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How To Bet On Football Betting Cards

Wagering on Football cards refers to bets on the number of yellow and red cards in a match, including which teams or players will receive them. These bets are considered specials because they bear no resemblance to the Match Winner market.

So, you don’t have to wait until the end of the match to make a profit since you can win regardless of the result. Our experts analyze in the article how to build a stellar strategy for Football betting cards by predicting the players to be booked or sent off and the teams’ total number of cards.

You can delve deeper into their tips and learn how bookies derive the offered odds from the available data, like the total number of cards shown for teams and players. We aim to find value odds and win constantly from this special bet type.

Best Bookmakers For Football Cards Betting

BMB_Best IconSeveral bettors aim to exploit special bets for a simple reason: the total amount of money wagered on specials is less than the main Football markets. That means bookmakers often offer higher prices or need to improve in setting the correct odds.

We have listed the top betting sites for Football cards betting where you can always find the best prices and the greatest array of markets for yellow and red cards.

Football Card Betting Markets For Teams & Players

BMB_Football_RefereeWagering players to be booked with a yellow or red card can be profitable for the average bettor. You should know specific parameters before starting το find the best way to bet on Football. These specials have rules and advantages, so it’s a matter of thorough analysis instead of luck and instinct.

Football card betting first appeared in elite national team tournaments, like the World Cup and Euro; however, nowadays, many online bookmakers offer it regularly in popular leagues, such as the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, as well as in secondary domestic leagues.

The most crucial factor is to know what to bet before you build your strategy. Our experts introduce the main markets for cards, naming the two main categories of booking bets: those about individual players and others for an entire team.

Player Card Bets

BMB_Football BallThese are the most straightforward markets because you should only predict a player will receive a yellow or a red card. Different odds are offered for every player who plays in a Football match. The prices vary depending on the playing position; for instance, centre-backs are more likely to be booked.

Moreover, it’s critical to analyze the recent player’s attitude, booking frequency, aggressiveness, etc. These can be tricky markets when betting on cards in Football, as they require extensive knowledge of a specific team player and his opponents. The same applies to other special wagers, such as next manager betting and relegation team markets.

Team Card Bets

BMB_Football BallIf you want to bet on team cards, you need to know more about Fooball betting options and their meaning to place winning wagers. You can bet the exact number of cards for each contender, the Over/Under totals based on a nominated line, or predict booking points. Here’s a brief introduction to winning from Football betting cards.

Number of Bookings: The average number of Football cards in a match is between four and five. This number differs depending on the teams and leagues.

The most usual type of bet is the Over/Under 5,5, where you should predict the number for a more physical or relaxed game. This bet can be found both as a total and a team bet.

Red Card: Is dismissal during the match a possibility? You need to predict whether the odds on this bet secure value. A variation of this wager includes a 3-way market with prices for both teams and the No Red Card Being Shown option.

Total Booking Points: Several online bookmakers offer a card point system, calculating five points for a red card and three for every yellow during a match.

This bet type requires you to predict whether the total number will exceed a specific line, the most usual being 15,5 or 16,5 points.

First/Next/Last Card: You can find the market during live betting, especially in the Next Booking option. You must predict which team will receive the first, next or last booking.

First Booking Minute: This type is mainly included in special, elite matches such as the UEFA Champions League, World Cup, etc. Usually, the 90-minute duration is divided into nine 10-minute periods, each with separate odds.

Best Football Betting Cards Strategies

BMB_FeesWagering on cards has been growing in popularity among bettors due to its great value, so it’s wise to build the best Football betting strategy for bookings for elite and secondary leagues seeking profit. Our experts recommend all the critical parameters you should evaluate to bolster your bankroll when choosing Football betting cards markets.

Sent-Offs & VAR

BMB_Football_VAR_1The innovation of Video Assistant Referee affects Football card betting, pre-match and in-play, as well as goals, penalties, and red cards. So, the markets involved in sent-offs are more straightforward nowadays.

If the referee punishes an offence by giving a red card to the wrong player, the decision will change after the review; moreover, a direct sent-off can also be reviewed. For several bettors, the main question is, “How do red cards impact a match?”

According to many thorough statistical analyses, red cards severely impact each team’s scoring ability. Given that most sent-offs are usually awarded in the second half, it’s safe to say that they can also affect the final result.

Our experts release specific advanced stats for home teams’ red cards regarding VAR betting: they cause a 60% increase in the away team’s scoring rate and a 17% decrease for the hosts. Regarding the respective stats for the visitors, a sent-off causes a 69% increase in the home team’s scoring rate and a 42% decrease for them.

Analyze the Referees

BMB_Football_VAR_2The match official must be a critical factor in your analysis. Regardless of the number of cards a team gets during every match, you must consider the referee’s behaviour. What is his usual attitude during the 90 minutes? Is he strict or lenient? This information can prove invaluable in yellow card betting.

Don’t simply look at his average yellow and red cards; one main tip is to pay attention to the minute he usually awards his first card. Some try to make their feelings known right at the start of the showdown, while others may limit themselves to cautioning the players.

The worldwide refereeing authorities have worked hard to ensure that officials maintain a standard attitude by punishing aggression similarly. However, every referee’s personality differs, meaning their Football card stats will also vary.

Also Read: UEFA Conference League Betting Tips.

Bookings Rules

BMB_ListBefore you start your activity and betting on cards in Football, you should have specific factors in mind. Some players get into a match in the pursuit of getting a yellow or a red card.

According to the rules for all leagues worldwide, when a player reaches a certain number of cards, he’s automatically suspended from the following or upcoming matches.

If a player is a card away from suspension, he can choose to be booked and lose a meaningless next league match to be available for a hot clash shortly. Look carefully for these players; they are acceptable candidates for getting at least a yellow card.

In addition, in some leagues, players are suspended for two league matches when they reach a high number of seven or eight bookings during a league season.

That means if they receive a card, it might be better for them to get a second yellow card and be expelled, usually in the last minutes, than to get only a one-match suspension.

Yellow Card Betting For Derbies

BMB_Markets GenericThis is a special category of Football clashes, where tempers are usually flaring, regardless of the contenders’ league position, recent results, and targets. Watch out for the local derbies, as the crowd usually encourages players to play extra aggressively.

Red cards are more common, and yellow card betting on higher lines has more value than other matches. On the other hand, in meaningless events near the end of the season, it’s always worth placing a bet on zero cards on traditionally high odds, as both teams have nothing to play for.

Are Football Betting Cards Profitable?

BMB_Book SpyOur articles aim to help you on how to predict corners in Football and make a profit. Usually, cards are awarded for violent behaviour or insults. Nearly every team has one more aggressive player; however, the bookies know him all too well, and his booking odds are considerably lower than those of other players.

It’s evident that tall and muscular defenders will not shy away from a fight and are significantly likelier to get booked. If you wish to get higher odds, you should pay attention to other aspects of the game, especially players who are unlikely candidates for receiving a card.

A goalkeeper of a minor team is a serious candidate when playing away from home against a strong opponent. If his team manages to hold the favourite to a tie or even take the lead, there’s a great chance he’ll get a yellow card for deliberately delaying the game.

A forward’s role usually doesn’t involve tackling or man-marking a specific player. However, suppose he’s known to be overly enthusiastic. In that case, he may score a decisive goal and get a yellow card for excessive celebration, such as leaving the field and climbing the stands to celebrate with the fans or pulling off his shirt.

The player who acts as the last defender on his team’s set pieces when the centre-backs go forward to get a header will be sacrificed to get a yellow or even a red card to prevent a dangerous counterattack. So, there are numerous scenarios for winning Football card betting that you can follow to grow your bankroll.

Top Red & Yellow Card Betting Sites

Q: Where can you find the best card betting tips?

Our experts aim to release daily picks for yellow and red cards from all the elite Football competitions in all main markets. So, you can find free picks for Over/under cards about Champions League, Europa League, and Premier League matches following our Betting Predictions section.

Q: Which are the best markets for bookings in betting?

The main options for winning card betting are based on players and teams. So, you can back the total number of yellow or red cards a Football team will receive in a single match. Additionally, you can bet a specific player to get a card or not, evaluating the odds, both pre-match and in-play.

Q: How do you choose the best yellow card betting sites?

Almost all reliable bookmakers we recommend offer alternatives to total card and player betting, Asian Handicaps, and Both Teams To Receive a Card wagers. To pick the right bookie, you should also check the variety of card markets, the available leagues and events, Bet Builders, and, undoubtedly, the odds value.

Q: What are the primary yellow card betting rules?

One of the most popular options for wagering on bookings is betting on the number of yellow cards in a single Football game. You should predict whether a match will produce a higher-than-the-line or a lower number of cards. So, if you bet on a single event to have Over 4,5 yellows, you lose if the event produces four or fewer. The same rule applies to player card betting in a match.

Q: How do you bet on yellow cards and sent-offs in Football?

The baby steps of your strategy should be selecting a Football bookie with a wide array of markets and high odds. Then, you must focus on and bet on the markets with more winning chances. For example, it may be easier to win from Total Booking Points rather than Handicap Card Betting.

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