How to read & convert all types of betting odds

Q: What are the alternative names for decimal and fractional odds?

The decimal odds type is prevalent in continental Europe, so you can find decimals as European, continental odds, or digital odds. The alternative names for fractionals are British, UK, and traditional odds.

Q: What are the Odds Converter errors?

Converting odds from one type to another, you will undoubtedly see some discrepancies, not the tool’s errors. For example, if you try to convert 1.33 decimal odds, you will get 1/3 fractional and -303.03 American odds. The conversion is correct, but some online bookies refer to -300 οdds meaning the fractional 1/3 and decimal 1.33 for practical reasons.

Q: Ηow can you convert odds ratio to probability?

There is a specific math type that allows you to convert the odds ratio to probability. So, Percentage (%) = 1/Odds x 100. If we take an example for 2.00 odds, the winning probability is 1/2 x 100 = 50%.

Q: What do 5 to 2 odds mean?

If you bet €1 on a football match with 5 to 2 odds (i.e., 5/2), your total payout will be €3.50, which is your initial wager plus €2.50 profit. Using our Odds Converter, you can work out 5 to 2 odds on decimals (3.50), American (+250), and Malay odds (-0.40).

Q: What is the difference between wholesale odds and other betting odds?

The real or wholesale odds refer to the 100% probability of all possible outcomes of an event. These betting odds are different and unquestionably more valuable because the bookmakers’ VIG hasn’t been integrated into them.

Q: How to convert Hong Kong odds to decimals?

A quick and easy way to make this conversion is to replace the “0” from the starting odds with a “1”. So, at the EFL Cup Final, 0.44 Hong Kong odds based on Manchester City to beat Tottenham are 1.44 at decimal form.

Q: Is it possible to place a bet with Malaysian odds at 0?

If the offered Malay odds are 0, you have to deal with an exact 50:50 bet with a payout of 1/1. That selection might refer to a pick on Totals (Over/Under 2.5 Goals) in a football match or two closely matched baseball teams. For every €100 bet, a bookie will pay €100, so you have the chance to double your money. Even bets rarely occur on sportsbooks and are represented at US odds as +100 or -100.

Q: How to convert positive Indonesian Odds to fractionals?

To make this conversion without our Betting Odds Calculator, you should remove the sign (+) and delete zeros from the Indo odds. Then add the denominator “/1” and complete the fractional conversion. For example, a selection at Indo odds of +4.00 becomes a 4/1 fraction.

Q: How to convert negative Indo Odds to fractionals?

Remove the sign (-) and delete zeros from the starting odds and then the numerator “1/” at the beginning of the number. It’s necessary to multiply both numerator and denominator by the same number in order to make whole numbers. So, a pick at Indo odds of -4.25 becomes firstly 1/4.25. If you multiply both numbers by 4, you have the fractional 4/17 odds.

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