatives for your strategy by tracking them and keeping a betting odds archive based on their tips.

Q: What are the secrets of betting?

If you understand that, in most cases, the bookies will always have the upper hand on the bettors, there aren’t other secrets in wagering to impede you from your target. All bookmakers want you to make unstrategic bets and chase losses; they don’t care who wins and loses a sporting event, but only to make money. So, keep betting archives, get a deep understanding of the offered odds and try to secure the best value.

Q: How do you master a betting tip?

You must fulfill specific requirements to acquire complete knowledge of betting and evaluating betting tits. Two critical steps are to stop your overconfidence when you run a winning streak and don’t get disappointed when a series of bets is lousy. Invest your time in research, trust your opinion, and get advice from tipsters to receive new ideas. Finally, increase your experiment, keep a betting record, and avoid wagering when you aren’t clear-headed.

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