How to read & convert all types of betting odds

When you decide to get involved with sports betting, it's crucial to comprehend the odds and their meaning. It will be an unavailing move to place a bet without a firm grasp on all the odds types. However, depending on the region, players are accustomed to different formats. There are three main ways to comprehend how betting odds are calculated and displayed in most online bookies. European bookmakers primarily offer prices in decimal form, which represent the returns for each €1 wagered. The British (fractional) odds are commonly found in the UK and Ireland, while American bettors are more familiar with Moneyline odds.

On the other hand, Asian players are used to betting with Hong Kong, Indo, or Malay odds. All these formats are different ways to present the winning chances of a selection and hold no contrast in terms of probable payouts. Reading on this guide and learning to use our Odds Converter, you will delve deeper into the odds' meaning and learn how betting odds are calculated and converted in various formats.

Odds Converter

How to read sports betting odds 

BettingOdds in wagering are bluntly related to the concept of chance, which essentially is the probability of an event to happen. Let's have a look at a football example as a method to read betting odds. The English Premier League match between Arsenal and Liverpool has the following set of decimal odds:

1 (3.10) - X (3.50) - 2 (2.20)

All we need to do is divide each selection by 100 (i.e., 100 / 3.10 = 32,258%, 100 / 3.50 = 28,5714%, 100 / 2.20 = 45,4545%).

The result in each case represents the possibility of every outcome. At this point, you might be thinking, "Wait a minute, if we add these numbers up, they surpass 100%". And you would be totally right. The extra 6,28% is the VIG each bookmaker charges to guarantee that it will make a profit.

What are all the different types of betting odds 

Almost all online bookmakers support three odds types: fractional, decimal, and American. It's critical to learn how these work to calculate your potential earnings and understand your preferred pick's probability of happening. Apart from these three, the best odds betting sites, mainly Asian ones, display the odds in Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malaysian formats. Let's examine in-depth how all the different types of betting odds work by using distinctive examples for each one.

How decimal (European) odds work 

As the name states, decimal odds are primarily used by bookmakers in Europe and are prevalent in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Canada as well. The main advantage is that you can spot the favorites and underdogs by looking at the prices. The betting odds are presented with a decimal number (1.95, 2.00, 2.50, etc.) multiplied with your stake. That means that if you bet €10 on 1.95 odds, you will receive a €19.5 payout.

Given that these odds will not only award you with your net winnings but also your stake, it's impossible to find football odds lower than 1.00. An easy way of figuring out your winnings is to subtract 1.00 from the odds. The mathematical type to calculate your profit is Total Payout = Stake x Decimal Odds. Alternatively, to save time, you can use our decimal Odds Converter.

What are fractional (British) odds 

Fractional odds are mainly used in the United Kingdom, by Irish bookmakers and in international horse races. This odds type is written with a slash (i.e., "/") or a hyphen symbol (i.e., "-") and announced as "numerator to the denominator." For example, 10/11 odds, or 10-11, are pronounced as "ten to eleven." Τhe fractional odds show you the relative profit to the starting stake if your bet is a winner. For instance, if you bet £10 at 10/11 odds, you will receive a clear profit of £9.1. To calculate the potential earnings manually, use the following mathematical type: Total Payout = (Stake x Numerator/Denominator) + Stake.

Moneyline (American) odds explained 

USA flag iconThese betting odds are primarily used in North America and are split into "positive" and "negative," as a +/- sign precedes each number. Τhe negative odds represent favorites, with higher odds indicating solid ones. They demonstrate how much money you must stake to win €100. For example, if you were to bet on -188 odds, you would have to wager €188 to net a profit of €100. The positive American odds represent an underdog. The higher the price, the fewer chances the selection has of winning, in theory. The prices show you how much you will win if you place a €100 wager. That means if you stake €100 on +275 odds, you will win €275 if your bet comes through.

How to work out Indonesian or Indo odds 

indonesia-flagAs the name implies, these betting odds are mainly used by Indonesian bettors, even though betting is prohibited in South-East Asian countries. This odds type is split into "positive" and "negative" numbers and is considered a mixture of American and Hong Kong odds. Positive prices represent an underdog and are similar to Hong Kong odds. Negative ones are, in most cases, offered for favorites and basically work like American odds.

The main difference with American odds is the way you calculate your returns. With US betting odds, you can calculate the probable earnings at a stake of 100, while the Indonesian odds are calculated at a stake of 1. For example, an underdog at 4.50 Indo odds means that for each €1 you stake, you will win €4.50.

On the other hand, Indo odds with the minus sign before showing how many units are required to win 1. If you bet on a favorite at -1.30 Indonesian odds, you need a stake of €1.30 to win €1. So, with a €130 bet at -1.30 Indo odds, your returns are €230.1 (e.g., risk of €130 to win €100). Using our Betting Odds Calculator, this process only takes a few seconds.

Hong Kong (HK) odds explained

HK odds are a relatively simple odds type that is adopted by many Asian online betting sites. They look similar to the European format, with the difference that they do not include the stake. These betting odds are always positive and represent how much profit you will receive for each €1 wagered. For example, let's say that your pick is a favorite at 0.75 Hong Kong odds. For every €1 on your initial stake, your winnings will be €0.75. Using our Betting Odds Converter, you can work out this type and compare it with the other formats (e.g., the 0.75 Hong Kong odds is the same value with 1.75 decimals and 3/4 fractional odds).

What are Malaysian (Malay) odds 

Malay odds are also presented in a "positive" or "negative" decimal form. The positive prices are similar to Hong Kong odds and show your returns for each €1 stake. For example, a favorite pick at +0.40 odds returns €140 with a €100 stake. Using our Odds Converter, you can efficiently work out your bets based on Malaysian odds. The other option is to follow the mathematical types below manually.

Payout = Stake x (1 + Malay odds) = €100 x (1 + 0.40) = €100 x 1.40 = €140.

Pure Profit = Stake x Malay odds = €100 x 0.40 = €40.

Negative betting odds are calculated uniquely but are simpler than they originally appear. In order to calculate your winnings, you must do the exact opposite, compared to positive odds. You must divide your stake with the offered values. Let's take an example based on an underdog at -0.25 Malaysian odds. With a €100 starting stake, your clear profit will be €400 (i.e., Winnings = Stake / Malay odds = €100 / 0.25 = €400).

What is an Odds Converter tool 

One of the first things a bettor should do is learn how betting odds work. That allows you to understand what is implied probability of an event happening. An Odds Converter is a valuable tool because it reads all types automatically and translates them into the format you want. It's essential for players with accounts in multiple online bookmakers to instantly convert any type into the most familiar and understandable format.

Our tool also calculates the probability of your selection. It's a different way to express how many chances you have to secure a profit from your bet. To save time doing the process manually, use our Odds Converter by following the steps below.

⏩ Enter the odds you want to convert at the appropriate box.

⏩ On decimal and Hong Kong odds, you should complete them with the "dot" in the right place (e.g., 1.90 or 0.90).

⏩ You must include the fraction sign before tapping the "Calculate" button (e.g., 7/4).

⏩ In American, Indo and Malay, include the "positive" or "negative" sign before converting (e.g., +150 or -150).

⏩ Enter the stake you want to bet on the converted odds.

⏩ Our Odds Converter & Betting Odds Calculator displays the potential profit based on the odds you convert.

How to convert Fractional Odds to Decimal

howUsing our Betting Odds Converter, you can convert every odds format instantly. Εuropean, British, and Moneyline odds are the three main types. Reading on the table below, you can explore all calculation methods our tool uses to understand how to convert fractional odds to decimal and American, including all possible conversions.

From To Calculation Method
Decimal Fractional Decimal Odds - 1 (i.e., 1.50 - 1 = 0.5 = 1/2)
Decimal (>2.00) American (+) (Decimal Odds - 1) x 100 {i.e., (3.20 - 1) x 100 = 2.20 x 100 = +220}
Decimal (<2.00) American (-) Fractional Odds x 100 (i.e., 6/4 x 100 = 1.50 x 100 = +150)
Fractional Decimal - 100/Fractional Odds {i.e., - 100/(3/4) = - 100/0.75 = -133}
Fractional (>=1) American (+) Fractional Odds x 100 (i.e., 6/4 x 100 = 1.50 x 100 = +150)
Fractional (<1) American (-) - 100/Fractional Odds {i.e., - 100/(3/4) = - 100/0.75 = -133}
American >0 (+) Decimal American Odds/100 + 1 (i.e., +250/100 + 1 = 2.50 + 1 = 3.50)
American <0 (-) Decimal - (100/American Odds + 1) {i.e., - (100/250) + 1 = - (0.4 + 1) = 1.40}
American >0 (+) Fractional American Odds/100 (i.e., +210/100 = 21/10)
American <0 (-) Fractional -100/American Odds (i.e., -100/-200 = 1/2)

How to work out HK, Indo & Malaysian Odds 

Indonesian and Hong Kong odds are similar to decimal odds, with the only difference being that they do not include the stake. Malaysian odds are a bit different. If you want to calculate your profits, you must divide your stake with the odds or use our Betting Odds Calculator. In order to find the odds, you must solve the equation Stake/Profit = Odds. Let's see what happens if the decimal odds are lower than 2.00.

The Indonesian odds are similar to American ones but with a slight difference. You must subtract 1.00 from the decimal odds once again; however, you must divide 1 by the equation Indo Odds = 1 / (European Odds - 1). Given that the European odds were lower than 2.00, you must once again add the minus symbol. Hong Kong and Malay odds are calculated in the same way when dealing with decimal odds lower than 2.00. They can be easily calculated by subtracting 1.00 from the decimal odds.

What is an Odds Conversion Table 

countries that accept SticpayOne common question among bettors is what odds mean and how they affect the probability and the total payout. Whether you place a bet on decimal or fractional odds, the outcome will be the same if your initial stake is €1, for example. However, the odds and their winning possibilities have a structural difference. Using the betting odds to comprehend your implied probability from one pick, you compare one possible outcome to another. That parameter refers to the comparison of one event to all possible occasions.

Let's take the example of 6/4 odds. We have 10 possible outcomes, with the number 6 representing one option and the 4 the other. That means 6/4 odds integrate 60% (i.e., 6/10) probability for the particular outcome and 40% (i.e., 4/10) the other. We built an Odds Conversion Table with common values like 6/4 odds (i.e., 3/2). You can create an odds archive referring to its conversions.

Decimal Odds Fractional Odds American Odds Chance to Win (%)
1.20 1/5 -500 83,33%
1.25 1/4 -400 80%
1.30 3/10 -330 76,92%
1.33 1/3 -300 75%
1.44 4/9 -225 69,44%
1.85 17/20 -118 54,05%
2.00 1/1 +100 50%
2.25 5/4 +125 44,44%
2.50 3/2 +150 40%
2.75 7/4 +175 36,36%
3.00 2/1 +200 33,33%
3.40 12/5 +240 29,41%
3.75 11/4 +275 26,67%
4.50 7/2 +350 22,22%
5.00 4/1 +400 20%
8.00 7/1 +700 12,50%
11.00 10/1 +1000 9,09%
13.00 12/1 +1200 7,69%
21.00 20/1 +2000 4,76%
51.00 50/1 +5000 1,96%
101.00 100/1 +10000 0,99%
1001.00 1000/1 +100000 0,1%

Why is it crucial to understand betting odds 

Payoneer spyIt would be best to keep in mind that the bookmaker always wins because the VIG (i.e., the profit margin) is factored into the odds. So, the main target is to find tools and keys and assess different methods to secure earnings from your bets. It's a crucial advantage to be able to read the betting odds and understand their value. The Odds Converter and our Bet Calculators help you comprehend all odds types and how they work in specific sports and markets.

If you bet on high odds at Asian bookmakers, you will need to know how Malaysian or Hong Kong odds reflect your potential outcome. If you are a fan of US sports, it's vital to understand how American bookies work with their odds compared with European and British ones. Our Odds Converter gives you the advantage of exploring and converting odds in all types and comprehending how they work versus probabilities.

Best Bookmakers with the highest odds

You can find the leading online bookmakers that offer the highest odds in all standard odds types, offering a wide range of markets and sports in the list below.

Q: What are the alternative names for decimal and fractional odds?

The decimal odds type is prevalent in continental Europe, so you can find decimals as European, continental odds, or digital odds. The alternative names for fractionals are British, UK, and traditional odds.

Q: What are the Odds Converter errors?

Converting odds from one type to another, you will undoubtedly see some discrepancies, not the tool’s errors. For example, if you try to convert 1.33 decimal odds, you will get 1/3 fractional and -303.03 American odds. The conversion is correct, but some online bookies refer to -300 οdds meaning the fractional 1/3 and decimal 1.33 for practical reasons.

Q: Ηow can you convert odds ratio to probability?

There is a specific math type that allows you to convert the odds ratio to probability. So, Percentage (%) = 1/Odds x 100. If we take an example for 2.00 odds, the winning probability is 1/2 x 100 = 50%.

Q: What do 5 to 2 odds mean?

If you bet €1 on a football match with 5 to 2 odds (i.e., 5/2), your total payout will be €3.50, which is your initial wager plus €2.50 profit. Using our Odds Converter, you can work out 5 to 2 odds on decimals (3.50), American (+250), and Malay odds (-0.40).

Q: What is the difference between wholesale odds and other betting odds?

The real or wholesale odds refer to the 100% probability of all possible outcomes of an event. These betting odds are different and unquestionably more valuable because the bookmakers’ VIG hasn’t been integrated into them.

Q: How to convert Hong Kong odds to decimals?

A quick and easy way to make this conversion is to replace the “0” from the starting odds with a “1”. So, at the EFL Cup Final, 0.44 Hong Kong odds based on Manchester City to beat Tottenham are 1.44 at decimal form.

Q: Is it possible to place a bet with Malaysian odds at 0?

If the offered Malay odds are 0, you have to deal with an exact 50:50 bet with a payout of 1/1. That selection might refer to a pick on Totals (Over/Under 2.5 Goals) in a football match or two closely matched baseball teams. For every €100 bet, a bookie will pay €100, so you have the chance to double your money. Even bets rarely occur on sportsbooks and are represented at US odds as +100 or -100.

Q: How to convert positive Indonesian Odds to fractionals?

To make this conversion without our Betting Odds Calculator, you should remove the sign (+) and delete zeros from the Indo odds. Then add the denominator “/1” and complete the fractional conversion. For example, a selection at Indo odds of +4.00 becomes a 4/1 fraction.

Q: How to convert negative Indo Odds to fractionals?

Remove the sign (-) and delete zeros from the starting odds and then the numerator “1/” at the beginning of the number. It’s necessary to multiply both numerator and denominator by the same number in order to make whole numbers. So, a pick at Indo odds of -4.25 becomes firstly 1/4.25. If you multiply both numbers by 4, you have the fractional 4/17 odds.

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